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Welcome to Year 3!


Hello and Welcome to Spring Term in Class 3!

Below are the things we are covering this term in class:-

 In Geography, we will be looking at The Magic Kingdom - at Disneyworld initially, but extending to Florida and the USA in a geographical context. This will link to our Art printing unit and last half term, we did paintings linked to it too! Our next DT project will be cereal bars - looking at nutrition, tasting, researching and designing our own before making and evaluating them. In History, we continue to explore the Bronze Age , how they settled in Britain and their lifestyles. Science is on Plants - parts and investigating them.

 In Maths we will be focusing on money, statistics, length and perimeter and fractions. We will continue to work on basic skills and times tables.

 Recorders will continue with Mrs Hypolite and our Monday PE will carry on Fridays until Easter, where the children will be taught Dance.

In English, we are completing a unit on poetry from Matt Goodfellow. There will also be handwriting opportunities.

Phonics in Year 3:

Update Note 27.04.22. This section outlines the phonics and reading schemes that we use in Year 3. 

We deliver 'Essential Letters and Sounds' (from the start of the Summer Term 2022) to children that are working up to Phase 5.

Essential Letters and Sounds is a Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) programme which has been validated by the Department of Education.

Reading - The reading scheme/books that we use are produced by Oxford University Press and are linked to the programme mentioned above.

Children are assigned physical books and eBooks from Oxford Owl weekly. 

Children have their own individual logins to enable them to access books that have been specifically assigned to them in correspondence with their phonics learning in school. The decodable books provide opportunities to practise the letters and sounds taught that week and/or revise previously taught sounds. 

Below are some examples of the range of books available:

Little Blending Books     Words Sparks    Project X Phonics     Hero Academy     Hero Academy Non-fiction     Alien Adventures              Traditional Tales             Story Sparks and inFact 

Further details about our phonics policy and provision can be found on the English  subject website page.  

A reading book is also given to each child each week for breadth of reading. This is matched to the colour band of their Guided Reading book in class.

Teaching Staff

Miss McCutcheon (Class Teacher)

Mrs Smallwood (Teacher on Wednesday afternoon)

Mrs Hackett (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Howarth (Special Needs Assistant)

Mrs Whittenbury-Brookes (Special Needs Assistant)

Mrs Chymera (Special Needs Assistant)


Work for those children who are isolating at home


Maths: Have a look at this lesson on place value. There is a game to play at the end.

English: Big write. Write your own Stone Age Boy story. Try to include some description of the woods, camp and river. Don't forget the inverted commas (speech marks) for any direct speech.

Music: Pulse and rhythm


I can't believe it's October already! Have a lovely weekend.

English: Prepositions

Maths: Please spend at least 20 minutes on Sumdog. If you can't remember your password then you could go on Hit the Button, or email me and I will send you your

              log in details.

Music: Have a go at this lesson on pulse and rhythm

Reading: Design a new front cover for the book that you are reading at the moment, or write a blurb (the bit on the back) for one of your favourite stories.


I hope you are feeling a bit better now. We are looking forward to having you back in class with us!

English: Verbs are 'doing' or 'being' words. This lesson looks at 'being' verbs.

Maths: Watch the second lesson on hundreds, tens and ones, and then complete the questions

              Maths questions

Science: Our topic this half term is rocks. Watch the first part of this lesson up to 17 minutes, 9 seconds, then have a go at drawing a diagram to show how igneous rock is                    formed.

Don't forget to read as well!


English: Expanded noun phrases

Maths: Watch the first lesson on hundreds, tens and ones, and then complete the questions.

              Maths questions



English: We are looking at word classes so click on the link for this Oak Academy lesson.

Maths: We are continuing our work on place value, and reading and writing 3-digit numbers.

Geography: Earthquakes

RE: We have talked about what we celebrate at Harvest time and how we are thankful for the food that we eat. Think about what else you are thankful for and complete the activity sheet. RE home learning.pdf

Have a closer look at what we will be learning about this year:


Spring term:

Summer term:

Information for parents/guardians

Below, you will find the presentation from the Parent Welcome meeting, and the documents mentioned.

Useful information - Please bring on the specified days to help us!

Reading Books - Children bring in every Monday or Wednesday signed/ dated by an adult 3 times. 

 Homework - Children hand in on Wednesday.

Homework and Spellings will be given out each Friday.

Spellings tested every Friday

PE - every Wednesday. We have Dance on Fridays until Easter too.

Here are some useful websites that we may use: