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Reception Daily Plans

Welcome - Updated Arrangements For Home School Learning  from 8th June 2020.

As you are all aware, schools will be continuing to provide provision in school for key worker children from the 8th June (postponed to 15.6.20) along with extending the provision to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. We know that we have some children that will not be returning though and of course at the moment some year groups are unable to return. Therefore, we feel it is crucial to still provide a form of home education, whilst recognising the increased workload that will be expected of staff who will be in full time and have been working throughout the lockdown period. Therefore, we will still be providing work but it will take a slightly different form.

On a Sunday, an overview of weekly activities will be posted below this introduction/update. The resources for the whole week will then also be attached below the weekly overview. This overview will be very similar to the one I was posting on weekends prior to half term. There will no longer be a daily explanation sheet. However, I do feel parents have become very familiar with certain routines and activities now, so I am sure this will not be a problem. As was the case prior to half term, please only complete what you can. Do not feel you have to complete it all. You might also choose to cover things in a slightly different order. 

The activities outlined in the overview on the closure page will be the activities that we are carrying out in school as well.

The lessons and activities provided prior to half term are still available further down this closure page if anyone would like to revisit any activities.

Our class e mail ( and the class twitter page (@RececptionSav) will still be available. However, I apologise in advance because I will not be able to respond as promptly as I would like.

Thank you in advance for your continued support. Please stay safe and continue to look after yourselves - Mrs B x

Activity Overview + Resources For Week Beginning 13.7.20

 Parents - Oh my goodness, I cannot believe we are in the last week of the year and wow what a year it has been. Thank you so much for all your continued support throughout it all. All the resources and lessons on this web page will stay on over the summer. Therefore, if you want to do any revision over the summer, you can access the links and resources we have been using.

Usually, I would be giving you some information about when your child moves in to Year 1. Obviously, this is tricky at the moment as there is so much guidance that keeps coming out. We also know there is going to be an update to guidance part way through August. Therefore, on the red link below, I have attached a copy of information I would usually hand out. It is subject to change though but will give you some ideas about year 1 pre Covid-19! Miss Pollitt, who will be your child's new teacher has also asked me to attach a letter she has written to introduce herself to your child. Some of you might recognise Miss Pollitt from our Christmas nativity production, as she was working with us in Year 2 at the time. She is very caring and dedicated and I know your children will have a great time with her in Year 1.

Information About Year 1.

Welcome Letter From Miss Pollitt.

This week's resources are all linked below but for some reason this week, it would not let me put them in the order I wanted! They should all be there though. There is an end of year certificate included with Friday's resources. We have got graduation certificates prepared for every child but we are holding on to them in the hope that we will be able to do something special for the class when everybody is back together. There is also a PowerPoint with Wednesday's resources that you might like to look through. I made it to support their writing lesson but it might bring back some fond memories for you all. I will also be sending home a little gift for each child on Friday. They have been prepared and set aside so that they will have been untouched for the week. We have also put them in a bag and will make sure we have washed our hands before handing them out at the end of the day. If you still have any reading books at home, please could you send them in to school this week in a bag. We handed out a lot of our reading resources out during lockdown and just need to ensure we have some left for next year!

Finally, I would just like to say thank you again. I am sure I will still see you all as I stand on the gate in a morning and I will look forward to seeing how the class grow even more as they progress through school. Have a fantastic summer and see you all in September.

Mrs Bowman x


Children - Well done everyone, you have finished your first year at St Saviours. You have been amazing and have been so strong through lockdown. It sure has been a crazy year but I have loved being your teacher through it all and have been so proud of you all. You have made me smile so much. I am sending you all a big computer hug ((((((((((()))))))))) and look forward to seeing you all when you move in to Year 1. I have been talking to Miss Pollitt about you all and I know she is so excited to be your new teacher. You are going to have a great time with her. Keep trying your best and keep smiling and giggling. Lots of Love From Mrs Bowman x


Overview Of Activities For Week Beginning 13th July

Monday 13th July - Resources.

 Literacy - 13.7.20 - Powerpoint Activity.pptxDownload
 Literacy - 13.7.20 -Rhyming Cut and Paste WS.pdfDownload
 Maths - 13.7.20 - Powerpoint Guess my Word.pptDownload
 Maths -13.7.20 - Number + Word Match.docxDownload
 Phonics - 13.7.20 - 1st Spelling CVC PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Phonics- 13.7.20 - Level 1 CVC Cut + Stick.docxDownload
 Phonics- 13.7.20 - Level 2 CVCC Cut + Stick.docxDownload
 Topic - 13.7.20 - Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Topic - 13.7.20 - E Book - Curious Caterpillar.exeDownload
 Topic - 13.7.20 - Handprint Caterpillar.docxDownload
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Tuesday 14th July - Resources.

 Literacy - 14.7.20 - Extension Rhyming Sheet.docxDownload
 Literacy - 14.7.20 - Writing Rhyming Words.docxDownload
 Maths - 14.7.20 - 1 More Than Space WS.docxDownload
 Maths - 14.7.20 - Extension 2 More Than.docxDownload
 Maths - 14.7.20 - Powerpoint 1 More Than.pptxDownload
 Phonics - 14.7.20 - Level 1 Phase 2 Sound Maze.docxDownload
 Phonics - 14.7.20 - Level 2 Phase 3 Sound Maze.docxDownload
 PSHE - 14.7.20 - I Am Special Book.docxDownload
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Wednesday 15th July -. Resources.

 Guided Read - 15.7.20 - Red Level EEEK Look At This WS.docxDownload
 Guided Read - 15.7.20 -Pink Level Who Can Curly See WS.pdfDownload
 Guided Read- 15.7.20 -Yellow Level Grandpa WS.pdfDownload
 Maths - 15.7.20 - Level 1 1 Less Than To 10.pdfDownload
 Maths - 15.7.20 - Level 2 1 Less Than To 20.docxDownload
 Maths - 15.7.20 - Powerpoint 1 Less Than.pptxDownload
 Music - 15.7.20 - EYFS Week 11 Mrs Hypolite.docxDownload
 PE - 15.7.20 - Activity Shape Cards.docxDownload
 Wizard Writers - 15.7.20 - Website Memory PowerPoint.pptmDownload
 Wizard Writers - 15.7.20 - Writing Sheet.docxDownload
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Thursday 16th July - Resources.

 Literacy - 16.7.20 - Level 1 Washing Line.docx.pdfDownload
 Literacy - 16.7.20 - Level 2 Washing Line.docxDownload
 Maths - 16.7.20 - Level 1 - 1 More 1 Less Dinosaurs.pdfDownload
 Maths - 16.7.20 - Level 2 - 1 More 1 Less.docxDownload
 Maths - Powerpoint 1 More + 1 Less Than.pptDownload
 Phonics - 16.7.20 - 2nd Spelling CVC powerpoint.pptDownload
 Phonics - 16.7.20 - CVC Pictures.docxDownload
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Friday 17th July - Resources.

 Literacy - 17.7.20 - Rhyming Strips.docxDownload
 Maths - 17.7.20 - 1 More 1 Less Dice WS.pdfDownload
 Phonics - 17.7.20 - Level 1 CVC Words.docxDownload
 Phonics - 17.7.20 - Level 2 - CVCC Words.docxDownload
 Special Mention - End Of Year Well Done Certificate.docxDownload
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Activity Overview + Resources For Week Beginning 6.7.20

Parents - It was lovely to hear from some of you last week. Do not forget that even if your child has returned to school, I am still available if you have any questions. At this stage in the term, I would usually be passing on some information about transition in to Year 1 next year. This year may be slightly different in September, depending on school guidance. However, next week I will attach an information parent sheet about Year 1 and routines that would take place under usual circumstances. I know that school will then be in contact during the summer with more specific information about September arrangements. I think this COVID-19 situation keeps hitting me in waves. I have been so proud of how families have dug deep and embraced home school learning and how children have adapted to new routines. However, it is now hitting me that we cannot do so many things that we would normally have done to celebrate Reception's first year in school and that makes me so sad. Hopefully, there will be a time when I can celebrate the children's successes safely with them and say goodbye to them properly. This is Reception's 'new normal' at the moment though and I think they have actually embraced it so much better than me and luckily do not know the things that I would usually do around class to make their final couple of weeks special. Instead, I will find new ways to try to make it as special as I can for them and I am sure we will continue to have many giggles together like we have since their return. Honestly, your children are a credit to you with how they have adapted, whether they have returned or are staying motivated and focused at home. Thank you for all you are continuing to do. - Mrs B x

Children - Well done Reception another great week of school and home learning. I have seen lots of smiles, heard lots of giggles and continue to be so proud of you all. Great job Reception. Love Mrs B x

Overview of Activities For Week Beginning 6.7.20

Monday 6th July Resources

 Literacy - 6.7.20 - Sorting Books Activity.docxDownload
 Maths - 6.7.20 - Level 1 -Seaside counting sheet.pdfDownload
 Maths - 6.7.20 - Level 2 -Seaside counting..pdfDownload
 Phonics - 6.7.20 - Phase 2 Linking WS.docxDownload
 Phonics - 6.7.20 - Phase 3 Linking WS.docxDownload
 Topic - 6.7.20 - Plant Colouring Picture.pdfDownload
 Topic - 6.7.20 - Plant Parts + Needs Worksheet.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 7th July Resources

 Literacy - 7.7.20 - Example Front Cover Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Literacy - 7.7.20 - Seaside Blank Front Cover.docxDownload
 Maths - 7.7.20 - Level 1- Picture numeral matching.docxDownload
 Maths - 7.7.20 - Level 2- Picture numeral matching.docxDownload
 Maths - 7.7.20 - Optional Full Size Full Set.pdfDownload
 Phonics - 7.7.20 - Phase 2 Picture Phrase Matching.docxDownload
 Phonics - 7.7.20 - Phase 3 Picture Phrase Matching.docxDownload
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Wednesday 8th July Resources

 Guided Reading - 8.7.20 - Pink Who Can Curley See.pdfDownload
 Guided Reading - 8.7.20 - Red Level EEK Look At This.pdfDownload
 Guided Reading - 8.7.20 - Yellow Grandpa.pdfDownload
 Maths - 8.7.20 - Level 1 Ordering.pdfDownload
 Maths - 8.7.20 - Level 2 - Ordering.pdfDownload
 Music - 8.7.20 - EYFS Wk 10 Mrs Hypolite.docxDownload
 Phonics - Phase 2 Reading PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 Wizard Writers - 8.7.20 - Seaside Writing Paper.docxDownload
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Thursday 9th July Resources

 Maths - 9.7.20 - Level 1 Formation + Matching.pdfDownload
 Maths - 9.7.20 - Level 2 Formation + Matching.pdfDownload
 Phonics - 9.7.20 - Phase 2 Buried Treasure.docxDownload
 Phonics - 9.7.20 - Phase 3 Buried Treasure.docxDownload
 Phonics - 9.7.20 - Phase 3 Reading powerpoint.pptxDownload
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Friday 10th July Resources

 Literacy - 10.7.20 - Blank Contents Page.docxDownload
 Maths - 10.7.20 - Level 1 Missing Numbers.pdfDownload
 Maths - 10.7.20 - Level 2 Missing Numbers.pdfDownload
 Phonics - 10.7.20 - Level 1 Make a Sentence.docxDownload
 Phonics - 10.7.20 - Level 2 Make a Sentence.docxDownload
 Special Mention - 10.7.20 - Star Of The Week Certificate.pdfDownload
 Topic - 10.7.20 - Planting Sequencing Worksheet.pdfDownload
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Activity Overview + Resources For Week Beginning 29.6.20

Parents - Wow, last week was a warm one. I hope you are all managing to stay safe and stay positive. It was lovely seeing more children back in school last week. However, it is very strange being in two different bubbles. I am so proud of how the children have coped though. They have been amazing and have tried really hard with the new routines. They have been very grown up and have not complained about not being able to 'play' in the classroom. Some children have even started to point out when people are not socially distancing on video clips that we have been showing!

For those of you at home, I do hope you know you are still in our thoughts and we are still very grateful for all you are doing to support your child's learning from home. If you need anything at all, please do contact me as I am still here to support you as well as the children in school. It was lovely to see some photographs of the home learning last week. A couple of the days this week, have a lot of downloads again. This is due to me including different levels of worksheets for sessions. Therefore, please remember that there is no need to print / download everything.

Just another heads up for the week beginning 6.7.20 (next week) - The plans are going to include an opportunity to plant a seed in a plant pot with some soil. This will be linking to our growing plants topic, which starts this week. We are going to use sunflower seeds in school (if I can find some) but it could be any seed. I will try to find an alternative activity if you do not have the resources at home. 

The red link for this weeks planning overview and the daily resources boxes are below again.

Thanks again for all you are doing. Keep going. You are all doing amazing.

Children - Well done Reception. I am so proud of what you are all doing, whether you are working at home or at school. I have seen some great work in my bubble, Mrs Horrobin has told me great things about her bubble and some of your mums and dads have told me how hard you are trying at home. Keep it up guys. Love Mrs B x

Overview of Activities For Week Beginning 29.6.20

Monday 29th June - Resources.

 2D 3D powerpoint.pptxDownload
 3d Shape Teaching Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Literacy - 29.6.20 - Octopus Speech Bubble.docxDownload
 Maths - 29.6.20 - 2D Pic + Label Cards.docxDownload
 Maths - 29.6.20 - 3D Pic + Label Cards.docxDownload
 Phonics - 29.6.20 - oo Fish Flash Cards.docxDownload
 Topic - 29.6.20 - Cut + Stick Flower.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 30th June - Resources.

 Literacy - 30.6.20 - Level 1 - 5 Pic Sequencing.docxDownload
 Literacy - 30.6.20 - Level 2 - 7 Pic Sequencing.docxDownload
 Maths - 30.6.20 - 2D Pairs Cards.docxDownload
 Maths - 30.6.20 - 3D Pairs Cards.docxDownload
 Phonics - 30.6.20 - 'oo' Spotter Sheet.pdfDownload
 PSHE - 30.6.20 - Mindfulness Task Cards.pdfDownload
 PSHE - 30.6.20 - Plant Mindfulness Colouring.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 1st July - Resources.

 Guided Read' - 1.7.20 - Level 1 Book Review.pdfDownload
 Guided Read' - 1.7.20 - Level 2 Book Review.pdfDownload
 Maths - 1.7.20 - 2D Flower Colouring.docxDownload
 Maths - 1.7.20 - 3D Clown Colouring.docxDownload
 Music - 1.7.20 - EYFS Wk 9 - Mrs Hypolite.docxDownload
 Wizard Writer- 1.7.20 - Level 1 Recording Sheet.docxDownload
 Wizard Writer- 1.7.20 - Level 2 Recording Sheet.docxDownload
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Thursday 2nd July - Resources.

 Literacy - 2.5.20 - Optional Story Backdrop.docxDownload
 Literacy - 2.5.20 - Stick Pupppets.docxDownload
 Phonics - 2.7.20 - Be The Phonics Teacher.docxDownload
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Friday 3rd July - Resources.

 Literacy - 3.7.20 - Level 1 Writing Frame.pdfDownload
 Literacy - 3.7.20 - Level 2 Writing Frame.pdfDownload
 Literacy - 3.7.20 - Level 3 Writing Frame.pdfDownload
 Maths - 3.7.20 - Be 2D Maths Teacher.docxDownload
 Maths - 3.7.20 - Be 3D Maths Teacher.docxDownload
 Phonics - 3.7.20 - Level 1 Writing 'oo' Words.docxDownload
 Phonics - 3.7.20 - 'oo' Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Phonics - 3.7.20 - Answer Sheet.docxDownload
 Phonics - 3.7.20 - Level 2 Writing 'oo' Words.docxDownload
 Phonics - 3.7.20 - Level 3 Writing 'oo' Words.docxDownload
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Activity Overview + Resources For Week Beginning 22.6.20

Parents: Once again, the overview for the week and activities are attached below. Simply click on the red link. Please remember to only do what you are able to do.

The activities for each day of the week have then been put in the grey boxes below again. There are some days that look like they have a lot of downloads this week. This is partly due to there being different levelled worksheets for some subject areas. Therefore, please do not feel like you have to download and print off everything. I also know that lots of parents have found resourceful ways of either making their own sheets or showing work on the screen and then recording on paper which is great.

I have to say that this week is a bit of an experimental week. A couple of parents have asked about video lessons. It has not been possible to provide personalised video lessons from school due to staff still supporting key workers in school. However, the government set up an online home schooling resource that provides video lessons for children from Reception to Year 10 at secondary school. They have used specialist teachers to create these video's. I have been keeping an eye on them. At the start they were covering areas that we covered in the autumn term so I did not feel they were appropriate. They have produced some 2d and 3d shape ones now though, which we are looking at this week. Therefore I am testing them out this week. I will not give my opinion just yet, as the children may respond differently to how I think! I would welcome some feedback on them though. After this week I am planning on returning to our more familiar style of maths (and will be reinforcing 2d and 3d shape with different activities and resources) but if families like the 'Oak National Academy' lessons, they do provide them for other subject areas, so I can look at incorporating them in future weeks.

The phonics sessions are starting to get to the point where I know they will be stretching some children beyond where I may have taken them if we had been in school. I am planning on introducing a new digraph this week and next week and then will be returning to some differentiated segmenting and blending work to reinforce learning and to give the opportunity to put into practice what has been learnt over the last few weeks.

Thank you to everyone for what you are still doing. Please remember that if you are home schooling, I am still here to support you as much as I can. We are all still part of the same Reception family, whether you are at home or at school. (That sounds a bit soppy doesn't it?!).

Just a bit of advance notice, if you are delivering home schooling, I am planning on setting a task for children to plant a sunflower next week in a little pot. I will provide an alternative paper based activity though in case you do not have any seeds or pots at home. It could actually be any seed that is planted and can also be planted straight in to soil rather than a pot if that helps.

Children - Well done Reception. Like I said on Twitter on Friday, I am so proud of you all still. I have seen some of your fantastic work. It is not always easy to work at home and I know school feels very different as well now. I am sure that you have days where you feel a bit sad or fed up but I have seen that you have lots of giggles and lovely times as well. Remember you are amazing. Keep trying your best. I miss you lots and cannot wait till a time when I can see you all properly and give you proper high fives and hugs!!

Take care everyone - Mrs B x

Overview Of Activities For Week Beginning 22.6.20.

Monday 22nd June -Resources

 Literacy - 22.6.20 - Acrostic Explanation.pdfDownload
 Literacy - 22.6.20 - Acrostic Level 2 Poem.pdfDownload
 Literacy- 22.6.20 - Acrostic Level 1 Poem.pdfDownload
 Maths - 22.6.20 - Slide 3 From Worksheet Section.docxDownload
 Maths - 22.6.20 - Video Activity Worksheet.docxDownload
 Phonics - 22.6.20 - oa Seaside Flashcards.docxDownload
 Topic - 22.6.20 - Cotton bud finger painting.pdfDownload
 Topic - 22.6.20 - Seurat Powerpoint.pptDownload
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Tuesday 23rd June -Resources

 Literacy - 23.6.20 - Mrs B Example Poem.pdfDownload
 Literacy - 23.6.20 - Writing Frameeaside Senses Poem.pdfDownload
 Maths - 23.6.20 - Worksheet Required During the Video Section.docxDownload
 Phonics - 23.6.20 - oa Real Nonsense.pdfDownload
 PSHE - 23.6.20 - American Coin Sorting.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 24th June -Resources

 Guided Read - 24.6.20 - Pink - Goodnight Josie.pdfDownload
 Guided Read - 24.6.20 - Red - Snake Is Going Away.pdfDownload
 Guided Read - 24.6.20 - Yellow - The Computer Game.pdfDownload
 Literacy - 24.6.20 - Wizard Writer Sheet.docxDownload
 Maths - 24.6.20 - Worksheet Required During the Video Section.docxDownload
 Music - 24.6.20 - EYFS Wk8 - Mrs Hypolite.docxDownload
 PE - 24.6.20 - Activity Shape Cards.docxDownload
 Phonics - 24.6.20 - 1.Cut and Stick oa Words.docxDownload
 Phonics - 24.6.20 - 2.Making oa Words.pdfDownload
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Thursday 25th June - Resources

 Literacy - 25.6.20 - Seaside Rhyming Words.pdfDownload
 Maths - 25.6.20 - 2D Colouring Activity.docxDownload
 Maths - 25.6.20 - 3D Colouring Activity.docxDownload
 Phonics - 25.6.20 - oa dice game.pdfDownload
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Friday 26th June - Resources

 Literacy - 26.6.20 - Level 1 Rhyming Poem.pdfDownload
 Literacy - 26.6.20 - Level 2 Rhyming Poem.pdfDownload
 Literacy - 26.6.20 - Level 3 Rhyming Poem.pdfDownload
 Maths - 26.6.20 - 2D Sorting.docxDownload
 Maths - 26.6.20 - 3D Sorting.docxDownload
 Maths - 26.6.20 -Optional 3D Fish Craft Activity.pdfDownload
 Phonics - 26.6.20 - oa Level 1 Sheet.pdfDownload
 Phonics - 26.6.20 - oa Level 2 Sheet.pdfDownload
 Phonics - 26.6.20 - oa Level 3 Sheet.pdfDownload
 Special Mention -26.6.20 - Specific Area Certificates.docxDownload
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Activity Overview + Resources For Week Beginning 15.6.20

The overview for the week and activities are attached below. Simply click on the red link below. Please only do what you are able to do.

Then the activities for each day of the week are in the grey boxes below. 

I hope you all had a good week last week. It looked like you had no problems finding your way around the new layout. 

I have changed the layout of the foundation subjects on the overview. This is just to make it a bit clearer which subjects are taught on which day. I have also moved PE and Music to a Wednesday in order to spread the subjects out a little bit throughout the week.

Below the resources for Friday, I have included the optional seaside craft resources again. I have also attached some optional Father's Day craft resources due to it being Father's Day on Sunday. I have not specifically referenced Father's Day in the weekly overview but in school we would usually be making a card.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be in school full time from Monday but will try to reply to you when I have the opportunity. Thinking about you all. Stay safe and stay strong. I am so proud of how you have all carried on again with home learning after half term. Everything you are doing is appreciated. Sending you a big 'self distanced' hug!  Mrs B x

P.S - Next week (week beginning 22.6.20), we will be completing some pointillism art work. It is suggested that this is completed with paint and cotton bud sticks, in case you wanted to organise some resources in advance. If you do not have those though, please do not worry because you can also use fingers instead of cotton bud sticks and can use colouring pens or pencils instead of paint. - Mrs B x

Overview Of Activities For Week Beginning 15.6.20.

Monday 15th June  - Resources

 Lit - 15.6.20 - Story Powerpoint For Recap.pptDownload
 Lit - 15.6.20 - Writing Paper.pdfDownload
 Maths - 15.6.20 - Larger A4 Money Bingo.pdfDownload
 Maths - 15.6.20 - Minimised Bingo.docxDownload
 Phonics - 15.6.20 - igh shoe flash cards.docxDownload
 Topic - 15.6.20 - Pack a Suitcase.docxDownload
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Tuesday 16th June - Resources

 Maths - 16.6.20 - 1p Coins To Cut Out.docxDownload
 Maths - 16.6.20 - Level 1 Shoe.pdfDownload
 Maths - 16.6.20 - Level 2 Shoe.pdfDownload
 Phonics - 16.6.20 - igh spotter story.pdfDownload
 Phonics - 16.6.20 - Optional Stop Sign.docxDownload
 PSHE - 16.6.20 - Task 1.pdfDownload
 PSHE - 16.6.20 - Task 2.docxDownload
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Wednesday 17th June - Resources

 Guided Reading 17.6.20 - Red Level - Shopping WS.pdfDownload
 Guided Reading 17.6.20 - Yellow Level - Pop A PLay WS.pdfDownload
 Guided Reading 17.6.20 -Pink Level - Wings WS.docxDownload
 Lit - 17.6.20 - Wizard Writer Book Review.docxDownload
 Maths - 17.6.20 - Optional - 1p 2p Coins To Cut Out.docxDownload
 Maths - 17.6.20 - Task 1.docxDownload
 Maths - 17.6.20 - Task 2.docxDownload
 Music - Reception wk7 - Mrs Hypolite.docxDownload
 PE - 15.6.20 - Coins.docxDownload
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Thursday 18th June - Resources

 Lit - 18.9.20 - Level 1Thank You Letter.pdfDownload
 Lit - 18.9.20 - Level 2 Thank You Letter.pdfDownload
 Lit - 18.9.20 - Level 3 Thank You Letter.pdfDownload
 Phonics - 18.6.20 - Answers.docxDownload
 Phonics - 18.6.20 - Level 1 writing igh words.docxDownload
 Phonics - 18.6.20 - Level 2 writing igh words.docxDownload
 Phonics - 18.6.20 - Level 3 writing igh words.docxDownload
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Friday 19th June - Resources

 19_6_20 - Special Mention - Superstar Certificate.docxDownload
 Lit - 19.6.20 - Optional - Elves + Shoe Maker Masks.pdfDownload
 Lit - 19_6_20 - Optional - Elf Hat Craft.pdfDownload
 Maths - 19.6.20 - Level 1 Ice Cream.docxDownload
 Maths - 19.6.20 - Level 2 Ice Cream.docxDownload
 Maths - 19.6.20 - Level 3 Ice Cream.docxDownload
 Phonics - 19.6.20 - igh Real or Nonsense.pdfDownload
 Topic - 19.6.20 - Bucket Template.pdfDownload
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Optional - Father's Day Art + Craft Resources/Activities

 Card - Love To Moon + Back Part 2.docxDownload
 Card Idea - I Love You This Much.pdfDownload
 Card Idea - Love You To The Moon And Back Instructions.pdfDownload
 Craft - Father's Day 3D Trophy.pdfDownload
 Father's Day Card Colouring Templates.pdfDownload
 Father's Day Certificates.pdfDownload
 Father's Day Colouring Badges.pdfDownload
 Father's Day Medals.pdfDownload
 Father's Day Mindfulness Colouring.pdfDownload
 Grandpa Certificates.pdfDownload
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Optional - Seaside Craft Art + Craft Resources/Activities

 Salt Dough Stan Starfish Craft idea.pdfDownload
 Seaside Spot The Difference.pdfDownload
 Summer Mindfulness colouring sheets.pdfDownload
 Under The Sea Split Pin Characters.pdfDownload
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Activity Overview + Resources For Week Beginning 8.6.20

The overview for the week and activities are attached below. Simply click on the red link below. Please only do what you are able to do.

 Then the activities for each day of the week are in the grey boxes below. 

Below the resources for Friday, there is also a set of additional/optional craft and art activities. It is not essential to complete these. I have just added them in case you want to vary the activities at home. They are linked to our new seaside topic and the same activity ideas will be attached to the bottom of the planning for the next couple of weeks. There are some nice mindfulness summer colouring sheets included, as I know this style of colouring sheet was a hit with Reception during the recent 'Mental Health Awareness Week'. Take care and I hope you all have a good, safe week.

Thinking about you all. Mrs B x

Overview Of Activities For Week Beginning 8.6.20.

Monday 8th June - Resources

 Lit - 8.6.20 - Story Powerpoint.pptDownload
 Lit - 8.6.20 - Writing Paper.pdfDownload
 Maths - 8.6.20 - Ordering Shoes.docxDownload
 Phonics - 8.6.20 - ee flash cards.docxDownload
 Topic - 8.6.20 - Seaside Powerpoint.pptDownload
 Topic - 8.6.20 - Seaside WS.docxDownload
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Tuesday 9th June - Resources

 Lit - 9.6.20 - Level 1Sequencing.docxDownload
 Lit - 9.6.20 - Level 2 Sequencing.docxDownload
 Lit - 9.6.20 - Level 3 Sequencing.docxDownload
 Maths - 9.6.20 - Level 1- Counting to 10.docxDownload
 Maths - 9.6.20 - Level 2 - Counting to 20.docxDownload
 PSHE - 9.6.20 - Money Record Sheet.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 10th June - Resources

 Guided Reading - Pink Level - Wings.pdfDownload
 Guided Reading - Red Level - Shopping.pdfDownload
 Guided Reading - Yellow Level - Pop A PLay.pdfDownload
 Lit - 10.6.20 - Wizard Writer Character Pictures.docxDownload
 Lit - 10.6.20 - Wizard Writer Writing Paper.docxDownload
 Maths - 10.6.20 - Repeating Pattern Sheet.pdfDownload
 Phonics - 10.6.20 - Dice Reading Sheet.pdfDownload
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Thursday 11th June - Resources

 Lit - 11.6.20 - Finger Puppets.pdfDownload
 Maths - 11.6.20 - Level 1 Addition to 10.docxDownload
 Maths - 11.6.20 - Level 2 Addition to 20.docxDownload
 Phonics - 11.6.20 - Read Write ee sheet.pdfDownload
 Phonics - 11.6.20 - Real or Nonsense ee Sheet.pdfDownload
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Friday 12th June - Resources

 Lit - 12.6.20 Word Picture Match Sheet.docxDownload
 Maths - 12.6.20 - Design Your Own Symmetrical Shoes.docxDownload
 Music - Reception Wk6 Mrs Hypolite.docxDownload
 Phonics - 12.6.20 - Answers..docxDownload
 Phonics - 12.6.20 Level 1 writing ee words.docxDownload
 Phonics - 12.6.20 Level 2 writing ee words.docxDownload
 Phonics - 12.6.20 Level 3 writing ee words..docxDownload
 Special Mention - Superstar Certificate.docxDownload
 Topic - 12.6.20 Cutting + Sticking Beach Scene.pdfDownload
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Optional / Additional Craft + Art Seaside Activities - 8.6.20 - 29.6.20

These activities are completely optional. I will put these same activities at the bottom of the resources throughout our Seaside topic so that if you do want to do some, you do not feel you have to complete them all this week.

 Salt Dough Stan Starfish Craft idea.pdfDownload
 Seaside Spot The Difference.pdfDownload
 Summer Mindfulness colouring sheets.pdfDownload
 Under The Sea Split Pin Characters.pdfDownload
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Website Introduction Prior To 8th June 2020.

Summer Term Update - Hi Everyone, I am so disappointed that we are still requiring to use this closure page because it means it is still not safe for us all to be together. I cannot express enough though how thankful I am for all that you are doing for your children. We are all finding ourselves in very unusual, stressful situation and are having to adapt our lives. You are all playing such an important role in maintaining your child's education and keeping their spirits high, so well done.

I have left the original message below that outlines how the closure page is used, just in case anyone starts to use it for the first time. If there is anything I can do for people, please let me know. It has also been lovely to see the children enjoying their tasks, so also please continue to send photos to the class e mail or to our new Reception twitter page @ReceptionSav.

Take Care everyone and keep strong = Mrs B x


The aim is to try to consider the timetable of lessons/daily routine that your child would have been following if they were in school and try to then provide you with activity ideas that would support that weekly timetable.

There will be a section below this introduction that I will update with general resources(These are now on their own page from 14.5.20). The daily tasks will then be added underneath.

Obviously, you are welcome to do any of your own activities that you might have access to as well. It is hard to know how much work to set because a typical day in the classroom would involve lots of verbal, practical group work which obviously will not be possible to do. It is also important that you have some special family time at this current time. So please just do what you can. 

Any work produced or news of fun things you have done together can be e mailed to me or can be saved in the work folder and exercise book that have been sent home. When your child returns to school, any work returned will be saved in your child's individual learning journey folder as evidence of their learning and progress.

If you have any questions at all, or if you just want to make contact and chat, please do not hesitate to contact me on the reception class e mail:

I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

We now have a Reception Twitter page. This will help us still keep in touch with each other and share our smiles and all the things we have been doing. @ReceptionSav

Take care and please all look after yourselves. You will continue to all be in my thoughts and prayers and I look forward to us all being back together as soon as possible.

Mrs Bowman 

Daily Activities - Prior to 8th June 2020

The general format for the Reception daily plans will firstly be a word document that outlines an overview (and explanation) of activities for the day.

There will then be some links to any resources that are referenced in the daily overview. PLEASE DO NOT FEEL YOU HAVE TO PRINT EVERY DOWNLOAD. Sometimes these downloads can be copied onto paper or sometimes they are put on to just demonstrate an example. There are also days where there might look to be a lot of downloads but sometimes this is because there are downloads for different ability groups. Therefore families would not have to download everybody's sheet.  

Some days the activities might all be practical and not require additional downloads.

It is difficult to know how much work to set as we would usually be doing lots of practical group work each day. It also feels like it is information overload for you at the moment, but I have tried to explain things in detail until we all get used to working in this new way.

***After the first week I redesigned the 'Daily Activities' section so that the most recent day comes first. Then previous days will follow underneath in consecutive order. I am hoping this will make this page easier for you to use, as you will not have to scroll as far down now that this page is getting larger.***

Friday 22nd May

 Hope you all managed to enjoy some of the sun yesterday and well done to all of you that have continued carrying out kind acts. 

This will be the last daily task set for this half term as we are not due to be posting work over what would have been the half term holiday. Please remember though that there are lots of internet links on the 'general resources' sub page. There might be activities further back in the early stages of the closure that you might also want to revisit. Otherwise, you might actually just want to have a well earned rest and I would not blame you! Hope you all have a lovely half term. I would have been on a Spanish beach next Wednesday but instead I am in school! Not quite what I had planned, so if you have also had to change plans then I hope you manage to do something special instead. Take care. I will be thinking about you all. Mrs B x

Here are my special messages / quotes for you all today:

Parents:    ' You got this.'           

Children:      'Never stop dreaming.'

Daily Plan / Overview 22.5.20

Literacy - 'Sharing' Writing Sheet.

Maths - Level 1 - Be the Teacher - Halving 2 - 10.

Maths - Level 2 - Be The Teacher - Halving 12 - 20.

Topic - Minimised Design Your Own Dinosaur Sheets.

Topic - Original Sized Design Your Own Dinosaur Sheets.

Music - EYFS Week 5 - Mrs Hypolite

Special Mention - Kindness Certificate.

Thursday 21st May 

 Wow, Wednesday was a warm one. Thank you again to Jaiya for making some lovely cakes. I took one home to have with my tea. We wrote some positive messages on the playground, so if you happen to go past school on one of your walks you might see them. The one saying 'Smile' with a smiley face was my message! Take care and keep going. You are all doing amazing. I know it is not always easy but I am so proud of everyone. Mrs B x

 My quotes/ positive messages for today:

Parents:      'You are enough.'            

Children:     'It is nice to be important but it's more important to be nice.' 

Daily Plan / Overview - 21.5.20

Literacy - Matching Story Word To Pictures Worksheet - Sharing A Shell.

Maths - Option 1 - Ladybird Halving 2-10 spots.

Maths - Option 2 - Ladybird Halving 12-20 spots.

Phonics - Writing 'ai' words    Level 1      Level 2      Level 3     Answers   (Level 1 = Easiest. Level 3 = Hardest.)

RE - Mrs Spencer Peck's Summer 1 RE Plan

Do not forget there is also the 'Kind Acts' mission that is running all week. Details can still be found with the plans for Monday 18th May.

Wednesday 20th May

Well done everyone, you are almost half way through the week. I have been hearing about some lovely kind things everyone has been doing. Keep up the great work. 

I have finally worked out how to put my quote images on this page! I have put them both below. To be honest, the quotes for the children are probably just as relevant for parents and vice versa! Look after yourselves. Mrs B x 

Parents:  'Once you choose hope, anything's possible.'

Children: 'Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.' -

Daily Plan / Outline - 20.5.20.

Literacy - Wizard Writer Sheet - Being Kind.

Maths - Cookie Monster + Elmo Sharing Activity Resource.

Phonics - Stop Sign.

Guided Reading - Pink Level - At The Seaside Worksheet.

Guided Reading - Red Level - Which Is Alive? Worksheet.

Tuesday 19th May

  First of all, I am going to start with my quotes for the day. I still have not found a good way of sharing the images on here. However, I will tweet them again on our class twitter page.

Parents: 'Make everyday your masterpiece.' -   

Children: 'If you dream it you can achieve it.' -

Lastly, before we move on to the daily plans for today, in case you are unaware, there is a 'Return To School' survey at the very top of this page. We are just asking if parents can complete this and return it to school (e mail to the office on by Monday 25th May.  Thank you in advance for this.

Now time for our plans today. Take care and hope you enjoy today's activities. Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 19.5.20

Literacy - 'Sharing A Shell' Story Scene.

Maths - Option 1 - Colouring In Half Of A Shape

Maths - Option 2  -Sorting shapes -Is Half Coloured or Not?

Phonics - 'ai' Dice word Sheet.

PhonicsFoldable Dice Resource. (Just in case you do not have a dice at home.)

PSHE - Child Mindfulness Colouring Sheets -      Flower        Owl        Lion        Hot Air Balloons

PSHE - Parent Mindfulness Colouring Sheets -     Pattern 1       Pattern 2   (Obviously optional!!)

Monday 18th May

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Before I outline the plans for today, I need to introduce our whole school plan to celebrate 'Mental Health Awareness Week'.

Mental Health Awareness Week

This is something that all our staff are very passionate about and as PSHE lead I felt it was necessarily to introduce a whole school activity to recognise this week in a united way.

The important thing is that we do not want this activity to create a lot of additional work for parents, as this will be counter productive and goes against the aim of supporting each other at this difficult time. The document below outlines the suggested activity for the week and will be posted on each of the class closure pages. Please feel free to adapt the idea in any way you would like. There is also a certificate attached, that you could award your child at the end of the week.

Staff are also going to posting a positive quote / message each day this week.

If you have any questions at all or you need anything, please remember where I am. - Mrs B x

Quote/Message For Parents:  'Difficult roads often lead to beautiful places.'

Quote/Message For Children:  'Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet inside.'

I am going to try to work out how I can actually post the pictures for tomorrow's quotes, rather than just the link. It would not work today though.

Our St Saviour 'Mental Health Awareness' Week Mission - Being Kind To Ourselves and Each Other.

St Saviour Kindness Certificate.

Now on to today's home school learning:

Daily Plan / Overview 18.5.20

Literacy - Sequencing Story Pictures      Level 1 - 6 Pictures       Level 2 - 8 Pictures       Level 3 - 10 Pictures      Level 4- 17 Pictures!   

Maths - Halving Powerpoint

Maths - Halving Food Worksheet

Phonics - 'ai' Flash Cards

Topic - Salt Dough Recipe

Topic - Fossil Photographs (Optional resource.)


Generalised Weekly Overview - Week Beginning 18.5.20

I hope you have had a lovely weekend. I have attached the generalised activity overview for the week beginning 18.5.20. Just as a reminder, there will be no specific daily tasks set over the half term. Therefore, if you are not able to complete all the tasks, you might want to try them out over half term.

I have also attached a recipe for salt dough because Monday's topic task is going to involve making a salt dough fossil. I have never actually made it myself and have just come up with the fossil idea, so I apologise in advance if it does not work! It says it requires flour, salt and water. If you do not have these resources or are unable to obtain them, do not worry as I will offer an alternative activity.

Flour can also be a good resource to practice letter formation with. You can put a thin layer on a baking tray and your child can form letters with their fingers. I know flour supplies have bene low in shops though, which is why I have not mentioned it till now!

Stay safe and take care - Mrs B x

Generalised Weekly Overview - Week Beginning 18.5.20

Salt Dough Recipe

Friday 15th May

 You have all made it to the end of another week. Well done everyone and thank you for all you are still doing. Take care and hope you all have a lovely weekend. - Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 15.5.20

Literacy - Ladybird Mask Template.

Phonics -   Writing 'ng' words -     Level 1     Level 2     Level 3    Answers   (Level 1 = Easiest.  Level 3 = Hardest.)

Topic - Photographs of Fossils.

Topic - Stone Paper Template.

Music - EYFS Music Plan Wk 4 - Mrs Hypolite

Special Mention - Certificates.

Thursday 14th May

I hope you are all still well. You will see I have changed our closure page slightly today. This page will now be where you come for the daily tasks and then you should hopefully have noticed a sub page to the side that has all the internet links on and general resources etc... on. This is just to make it a bit quicker to get to the plans. It felt like you were having to scroll a long way down, as we have been adding more resources and links. If you have any problems finding things with this new set up, just let me know. Take Care. Mrs B

Daily Plan / Overview - 14.5.20

Literacy - Alliteration Sheet

Maths - Option 1- Be The Teacher - Answers to 10.

Maths - Option 2 - Be The Teacher - Answers 10-20.

Phonics - 'th' Spotter Sheet.

RE - Mrs Spencer Peck's Summer 1 Overview.

Wednesday 13th May

It is clearly the season for birthdays. I hope you had a great birthday yesterday Billie and Jaiya I hope you have a lovely day today. Look after each other everyone and keep smiling. I am thinking about you all. - Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview - 13.5.20

Literacy - Wizard Writer Sheet.

Maths - Option 1 - Butterfly Doubles - Answers to 10.

Maths - Option 2 - Butterfly Doubles - Answers 10-20.

Guided Reading - Pink Level - At The Seaside.

Guided Reading - Red Level - Which Is Alive?

Tuesday 12th May

Hi, hope you all enjoyed our new book that we are looking at this week. Some of our activities today are still linked to this story. Enjoy and take care. - Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview - 12.5.20

Literacy - Describing Ladybird Record Sheet.

Literacy - Optional Word Bank. (Just to be used if a child is finding the task tricky)

Maths - Option 1 - Ladybird Doubles - Answers to 10.

Maths - Option 2 - Ladybird Doubles - Answers 10-20.

Phonics - 'sh' Real or Nonsense Worksheet.

Monday 11th May

Before I start, I must say a HUGE THANK YOU. I did not know that any of you knew it was my birthday on Sunday. I had just been planned on ignoring it since I could not visit my family but your message gave me a lovely surprise. It was an amazing present. You, along with my family and friends managed to make me feel very special during my lockdown birthday so thank you again.

In terms of home schooling - This week I have tried to offer some different options with the activities I have set this week. This is in a hope to meet the different learning styles of all of Reception and to try to help maintain enthusiasm for home learning as I know it must be getting harder and harder. Please do pick between the options. Do not feel you have to complete everything.

I have also attached the next Educational Psychologists newsletter in our 'Agency Support Documents' section of the closure page. This one is all about having fun at home.

If you need anything then please get in touch. Take care. Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 11.5.20

Literacy - The Lazy Ladybird Book Review Activity.

Maths - Doubling Ladybird Powerpoint.   (Do not feel you have to go to the last page. You might decide to stop at double 5.)

Maths - Practical Ladybird Doubling Activity.

Phonics - 'ch' Worksheet    -      LEVEL 1        LEVEL 2        LEVEL 3         ANSWERS        (Level 1 = Easiest   Level 3 = Hardest)

Topic - Mary Anning BBC Bitesize Link -

Topic - Mary Anning Question Sheet.

 Generalised Weekly Overview For Week Beginning - 11.5.20

 I have attached a link below for next weeks generalised weekly plan. It is good to hear that some people are finding this helpful. Remember, it could help you select activities if you are limited on time and resources or you could give your child some ownership of their learning and they could select some activities if it is becoming challenging to motivate them with their learning. The PSHE on Tuesday has various options for activities. One idea is to plant a flower or seed and look after it. I am only mentioning it now because if that is the activity you want to do, then you might need to source a flower or some seeds!

Generalised Weekly Activity Overview - Week Beginning 11.5.20

Our story focus for the week is going to be 'The Very Lazy Ladybird'. I have attached a craft idea below that is completely optional. It involves your child making a toilet roll ladybird that could go with the story. I have not added many craft ideas to the closure activities because of the concern that people may not have the resources at home. So please do not feel this has to completed. I have just been trying to think of ways to help engage the children and add a little variety as the lockdown continues.

How To Make A Toilet Roll Ladybird

Finally, the Start Well service e mail me weekly with early years updates from local authority meetings they have been having. This week they have mentioned wanting to celebrate the work going on in homes and schools with early years children. They have mentioned the idea of making a video which I have expressed interest in. I will and keep you updated if I hear anymore about this.

They have then also suggested that children could colour in the picture that I have linked below. They suggest that you can then take a photo of your child holding their picture and post it on twitter with the hashtag #ProudtobeEarlyYearsBolton and tagging @BoltonStartWell so that they can share them with the Bolton community. Alternatively, you could pass them on to me and I can tweet them for you. Once again, this activity is completely optional.

Bolton Start Well Colouring Picture


As mentioned on Wednesdays introduction, I have heard there might be some social distancing, VE Day street parties taking place on Friday. There is no specific work set on Friday due to it being a bank holiday but I have attached some optional VE Day activities below. You might want to use some of these on Friday or on the run up to Friday if you are taking about the significance of the day in your household. I have also attached a link to a site 'Baker Ross' that has some additional craft ideas, such as book marks and flags. Hope you find these useful. Please remember they are not set tasks, they are completely optional. Each Day I will move this section up the web page so that it is easily accessible with the current days plans. Enjoy x

KS1 VE Day Powerpoint - Twinkl Resource

Make Your Own Spitfire Glider - Twinkl Resource

Union Jack Bunting - Twinkl Resource

Colouring Picture - Twinkl Resource

VE Day 75 Years Bunting - Baker Ross Resource

VE Day Celebration Colouring Pictures - Baker Ross Resource

Baker Ross Website Link. . -  This has VE Day craft ideas but also looks like it has craft ideas for other occasions as well

Bolton library has also sent schools the document attached below. It was only sent yesterday, so is a little late but I did notice a link on the document for online books that might be useful.

Bolton Library Document For Home Learning - Also has a link to celebrating VE Day.

Thursday 7th May

Well done, you have reached the last day of your home schooling week. I hope you have a great day and if you are celebrating VE Day tomorrow then have a great, safe day. There is an embarrassing video on our class twitter page (@ReceptionSav) to help your child learn a song that I would have taught in our maths lesson today. Please do not laugh too much!!

In the next day or so I will attach the 'generalised activity overview' for next week, along with an Early Years colouring poster that is being shared across our local authority. Take care and hope you all have a lovely weekend. - Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 7.5.20

Literacy - Wizard Writer Sheet - Hungry Caterpillar Theme. (This could be written straight in to your exercise book)

Maths - Days of The Week Hungry Caterpillar Activity.

Maths - Video Of Mrs Bowman Singing The Days Of The Week Song !!!!

RE - Mrs Spencer Peck's Half Termly Plan

Special Mention - Specific Aspect Of Learning Certificates.

Music - Bolton Music Service - Mrs Hypolite's Early Years Plan - Week 3

Wednesday 6th May

I hope you all had a good day yesterday. It sounds like the class are enjoying the theme of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. This is lucky, because the work today is still following the same theme!

On Monday some key worker children in school were talking about there being some VE Day street celebrations taking place on Friday (with social distancing). Therefore, below todays plans I have attached a section with some optional VE Day activities.  Thanks for all you are doing. Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 6.5.20

Literacy - Story Puppet Templates

Maths - Sheet 1 - Caterpillar Missing Numbers 1-10.

Maths - Sheet 2 - Caterpillar Missing Numbers 10-20.

Phonics - Sorting 'th', 'ng', 'ch', 'sh' pictures (Set to be completed over 2 days, today and tomorrow.)

Guided Reading - Pink Level Book, 'Catch It' - Worksheet.

Guided Reading - Red Level Book, 'Josie And The Parade' - Worksheet.

Tuesday 5th May

  Well done Reception. Your sun dances have worked. I am very impressed with your weather super powers! Hope you enjoy the work I have set today. We are carrying on with some activities linked to 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and have a dragon phonics game to play.

Note To Parents - Signposting Agency Support Documents:  On Friday I attached some documents that had been provided by agencies recently, to support with issues that might arise because of the COVID 19 lockdown. Mrs Kemp has now been informed that the Educational Psychologist Team are going to be providing weekly newsletters. I have set up a new subheading on our closure page called 'Agency Support Documents'. It is located at the end of the 'Internet Links' section, before the 'Phonics Teaching' section! I have highlighted it in turquoise, so hopefully it will stand out. I will keep putting any newsletters or support documents in this section. I received one document today named 'Taking Care Of Yourself After Hearing Sad News'. I sincerely hope that people do not need to make reference to this document. However, if you do it is there. These documents offer some good advice on how to approach discussions about the virus with children. They will hopefully help you to answer some difficult questions your children might have already been asking you. 

Take care everyone and stay strong.  Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 5.5.20

Literacy - Pictures To Sequence

Maths - Ordering Numbers

Maths - Caterpillar Number Line (optional resource).

PSHE - Road Safety Video Link. King of The Road -

Monday 4th May

'May the 4th be with you!'. That was my attempt at a Star Wars joke. Hopefully you all got it!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. If you are anything like me and some of my family and friends, you may have reached a stage in the lockdown where you are now having to dig deep. This sounds really cheesy, but we are getting there and we will all get through this together. I have been so impressed with how you have all been doing. Stay strong and we will win this battle together.

So with that being said, here we go, navigating another week of home schooling together. Just do whatever you can and remember where I am if you need anything.- Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 4.5.20

Literacy - YouTube 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'Story Link -

Literacy - Prediction Sheet

Maths - Caterpillar Repeating Pattern Sheet

Maths - Extension Counting in 10's Caterpillar Sheet  (Optional)

Phonics - Jolly Phonics Action Parent Sheet

Phonics - 'th' + 'ng' Flash Cards

Topic - Frog Life Cycle Powerpoint

Topic - Frog Life Cycle Sequencing Activity

Topic - Extension - Habitats Sheet (To be completed any time due to no session on Friday.)


 Generalised Weekly Overview For Week Beginning - 4.5.20

Below is a link to this week's generalised activity overview. The aim is that this could help you plan your week ahead. You could also sit with your child and select some activities together if it is challenging to complete all the activities.

On Wednesday I have planned an activity that requires the class to make some stick puppets that they can then use to role play / act out the story. These require some straws or sticks. Therefore, if the sun returns and you eat any ice lollies or use any straws, you might want to save them up to use on Wednesday.

Take care and stay strong - Mrs B x

Generalised Weekly Overview - Week Beginning 4.5.20

Last week, a parent asked if I had any more links to interactive maths games to help with numeral recognition / reinforcement. I have just been having a search and have played on a few different ones. These have not been used in school but I have attached a document with some extra links on and have described some of the games I have been playing! A number of them have a minibeast link. This was not purposeful, considering our current topic! I do wish I had found a couple of them earlier though, there are some nice counting games. I will also attach the document to the 'Internet Links' part of our Reception closure page.

Additional Links to Interactive Maths Games.

Friday 1st May

 Oh my goodness, how are we in May already? I am not sure what happened to our sun dances in Reception yesterday. Maybe they were too busy doing their work. We will have to try again today.

FUTHER SUPPORT / ADVICE FOR FAMILIES DURING LOCKDOWN: Below, I have attached 2 documents that you might find useful. Our school SENCO, Mrs Kemp, has been liaising with some of our outside agencies during this school closure. They have provided the documents below for families and children during this lockdown period. These documents have been aimed at families that are using their agencies so please do not be put off by the terminology i.e. 'children with learning difficulties'. The fact that Reception are the youngest members of our school, made me think that some of the tips and advice given could potentially be helpful for lots of Reception children. The first document talks a lot about how to support yourself and your child emotionally through this period and the second gives ideas of how to help your child with routines at home. The second document also gives an example of a daily visual timetable. I would not suggest doing school work all day, as this would be a lot for you and your child. However, it shows how you can illustrate where gaps and breaks are in the day. Feel free to use these if necessary/helpful and ignore them if not required! I will also save them in the 'parent help sheets' part of our closure page for future reference.

Document 1- Support for Yourselves + Others During Lockdown - Bolton Educational Psychology Service.

Document 2 - Supporting Children - Coping With COVID-19 Isolation -Community Family Psychology, Neurodevelopmental Team + Children's Occupational Therapy

Back to the activities for Friday - I have added the usual links below. Please remember that the music plan is provided by Bolton Music Service. It is completely optional and can be completed anytime. There will be no weekend work set as usual to give everyone a rest from home schooling. I will be posting a generalised weekly overview for next week though (hopefully on Saturday). Remember, as well as this possibly helping you plan your week ahead, you could use this to help give your child some ownership over their learning if they are struggling to engage. They could select a given number of activities.

Take care everyone and remember where I am if you need anything. Take care - Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 1.5.20

Literacy - Contents Page

Maths - Option1 - Cutting + Sticking Butterfly.

Maths - Option 2 - Cutting and Sticking Ladybird.

Phonics - Match 'ch' + 'sh' Words to Pictures.

PSHE - Texture Record Sheet.

Special Mention - Rainbow Superstar Certificate

Music - Bolton Music Service Plan EYFS Wk2.

Thursday 30th April

 I hope you have all managed to dig your jumpers back out of your wardrobes. I had started to forget what it was like to need to take a coat to school.

Thank you again for the messages and pictures I have been receiving. I am missing you all lots so it is lovely to see and hear what you have been up to.  Take care and have a happy Thursday. Please could you try doing a sun dance today to bring the sun back for us! Take care - Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 30.4.20

Maths - Finger Painting Butterflies

RE - Mrs Spencer Peck's Activity Ideas

Wednesday 29th April

 Hi everyone I hope you are well. At the bottom of today's plans I am going to attach a video (well try to) that Vincent has created to help with lockdown. I am really conscious that the longer the lockdown goes on the harder it possibly is for everyone at home. I attached a new message at the end of yesterday's activities but in case anyone did not see it I have linked it again below:


I honestly believe that the most important job in home schooling at the moment is keeping yourself and your family safe and happy during this difficult time. Anything else that is done is an added bonus.

I do not want this next bit to come across wrong and may get myself in knots trying not to offend anyone, but here terms of the amount of work completed, it is far better to do one task well, than do lots of tasks badly. That is not saying that I think anyone who is doing lots is doing badly! I think everyone is doing amazingly and I am so thankful to you all. However, I have said before, I am aware that everyone is in different positions at home and everyone's children respond differently to different tasks and different styles of learning. So please be proud of what you are all doing and know how grateful I am for what you are all doing.

Take care and remember, please get in contact if you need anything at all. I will not always have the answer but I will give it a good go! - Mrs B x

29.4.20 Daily Plan / Overview

Literacy - Minibeast Pages

Maths - Symmetrical Sorting Pictures

Maths - Symmetrical Record Sheet

Phonics - 'sh' Worksheet A (Hardest)

Phonics - 'sh' Worksheet B

Phonics - 'sh' Worksheet C (Easiest)

Phonics - 'sh' Answer Sheet

Guided Reading - Red Level - Josie And The Parade.

Guided Reading - Pink Level - Catch It!

A Message From Vincent - Guidelines To Help With Lockdown.

Tuesday 28th April

Well the weather appears to be changing slightly. Hopefully, you were still able to get out for some fresh air. We gave all the plants a good water at school yesterday, as it looked like they had got a bit thirsty over the weekend! 

Possible Advice For Working At Home: I have spoken to 2 parents today and it appears the novelty of home schooling is starting to subside (or may never have started!). Please, please do not feel any pressure to get all the work completed. This is a very different style of learning for Reception because we would normally do so many practical activities and group work. It is a style that will be working for some and not for others. I am trying to mix up the types of activities that I am giving but I am aware that this is still not always going to offer a magic solution. All children will work differently, some will be lapping up this work and some will be hating it! I would not expect them to be able to complete activities one after the other. They would definitely need to let off steam in between! I will obviously still keep setting work because we still need to try to maintain some learning during this period, but what I have suggested today to the 2 parents I spoke to is that if your child is struggling to engage you could give them some ownership of what they do. Go through the generalised weekly overview with them and get them to select 2 maths activities from the week, 2 literacy etc... Then if they feel they have chosen it they may be more engaged. If this works then you could gradually increase it i.e. one week pick 3 literacy activities, another week pick 3 maths etc... At school we have the advantage of children associating school with working and so it is easier to engage children but they would not associate home with having to do this amount of work so it is likely to feel like an up hill battle sometimes. PLEASE, PLEASE just do what you can.

So moving from there to today's work...keep an eye out for Isabella today... she makes an appearance in our topic work with her butterflies! Keep smiling and well done with all the fantastic work you are still all doing no matter what quantity of work you are doing. You are all working through an extremely challenging time that hopefully we will never ever have to experience again - Keep smiling and look after yourselves - Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 28.4.20

Literacy - Front Cover Template.

Maths - Butterfly Symmetry Resource.

Phonics - 'ch' Spotting Worksheet.

Topic - Butterfly Life Cycle Powerpoint.

Topic - Butterfly Life Cycle Sequencing Worksheet.

Topic - Butterfly Life Cycle Video. - (Optional !!!)

Topic - Isabella's Life Cycle Photographs To Sequence. (Optional)


Monday 27th April

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. If we were not currently in lockdown, I might have ended up arriving at the London Marathon a week early! I thought it was the other weekend but it actually should have been yesterday! So I went out for a run on Sunday but could not quite fit a marathon distance into my hour of outdoor exercise.

Hopefully you have all seen the video message school sent out to all our school children and families. If not, it is on the school Twitter and Facebook page, the Reception class Twitter page and on the home page of this website. We just wanted you all to know that you are continually in our thoughts, hearts and prayers.

Well done with all the work completed last week, especially Fridays, as the literacy and maths on Friday did really push the level of what would usually be expected for Reception. You did a fantastic job though, I was very impressed. There are some new concepts i.e. symmetry introduced this week which has made the overview for today feel quite 'wordy' but the activities themselves should be quite straight forward, so hang in there.

Right I will stop rambling and leave you to get on with it! Take care - Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 27.4.20

Literacy - Example Book Front Cover + Contents Page.

Literacy - Level 1 - Contents Page Question Activity. 

Literacy - Level 2 - Contents Page Question Activity.

Maths - Butterfly Template

Phonics - 'ch, 'sh' Action Sheet for Parents.

Phonics - 'ch' 'sh' Flash Cards

Generalised Weekly Overview for Week Beginning 27.4.20

 I have attached a generalised weekly overview for this week in case you want to try to plan ahead. As you will see the main theme running throughout the week will be linked to our minibeast theme. Our Maths, Literacy, Topic, PE and ICT is going to be linked to this theme, in particular 'butterflies'.

I am also going to change the phonics format slightly this week onwards so that we focus on learning certain diagraphs each week rather than focusing on segmenting and blending CVC words. This will aim to help to start / secure your child's phase 3 knowledge. I am going to have a break from attaching the additional school phonics lesson plans at the start of the week, as it appears everyone is using the daily phonics activities instead. However, if anyone would still like them please let me know. I will either e mail you them directly or if there are a few people actually wanting them, I will start putting them back at the start of each weeks plans.

As usual, please just do as much as you can. Do not worry if you cannot do it all, or if you have not got the resources for it all. Likewise, please feel free to adapt activities and add some more creative elements if you have the resources at home.

Take care, keep looking after yourselves and stay safe - Mrs B

Generalised Weekly Activity Overview - Week Beginning 27.4.20

Friday 24th April

Whooo, I hear you all say. It's Friday! Hope you have had a good week and are able to have some sort of a rest over the weekend.

There will be no official weekend work set this week again. However, on Monday we will be drawing and labelling minibeasts. I know some children have already been hunting for minibeasts but if you go out again this weekend, you could always keep your eye out for some that your child might like to draw on Monday.

At some stage over the weekend (hopefully Saturday) I will post the generalised weekly overview for next week. This will mean you can see the week ahead and prioritise which tasks you feel would be best for you and your child, if you are unable to do them all. From what I have seen and heard you are all still doing an amazing job so well done and thank you again. It has been lovely to see the Reception's smiling faces in some of your photographs. I am so pleased they are still keeping their spirits up and miss them all soooooo much. Take care and hope you are all able to have a lovely weekend.

Love Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 24.4.20

Literacy - Correcting Capital Letters and Full Stops.

Maths - Minibeast Word Problems.

Topic - Minibeast Sorting

Music - Bolton Music Service Plan. (See note about this on the daily plan/overview.)


Thursday 23rd April

Well done on your work so far this week guys. I have been hearing and seeing some great things. I have heard that it is going to quite a warm day today and then possibly start to get a little bit colder. So hopefully you manage to have some fun in the sun as well today. Take care, not long to go now till the weekend parents!

Love Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 23.4.20

Literacy - Capital / lower case letter recording sheet.

Literacy - Capital / lower case activity word cards.

Phonics - CVC cutting and sticking.

RE - Mrs Spencer Pecks activity suggestions.

Wednesday 22nd April

Welcome to the 'half way through the week' day! It looks like some of you had a good time looking around outside yesterday. At the bottom of todays links I have included a link to a picture of something I found in my garden. I certainly had not put it on my list. Take care and hope you enjoy todays work. I have tried to think carefully about the resources used to make wizard writing exciting today and hopefully engaging for your child! Mrs B x

Daily Plan /Overview 22.4.20

Literacy - Pirate Word Cards

Literacy - Wizard Writer Sheet

Maths - Addition and Subtraction Cards

Guided Reading - Red Level - The New Hat Worksheet

Guided Reading - Pink Level - Scaredy Cat Worksheet

Mrs Bowman's find when completing yesterdays PSHE activity!

Tuesday 21st April

Hi, hope your Monday went ok. On paper the activities today look relatively short and have required less instructions as some are activities that are being repeated. You are all experts at these activities now. I think the PSHE activity could take a little longer than usual though.

I noticed that I put 'March' at the top of yesterdays daily plan. Sorry, it might feel like groundhog day at the moment but I promise we are not going back in time!

I am constantly thinking about you all and I know I keep saying it but hope you are all ok, staying positive and managing to steer through this difficult time. Take care - Lots of Love Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 21.4.20

Literacy - Minimised Capital Letter Worksheet

Literacy - Larger Version Of The Capital Letter Worksheet

Maths - Subtraction Jigsaw

Phonics - Sheet 1 - CVC + Picture Matching Sheet

Phonics - Sheet 2 - Phrase + Picture Matching Sheet

PSHE - Recording Sheet

Monday 20th April

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I should have been running the London Marathon yesterday so mine was quieter than I had planned. Hopefully I will be able to do it in October when it is rescheduled.

During this school closure it has not been possible t change your child's home reading book for obvious reasons. Harry's mum has drawn my attention to a site which you can register to and then access some Oxford Reading Tree online books and resources that go with the books. I have seen this site but thought you had to pay to register but it appears it is currently free. I will attach a link in the 'Literacy Resources' part of the 'General Resources' part of this page.

Hope you all have a lovely day. Take Care - Mrs B x

P.S. If you watched the Sunday Daily Corona Virus News briefing you might have heard about some new online resources being launched this week. Unfortunately the BBC Bitesize lessons that were mentioned do not cover EYFS. The lessons start from Yr1 upwards. I also looked on the new 'Oaks National Academy' site The EYFS units for this week are: English  - Traditional Tales '3 Little Pigs', Maths - Numbers within 10, Foundation Subjects 'All About Me'. These are all areas we covered in the autumn term so may not be useful this week.  I will keep an eye on them though and reference anything I think may be helpful.

Daily Plan / Overview 20.4.20

Maths - Addition Jigsaw

Phonics -   Link to interactive phonics site.

Topic - Minibeast Powerpoint - If for any reason this does not open, I got it from the 'Twinkl website'.

Topic - Minibeast Matching Picture + Description Activity.

Weekly Phonics Plan and Generalised Weekly Overview 20.4.20

Weekly School Phonics Plans

Please remember that the phonics plans below are the ones that we would be likely to be using if we were in school this week. There will be daily phonics activities planned with easy daily plan though as usual, so please do not feel that you have to make sense of these plans.

Mrs H Phonics Plan - Red + Yellow Group - Gorillas and Eagles.

Mrs F Phonics Plan - Green + Blue Group - Super Duper Group + Rainbow Group.

Mrs B Phonics Plan - Purple + Brown Group - The Cool Team and The Amazing Magic Team.

Mrs B Phonics Resource Cards.


I have linked the generalised overview for the week. I hope this proves helpful. As I have said before, please feel free to look ahead and if you are limited on time or resources, you can select the activities from the week that you feel would benefit your child the most.

Generalised Weekly Overview - Week Beginning 20.4.20

Weekend Work 18.4.20

 There is no official weekend work set.

I made the suggestion on our Reception Twitter page that you might want to celebrate Captain Top Moore's achievements and send him a 100th Birthday card. I did this with our key worker children in school on Friday. There is a Newsround report that you could share with your child. This is completely optional though, as is the Nightingale artwork idea mentioned below:

Address for cards : Captain Tom Moore, C/O Post Office Unlimited, 67 Bedford Road, Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire, England, MK43 OLA


William's Mum drew schools attention to the idea of drawing a picture for the walls in the local Nightingale Hospital in Manchester last week.  This is another activity I plan to do in school next week. The link below takes you to an article about this opportunity and gives details of how to share any artwork produced:

Friday 17th April

Hope you are all managing to get back into the swing of home schooling again, balancing it with all the other pressures and managing to squeeze in some time in the sun as well. I have now discovered jet washing. No surface outside was safe last Sunday! My neighbours must have been sick of hearing the machine all day.

I have put this on the activity overview sheet but it is worth feels like there are a lot of activities today, so please do not feel they all have to be completed. There will be no weekend work set, so another option is to carry some over into the weekend. I might be wrong and children may whizz through. However, one is a writing activity which I know takes children a bit longer and maths is looking at a new concept, therefore again this might take a little longer than usual. See how you go anyway.

Take care and look after yourselves x

Daily Plan / Overview 17.4.20

Literacy - Wizard Writer Sheet - This can just be done straight in to their books.

Maths - Number Bond Eggs.

Phonics - Sheet 1 - Easter Phase 2 Tricky Word Matching.

Phonics - Sheet 2 - Easter Phase 3 Phrase and Picture Matching Sheet.

Topic - Seasons - Tree Template

Thursday 16th April

Hi, I hope you all enjoyed yesterdays activities. The activities today continue to follow an Easter theme.

I have not been making many creative activity suggestions during the school closure period. This is due to me not knowing what kind of resources families will have access to at home. However, please feel free to adapt activities or add in activities of your own choice that involve paint etc... Some of you have already been doing this which has been lovely to see.

Well done everyone and keep going. You are doing a fantastic job.

Daily Plan / Overview 16.4.20

Literacy - Rhyming Eggs - These can be made as well, rather than printed.

Maths - Sheet 1 - Easter Egg Picture Addition.

Maths - Sheet 2 - Easter Egg Numeral and Picture Addition - Could encourage counting on.

RE -  Beginners Bible Easter Story Link.

RE - Easter Story Sequencing Pictures.

Wednesday 15th April

 Welcome back everyone. I had meant to post the general overview above earlier in the week but to be completely honest I forgot I hadn't. Anyway, do not worry if you have done any of the Easter activities I have planned for this week.

I hope you have all been able to have a nice Easter break. I have been thinking about you all. I have been in school and seen a couple of children from other classes go past and look a little confused as to why we are in and they still can't be in. Hopefully if we keep following guidance it will reach a point where it is safe for us all to be back together.

As, I stated the activities this week all link to Easter as we did not do much on that before the official holiday. Hope you enjoy then and remember where I am if you need anything at all.

Take care - Mrs Bowman x

Daily Plan / Overview 15.4.20

Literacy - Easter - Initial sound record sheet - Feel free to just record words straight into exercise book.

Maths - Missing Easter Egg numbers 1 - 10

Maths - Missing Easter Egg numbers 10 - 20

Phonics - Phase 2 + 3 Easter Egg Tricky Words For Egg Hunt

Guided Reading - The New Hat - Red, Yellow Group - If you print this then save it for next week as well.

Guided Reading - Scaredy Cat - Green, Blue, Purple and Brown Group - If you print this then save it for next week as well.

Week Beginning Wednesday 15th April

  As I mentioned previously, as the first official week after Easter is only a three day week I have planned to do a range of Easter activities that have educational links, as we did not do as much Easter related things prior to the holiday.

A number of the activity ideas are from Twinkl though so I thought I would just put a generalised overview for the week on now during the Easter break, just in case you were looking through Twinkl for activity ideas this holiday. I did not want us to overlap! Do not worry if you have already done some!

Take care and I hope you are all enjoying a little break from home schooling. Mrs B xx

Generalised Planning Overview - Week Beginning Wednesday 15th April

Easter Holiday

First of all I want to thank everybody for your words of support. They really are appreciated. I am so grateful that we are all in this together. You are doing an amazing job.

As stated in the 'End of Spring Term' school letter to parents, the class e mail will not be active over the Easter break. I do apologise in advance for this but appreciate your anticipated understanding. Feel free to still send e mails and on Tuesday 14th April (what would have been our staff training day) I will be straight back in touch with you. I will still be keeping an eye on our class twitter page and will post replies on that forum.

Daily activities will be posted again for Wednesday 15th April onwards. As the first official week back to school after Easter is a shorter week, I am planning to set a mix of Easter activities that week that have an educational link. I will then return to our more structured units of work the following week. That is if we are still not allowed back to school by then.

I do not usually set compulsory homework over the holidays. Instead, I would usually make suggestions of activity ideas if you would like them. There are lots of links on here if you want to continue your learning journey. It looks like you have also been finding some exciting ideas of your own. There might be some activities from your daily outlines that you have not completed that could be looked at. Otherwise, you could have a well earned rest!!

One activity I did think I would share though is a 'Kindness Calendar'. I know some staff have already shared this. It is aimed at older children but I do not see why it can't be adapted for Reception. It encourages children to think about how they can show kindness and help others. We had been talking a lot about this in school and class before the school closure because it was the focus for our 'School Lent Tree'.

I have set up links to the kindness tree below, along with a parent newsletter provided by purple mash and our school 'End of Spring Term Letter' just in case you have not received it or not seen it on the website home page. There is also another link to the Easter document that the Diocese wanted us to share with parents.

Please take care everyone, keep positive, keep smiling and keep looking after each other.

You will all be in my thoughts during Easter and I look forward to being back in contact shortly. Thanks again Mrs Bowman x

Blank Acts of Kindness Calendar

Acts of Kindness Record Card

Acts of Kindness Activity Suggestions - Mentions older children but some of these could be adapted.

Children Changing Places (Diocese) Easter Activity Document - A lot of these activities require specific resources so do not feel you have to follow this document. However I do know a lot of you are very creative and therefore may enjoy some of the suggestions.

Parent Newsletter from Purple Mash - This links to purple mash which is aimed at Yr1 upwards rather than our mini mash but the newsletter does reference help guides and some activities may still be accessible for Reception.

School End Of Spring Term Update Letter To Parents

Friday 3rd April

Well done team. You have got to the end of the second week. You have all done an amazing job (parents and children!!!). I think one of my highlights of the week was seeing lots of you chatting to each other on Zoom. It still makes me smile when I think about it.

Today there are some additional extension tasks. There will be no daily tasks set after today until we would ordinarily be returning from the Easter holiday. Therefore please do not feel these additional sheets/tasks need completing today. You could use some of them over Easter.

I will pop a message on here later regarding the Easter holidays and post a task that could be used as an ongoing activity through Easter if you would like one. It will be linked to being kind which has been a theme throughout school this half term.

Yesterday, in school we tried an exercise link from one of Mrs Horrobins friends. It was good fun but I was tired! If you would like to try it today, there is a link on our closure page under 'Internet links' - 'Physical Activity Internet Links'. Its Called Bramah Fitness.

Hope you all have a great Friday. I look forward to seeing who in your family is picked for 'Special Mention' this week. Take Care Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 3.4.20

Literacy + Topic Extension - African Animal Labels Sheet   -  You do not have to complete all of these and could do some during Easter.

Maths - Handa's Surprise Word Problems

Maths - Handa's Surprise Addition and Subtraction -  This can be used as an alternative activity if they find word problems hard, or an additional activity.

Phonics - Worksheet 1  -  CVC Word Matching Sheet  -  Suggested for Brown, Purple and Blue Group

Phonics - Worksheet 2 - Phrase + Picture Matching Sheet - Suggested for Green, Yellow and Red Group

ICT - Parent Help Sheet To Find '2do' Task On Purple Mash

Special Mention - Blank Certificate

Thursday 2nd April

I hope you managed to get away without too many April fools jokes being played on you yesterday. I completely forgot it was April fools day until my brother phoned me up and played a trick on me. I will get him back next year!

In terms of todays plan, I have now removed the daily PE activity at the top of the plan and the Rock Kidz link, as I think you are familiar with that daily suggestion now and the links are still on this page. I think the children are starting to get ready for new links like 'Andy's Wild Workouts' anyway. I will just make some PE suggestions on our official PE day which is Mondays.

Hope you enjoy todays activities. Take care  Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 2.4.20

Literacy - Phase 2 Tricky Word Missing Word Worksheet - Can be copied into exercise book.

Literacy- Phase 3 Tricky Word Missing Word Worksheet - Can be copied into exercise book.

MathsDice subtraction Worksheet - Can be drawn in books.

Maths - Make Your Own Dice Resource

Phonics - Minimised Buried Treasure Resource - Could be used if the Phonics Play site is not opening but you still want to replicate the game.

RE - Mrs Spencer Pecks Activity Suggestions

Wednesday 1st April

We are at the half way point in the week. Hope you are all getting on ok. Thank you for the tips on physical activity links. We had a little go at both of them yesterday morning in school. I was not too good at the yoga but I will keep practicing. I was looking on Mini Mash last night and saw what great things you have been doing. There were lots of brightly coloured elephants.

Take care and keep smiling - Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview - 1.4.20

Literacy - Wizard Writer Powerpoint  -  Just as a prompt for writing ideas if needed.

Literacy - Copy of Wizard Writer Powerpoint -  For if you have not got powerpoint!!!!

LiteracyWizard Writer Writing Sheet -  Do not need to print. Can be done straight into exercise book.

Phonics -     Link to an on screen sand timer - Although you could just use a timer on your phone!

Maths - Minimised Easter Nest Sheet   -  This goes along with the egg sum cards that are linked with yesterdays maths.

Guided ReadingNext Doors Pets W/S - Red + Yellow Group   -   This goes with the book that is linked on last Wednesdays plans (25.3.20)

Guided Reading - Where Is Patch? W/S - Green, Blue, Purple + Brown Group   -  This goes with the book that is linked on last Wednesdays plans (25.3.20)

Tuesday 31st March

 Where has the sun gone?! Hope you still managed to stay positive yesterday when the weather was a bit more chilly.

At first glance it looks like there are a lot of links today, but some of for different groups and some are different options for if internet sites that have been suggested do not work. I have minimised some of the handouts / resources to reduce printing. If I have reduced them too much, the bingo resource is originally from twinkl and the 'Picnic on Pluto' resources are from Phonics Play.

Take care and remember where I am if you have any questions or any other activity links. We have had some good PE links that have already been suggested and added on to our closure page, so thank you.  Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview - 31.3.20

Literacy Minimised Phase 2 Tricky Word Bingo Game     If you make, or print out this resource, make sure you keep it as it will be useful to return to.

Literacy - Minimised Phase 3 Tricky Word Bingo Game    If you make, or print out this resource, make sure you keep it as it will be useful to return to.

LiteracyPhase 2 Flash Cards For Pairs Game -  This could be used as an alternative to bingo. Could be drawn on own cards.

Literacy - Phase 3 Flash Cards For Pairs Game -  This could be used as an alternative to bingo. Could be drawn on own cards.

Maths - Explanation For Parents of Three Different Subtraction Methods Used In Class


MathsNumberlines -  Just for if children want to draw their jumps on a numberline.

Phonics - Minimised Picnic On Pluto - This resource is just for if you struggle to get on to Phonics Play but still want to play the game.

PSHE - Pictures of People

Monday 30th March

Here we go again team.!

Hope you are able to find your way around this slightly changed page layout. It will hopefully prevent you having to scroll down the page as far and help you access the most recent plans quicker and easier.

Daily Plan / Overview - 30.3.20

Literacy   Phonics Play Phase 2 Tricky Word Trucks Link (Suggested for Purple + Brown Group)

Literacy -   Phonics Play Phase 3 Tricky Word Trucks Link(Suggested for Red, Yell', Green, Blue Group)

Literacy - Minimised Phase 2 Tricky Word Trucks -  I have only produced this in case the Phonics Play site does not work and you want to replicate the game.

Literacy - Minimised Phase 3 Tricky Word Trucks -  I have only produced this in case the Phonics Play site does not work and you want to replicate the game.

Phonics - Minimised phonics play ch, sh, th, ng  sorting cards activity - Suggested for Red, Yellow, Green and Blue Group

Phonics - Minimised phonics play i, n, m, d sorting cards activity  - Suggested for Purple and Brown Group


Generalised Weekly Overview

Weekly Overview Link - The link here will take you to a two page word document that I have completed when planning the sequence of sessions I aim to provide next week. As it was initially produced for my own use, it is written in abbreviated form. However, I felt parents might find it useful to see what is coming up each day in the week. Then if you are only able to complete a couple of activities a day / week, you could prioritise which you want to do, or can see which would be the most appropriate for you to do given resources you may have at home. I will still be providing the usual detailed daily overviews each day and will still be uploading these the day before. Hope you find this helpful. Take Care, Mrs B x 

Repeated Weekday Activities, Week Beginning 30.3.20:

9am - Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) Daily half hour PE Workouts Or via YouTube-The Body Coach TV.

11am - David Walliams Audio story. Released at 11am but can be watched anytime.

2pm - Rock Kidz   or  

Weekly Reception Phonics Plan, Week Beginning 30.3.20:

(Please read the 'Phonics Teaching' section of this class page first.)

Please remember these plans are just for reference really, as they are what we would have been doing in class but could be hard to follow without a phonics background. If you are able to take things from them then great but if not, there will still be general daily phonics activities set.

Mrs Hulton and Mrs Fairhurt's plans are the same as last week, as this week they would normally be individualising last weeks plan in order to revisit parts that they children needed more reinforcement with.

Mrs Hulton's Groups - Red, Yellow - Gorillas and Eagles.

Mrs Fairhurt's Groups - Green + Blue - Super Duper Group and Rainbow Group.

Mrs Bowman's Groups - Purple + Brown - The Cool Team and The Amazing Magic Team

Flash Cards For Mrs Bowman's Groups



Weekend Homework - 28th + 29th March

Do not worry, I have no intention of setting any specific homework for a number of reasons:

*You have been working hard all week.

*It is important to spend some special time together and have as much fun as possible to distract from these current worrying times.

The only thing I do want to set is:

*Parents - Try to have a bit of a rest, if at all possible.

*Reception Children - Tidy your bedroom this weekend to help at home and do something to make people smile at home.

Parents and Children - Have fun. Preferably in the sun but I have not looked the weather forecast.

Next Wednesday in wizard writers we will be writing about spring. If you go out for a walk this weekend or before Wednesday, you could start to keep your eyes out for signs of spring and new growth. Do not worry if not though because I will be providing a Powerpoint of images to support discussions for anyone that has not been able to get out.

Take care and remember where I am if you want anything at all.   Mrs Bowman x

Friday 27th March

Almost there for the week!

Daily Plan / Overview Friday 27.3.20

Maths - Addition cut out sheet

Phonics - Parent Help Sheet To Find 'Clozure' game on Mini Mash

Topic - African Animal Adaptation WS

Special Mention - Parent Certificate   WELL DONE PARENTS XXXX

Special Mention - Blank Certificate

I am just looking for a little bit of feedback on the layout of this page for next week.

This week I have been adding all new daily plans chronologically underneath each other, so you are required to keep scrolling down the page.

Some classes have organised theirs so that the most recent days plan comes first in the 'Daily Plans' section and then all the other plans come after, going backwards chronologically. This means that you do not have to scroll as far down the page to find the most recent plan (if that makes sense?!).

I am happy to do either and so wondered if you could e mail me if you had a preference to how you feel it would work best for you. I will then go with the majority.

Thursday 26th March

Well done everyone. It is lovely to see how you are all getting on and I already feel closer with our class twitter page. I just don't seem to be able to answer your tweets personally, without them appearing up on the main feed. I will keep working on that.

Reception children - I have seen you, dancing, exercising and working hard in your exciting new classrooms. Keep up all that hard work.

Parents - I am sorry you are having to take over my daily role but it looks like you are doing a fab job. Thank you so much for everything you are doing xx

Daily Plan / Overview Thursday 26.3.20

Literacy - Writing Instructions - WS A

Literacy - Writing Instructions - WS B

Literacy - Writing Instructions - WS C

Maths - Dice Addition Record Sheet

Maths - Make Your Own Dice Resource

Phonics - CVC Cutting + Sticking Activity

RE - Mrs Spencer Pecks RE Activities Overview

Twitter update: Hooray, doesn't look like you do see all my individual replies. I just see them because I am the person who is in charge of the account! I am having to update / upgrade my computer skills quickly! x

Wednesday 25th March

Hopefully this is starting to become familiar and you are finding your way around the Reception closure page. Please remember you do not have to print out all the links, you can adapt them. If you have any advice or feedback on activities please e mail and I will try to address your ideas/comments. I have added a couple of new parent help guides in the 'General Resources' part of this page to illustrate how to help when your child is writing and how to help form letters correctly. Hope these are useful.

I have had a look in the mini mash trays where children save their work. It is great to see that children have been on there. They just need to try to be careful when they save their work. Some children have just been saving it in some of their friends trays!

Yesterday, I set up a twitter page for Reception. I just thought it would be a nice way of sharing what you have been up to with the other Reception families. I am missing seeing everyone already, so I also thought it would be a nice way for me to still feel close to you all.

The work set each day will be kept on here, so if you do not get through things, please do not worry, it can be done at another time. There will not be as much homework set at a weekend and work is only being set during school days. This means that there will be no daily tasks during the Easter holidays. This therefore would be another opportunity to catch up with any work you have not been able to do.

Take care, look after yourselves still and try to enjoy some special family time together xx

Daily Plan/ Overview Wednesday 25.3.20

Literacy - Wizard Writer Sheet

Mathematics - Parent Help Sheet For Topmarks - Building Expressions Game

Phonics - Letter Cards - Mrs Hulton + Mrs Fairhurts Phonics Groups - Red, Yellow, Green, Blue

Phonics - Letter Cards - Mrs Bowmans Phonic Groups - Purple + Brown

Guided Reading - Red, Yellow Group - Next Doors Pets Book

Guided Reading - Green, Blue, Purple, Brown Group - Where is Patch?

The two guided reading books linked above will be used again next week. Therefore, if you do print them off, please keep them safe for next Wednesday, to save you printing them again.

Tuesday 24th March

 I hope everything went ok yesterday. Below are todays plans and links. Remember where I am if you need anything. We are missing the rest of Reception at school, it is very quiet but the important thing is that everyone is as safe as they can be. So Keep smiling everyone and we will keep thinking about each other.

Daily Plan / Overview Tuesday 24.3.20

Literacy - Jam Sandwich Powerpoint

Literacy - Sandwich Instructions - Sequencing Pictures

Phonics - Word List For Red, Yellow, Green and Blue Group - Mrs Hulton + Mrs Fairhurts Groups 

Phonics - Word List For Purple and Brown Group - Mrs Bowmans Groups

PSHE - Parent Guide For Finding Mini Mash Extension Activity

 The phonics word lists from today will be referred to and required again tomorrow.

Monday 23rd March

Click on the red links below for downloads. Remember, you do not have to print out all the documents, you can draw/copy/adapt some of the worksheets or downloads to cut down on printing or if you do not have access to printing equipment at home (like me!). Plans are detailed at the moment while we all get used to this different way of learning but I am sure we will be ale to simplify them as the days go on and we all get more familiar with where things are on this class closure page. I have a habit of adding too much detail so I apologise in advance if the instructions come across patronising!

Daily Plan Overview / Outline 23.3.20

Maths - Domino Addition to 10

Maths - Domino Addition sheet to 20

Phonics - Phonics Play Phase 2 Space Race Game Link -

Topic - Animal Sorting Pictures

Topic - Sorting Record Sheet

Week Beginning Monday 23rd March

Repeated Weekday Activities:

9am - Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) Daily half hour PE Workouts Or via YouTube-The Body Coach TV.

11am - David Walliams Audio story. Released at 11am but can be watched anytime.

2pm - Rock Kidz   or  

Weekly Reception Phonics Plan:

(Please read the 'Phonics Teaching' section of this class page first.)

If you select the appropriate group blue link below you will see the plan that your child would have been following at school this week. In addition or instead, there is also a phonic activity on the daily activity outline. Mrs Hulton and Mrs Fairhurt's plans would normally be repeated next week so that children can go back over things they may have found tricky this week. Resources for these groups can be found on the phonics play website. My group has an additional flash card attachment below because my groups plans do not follow the phonics play plans as we are revising phase 2. This means that my groups will have a new plan next week.

The children came up with their own group names!

Mrs Hulton's Groups - Red, Yellow - Gorillas and Eagles.

Mrs Fairhurt's Groups - Green + Blue - Super Duper Group and Rainbow Group.

Mrs Bowman's Groups - Purple + Brown - The Cool Team and The Amazing Magic Team.

Flash Cards for Mrs Bowman's Group