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Striving for excellence whilst caring for all

Governor Profiles





I was appointed by the PCC (Parochial Church Council) as a Foundation Governor in 1999. Taking the role of Chair early 2001.The school intake number at that time was only 17 children a year. A very ambitious building and development program to increase the accommodation for our local children was started by the Governing Board. We currently take 30 children a year into Reception, considering where we started from this is a fantastic success

My current 4yr term of office ends 31st July 2021

After several terms of office and training schedules I bring to the role, continuity, good local knowledge, in depth understanding and experience of school business, building construction and finance management. I continue to lead by example.

During my Governorship at St Saviour I have worked with 3 Head teachers, an Acting Head twice, have been in full attendance during 3 OFSTED and SIAS inspections.

I attend all full Governing Board and subcommittee meetings, the governor services unit in Bolton holds regular Chair’s Briefing sessions which continues my development and updates me on statutory changes and current working practise.

Additions to my role include being one of three Governors who have the responsibility for the Performance Management appraisals for the Headteacher. I am also link Governor for RE and PSHE in school, this is now covering Mental Health and Wellbeing for all our children in school. 

My nominated Governor role is SEN (Special Educational Needs) and Child Protection. This role involves confidentiality as regular meetings are held with the schools SENCO, I will attend SEN meetings for children who have an EHCP (Educational Health Care Plan) subject to parental approval. My role is to ensure the school complies with the provision contained within the SEN Policy, and meets the need of the child.

During May 2015 the Governing Board secured full accreditation for Governor Mark. An independent external assessment was carried out, which is a quality assessment process that clearly identifies the impact of the Governing board on School Improvement and Outcomes for children. It is a national award that lasts for 3 yrs, this expired last year. The Governing Board applied for renewal, which is a now a more evidence based framework. On the 11th October 2018 after external evaluation, I am delighted to say we have been successful once again and have full accreditation for the award, until October 2021.

Striving for Excellence Whilst Caring for all is the schools mission statement and is at the heart of all meetings and decisions made by the Leadership of this school. Despite the continuing changes to the OFSTED and Governor Mark framework as well as the new broader Curriculum, we continue to develop as a Leadership team working towards ensuring St Saviour School remains Outstanding.






I have been a governor at St Saviours C of E Primary school since 2013. Initially this was as a parent governor. I had 2 children who went to the school and I valued the knowledge this gave me in my role as a Governor.

Once they left the school to go on to high school, I then became a Local Authority Governor. I wanted to continue my role in this

Outstanding school as I value what it gives to the children who go there, and to the community.

The committees I belong to are the Finance and HR committee and the curriculum committee. I also have extended responsibilities in the form of the Head Teacher performance review and I am the link governor for knowledge and understanding of the world.

One of my proudest achievements has been achieving this award twice. This is an acknowledgement of outstanding Governance within school. It isn’t easily achieved, and I don’t believe many schools have achieved this twice.

I am proud of the Governing body at the school and the work we do, always with the interest of the children at the heart of our work.  St Saviours is so much more than an education. Our values and ethos to support the whole child is paramount and is clear to all who are part of our family.  I became a parent governor at my children’s high school, St James C of E High school in 2017. I value the added knowledge and experience this has given me and the fact that it has enabled me to share knowledge, and best practice, across both schools where possible.





I have been fortunate enough to be involved with this outstanding school for many years.  I was employed as a teacher here for 27 years and both my daughters and granddaughter were educated here.

I served as a Teacher Governor for several years until my retirement in 2012. In 2014 I was appointed as a Foundation Governor by the PCC, in April 2019 I was appointed the Diocesan Governor.

I am Chair of the Curriculum Committee, attend meetings of the Premises Committee and am the link governor for Mathematics.

I am happy and proud to still have a role at this school and the opportunity to continue my lifelong passion to enable every child the ability to achieve their full potential.










I have worked at St Saviour since February 2008, employed as a full time HLTA. I work predominantly in Y6, but also provide PPA cover weekly across KS2. My children are 25 and 23, and my husband and I also foster 15 year old twin boys, which can be challenging but is rewarding. We also adopted the younger brother of the twins when he was 3, who is now 6, and he attends St Saviour, as the obvious choice for a warm, family atmosphere where learning and nurturing go hand in hand.

St Saviour is a wonderful place to work and I am very proud and privileged to be a member of a dedicated board of governors, who continually look to move our school forward for the best interests of the children. I firmly believe in our school mission statement, as the children, parents, governors and staff truly do, “strive for excellence whilst caring for all.”










I was first appointed Staff Governor in 2015 and currently serve on the Curriculum Committee. I have a long and happy association with Saint Saviour as I attended this amazing school as a child and I firmly believe the values I learnt here stood me in good stead throughout my subsequent career. My daughter also attended this school and was given a wealth of opportunities to enable her to flourish. I worked as a Teaching Assistant at St. Saviour before pursuing a teaching career. I have worked at St. Teresa’s and Masefield before returning to take up a teaching post at St. Saviour. I am extremely proud to still be involved with the school and that I have the opportunity to be a part of a school which has such a special ethos. It’s a privilege to be a part of such a special place.





I was appointed as Parent Governor for St Saviours in 2019.  I wanted to join the governing board to have a voice within the school my children attend, and to give something back to the community I reside in. 

I have a strong connection with the school as I attended St Saviours myself, alongside my sister and cousins, I was brought up just a few doors away and my mother and her siblings also attended St Saviours. 

I have over 12 years of project management experience within a creative industry, including budget management, event planning and HR responsibilities. I'm hoping to have the opportunity to apply my skills to support the school in its development.

I am part of the premises committee.  I am also the link governor with the subject of Science.  St Saviours school is a family with the children's education and wellbeing at heart.  The ethos of the school is one that is important to me also, and I am proud to have a place on the governing board.





I have been a Governor since 2012. I am a Foundation Governor appointed by the Parish Church of Ringley & Stoneclough. I currently serve on the HR & Finance committee along with the Curriculum committee. I am passionate about supporting the school for both my family as well as the community so we can all share the benefit of this excellent school.





I was first appointed as a parent Governor In 2017, taking the role as a Vice Chair in 2019. We have a strong governing board who work together as a team to ensure St Saviour primary school go from strength to strength.  

I became a governor to give something back due to the excellent support the school have given to our family. Having worked in the Banking and Finance Industry, I was keen to offer my financial and managerial experiences to the school.  

I have been a parent at the school, since the eldest of my 4 children started at St Saviour primary school. I have seen at first hand the significance of the strong foundation gained at St Saviour in supporting pupils as they move on to secondary school and the invaluable journey our children experience throughout their primary school age. 

I believe St Saviour is so much more than an education, and value the overall development our outstanding school gives to our children. 

I serve part of the HR and Finance committee along with the Curriculum committee, and as the IT and PE subject leader, I also sit on the curriculum sub-committee, which closely monitors the quality of teaching and learning at the school. 

We are very fortunate to have this wonderful school in our community. A success both academically and also pastorally. Thanks to the outstanding team at St Saviour. Always.......

“Striving for excellence whilst caring for all”.