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St Saviour C of E Primary School

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School Uniform

At St Saviours we expect all children to wear the appropriate school uniform everyday.  


Boys (Winter/Summer)

Girls (Winter/Summer)

PE kit (for all children)

White shirt (hard collar)

White shirt(hard collar)/blouse

White Polo T-shirt

Grey trousers

Grey skirt or grey tailored trousers

Red shorts

Red sweatshirt/jumper

Red cardigan/jumper/sweatshirt

PE pumps

Red tie

Year 6 pupils have their own adult style tie

Red tie

Year 6 pupils have their own adult style tie


Grey school shorts can be worn during

the summer term.

Girls may wear red vertically striped or red checked dresses during the summer term.

Trainers are allowed for outdoor PE – teacher will advise when this is to occur.


It is optional for uniform to have the school logo on school jumpers/cardigans, however,  the school has two outfitters who supply red jumpers etc., with the school logo embroidered on.

‘Ziggys Schoolwear’  situated in Farnworth & PTs Schoolwear at the bottom of Stand Lane in Radcliffe.          



Children should not have extreme hair cuts, or dyed hair. The school reserves the right to make judgement on this. Children should not wear make-up, false nails or painted nails or jewellery of any kind, with the exception of studs for pierced ears and watches which are worn at the child’s own risk. Children must remove their own earrings during PE. Where this is not possible they must be sent in with plasters to cover the earrings. 

Children should wear sensible footwear, preferably flat shoes with no apparent heels. Boots and trainers must not be worn as part of the school uniform. Trainers may, as an exception, be worn during “outside P.E.”.