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Hello again and welcome to our last term together as Class 4! 


This Term we will be exploring Rivers as a big topic and this will elate to our previous work about Liverpool/ the Local Area and also to a Science topic on States of Matter. We will be looking at what affects states of matters and how they can change around us. Another Science topic which we will be exploring is that of Living Things - classifying them and also Food Chains and finding them in our local area near to school!


In Literacy, we will be completing our stories, working on basic skills and finding out about Explanation Texts - as well as creating our own! We will also carry out an author focus on Jeremy Strong and read some of his books.


Maths will be all about applying our mental and written strategies in contexts and mastering the concepts and areas from the year.


Mr Jones will continue with our weekly Guitar lessons and Mrs Banks will also be teaching us French.


During this term we will also have our fantastic trip to the Anderton Centre overnight!




April 2019 - Roman Trip to the Dewa Roman Experience in Chester.

Dec 18 - Here are photos from our Class Trip to Liverpool! We visited the Museum of Liverpool and also went on the Mersey Ferries!


Class 4 Information 2018-2019



Class 4 Team


Teacher- Miss McCutcheon


Teaching Assistants- Mrs Carr, Mrs Peeling, SNA Miss Browne


Here is our current overview of what we are covering this term

And here are the last two terms...

Year Four Calculation Policy

Key events to remember-

Monday - Spellings, Djembe Drums at lunch

Tuesday - Homework handed in. Guitar lessons

Monday and Wednesday - PE

Thursday and Friday - Reading Books changed (read 3x week)

Friday - Homework given

Useful websites to support learning at home in Maths and English: