St Saviour C of E Primary School, Fold Rd, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 1EU


St Saviour C of E Primary School

Striving for excellence whilst caring for all

Our Staff




Moorhouse.jpgMr J Moorhouse.  

Dip HE, B. Ed(Hons), NPQH, 

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Acting Deputy Headteacher


Bowman.jpg Mrs Bowman. 

BA (Hons) QTS.

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Delaney.jpgMrs A Delaney BA (Hons) QTS 

Teaching Staff

Horrobin.jpgMrs H Horrobin BA (Hons) QTS

Cohen.jpgMiss E Cohen BA (Hons) QTS

Lucas.jpgMr M Lucas BA (Hons) QTS

Barton.jpgMiss S Barton BA (Hons) QTS

Roe.jpgMiss R Roe Post Grad Cert-Education QTS

Spencer-Peck.jpgMrs G Spencer Peck BA (Hons) QTS



Teaching Assistants

Angold.jpgMrs M Angold (HLTA) 

Atherton.jpgMiss L Atherton (SNA)

Chymera.jpgMrs Y Chymera 

Edmondson.jpgMrs P Edmondson

Fairhurst.jpgMrs L Fairhurst (SNA)

Hackett.jpgMrs S.Hackett (SNA)

Hulton.jpgMrs C Hulton (EYFS)

Meachem.jpgMrs S Meachem

Peeling.jpgMrs J Peeling

Perkins.jpgMiss C Perkins

Sandland.jpgMiss G Sandland (SNA)

Smallwood.jpgMrs R Smallwood (SNA)

Thornley.jpgMrs M Thornley (HLTA) 

Whittenbury-Brookes.jpgMrs L Whittenbury Brookes (SNA) 



Business Manager

Hesketh.jpgMrs S Hesketh


Admin Support

Baines.jpgMrs C Baines

Threlkeld.jpgMrs S Threlkeld 



Entwistle.jpgMrs G Entwistle




Farrell.jpgMrs P Farrell


Assistant Cook

 Mrs L Davies


Welfare Assistants

Thompson.jpgMrs P Thompson

Peeling.jpgMrs J Peeling

Wallace.jpegMrs D Wallace

Sandland.jpgMiss G Sandland

Sutcliffe.jpgMrs K Sutcliffe 

Chymera.jpgMrs Y Chymera 

Manning.jpg Mrs S Manning


Breakfast/After School Care Club


Byrne.jpgMrs J Byrne 




Fairhurst.jpgMrs L Fairhurst

Sutcliffe.jpgMrs K Sutcliffe