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Breaktime Snack Guidance

28 March 2023 (by admin)

We have noticed that snacks brought in by children for breaktime have started to become very varied. In some cases they are not what we would consider healthy or appropriate for a breaktime snack.

It has also been brought to our attention that there have been inconsistencies within school as to which snacks have been allowed by staff and which haven’t. We have therefore reviewed our guidelines and have included this within our packed lunch guidance document. For future reference and to avoid confusion, we are requesting that if you send your child in with a snack for break time, it should only be one of the following:


This can be fresh or dried. A piece of fresh fruit or a fruit snack bag. Please do not send fruit such as cherries which have a stone in them, due to possible choking risks on the playground. If your child brings grapes please cut these in half due to potential choking risks.

Vegetables / Salad

This might include things such as carrot sticks, cucumber, cut up pieces of pepper. (No nuts or seeds.) 

We do provide some fruit on the playground but recently we have found there has been a lot of wastage. We hope that in addition to having more consistency with snacks, more children may start to use the provided fruit.

Some children have been bringing things like brioche, cheese and Frubes / yoghurt. These are fine for packed lunches but we ask that you stick to fruit, vegetables or salad for a break time snack.

Our school council have kindly shared this information with the children in school. We wanted to give families some advance notice so the guidelines will officially be actioned straight after the Easter break.

Thank you in advance for your support with this.