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Computing Statement

There is no doubt that we live in a rapidly evolving digital age and it is because of this we recognise how important it is that our children have both an understanding and working knowledge of a wide range of technological applications and systems both online and offline. Consequently, we have designed a computing curriculum which provides pupils with a high-quality computing education that will equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to understand and safely thrive in a digital era.


Computing Commitment

At St Saviours, computing is an integral part of our school and we will provide a safe learning environment where:

  • Children will enjoy computing and tackle challenges with confidence and gain a sense of achievement;
  • Children will develop independence and use computing skills in a purposeful way;
  • Computing/technology will be used across the curriculum to both teach and support learning through practical application;
  • Children will develop practical skills and the ability to solve problems using computational thinking;

We are committed to ensuring that children are aware that whilst computing offers a range of incredible and exciting opportunities, there are also risks associated with online activity, therefore, Digital Citizenship (encompassing online safety) is an integral, ongoing part of our computing curriculum which provides our pupils with the necessary knowledge and strategies needed to stay safe in an ever evolving digital world.



At St Saviours we reflect the National Curriculum’s belief that high-quality Computing education provides the foundations for understanding the Digital world. We intend to provide these foundations by teaching specific disciplines, these are: Digital Literacy, Digital Citizenship (which encompasses online safety), Information Technology and Computer Science.

As technology is ever present in our lives and is playing a vital role in helping to protect the Earth's future and our place upon it, all pupils will be taught essential skills, knowledge, methods, processes and uses of computer science to enable them to contribute positively to society through computing. We intend to achieve this by building up a body of key foundational knowledge around Conduct, Content, Communication and Digital Commerce throughout their time here at St Saviours. Pupils will be encouraged to recognise the power of computing and technology and develop a sense of excitement in relation to how effective and purposeful computing can benefit the world, and how we as digital citizens can contribute purposefully and positively to society.



The computing curriculum at St Saviours is designed to develop children’s computing skills, curiosity, excitement, knowledge and understanding. We work hard to ensure that children progress through each of the key areas, building on their knowledge and skills year on year. In order achieve this, computing is split into four strands, albeit they overlap continually.

4 key areas:

  • Computer Science –children begin to develop their computational thinking skills during EYFS and KS1 by encouraging logical reasoning to perform simple programming and debugging activities and creating everyday algorithms to achieve specific outcomes. Progression through KS2 is then made to enable children to apply this knowledge to design, test and apply code in more sophisticated ways using Scratch, Kodu and script based code in Python.
  • Information Technology – Improving the children’s understanding of how information technology works and the purpose of it. Children learn how to evaluate, disseminate, and interrogate information found online and gain a working knowledge of local and global networks. We will demonstrate how the appropriate use of Information Technology can enrich our lives.
  • Digital Literacy – Children will have access to, and will use, a range of specific software to enable them to achieve specific learning outcomes. Across the key stages there are a variety of learning opportunities including: composing music digitally, creating digital animations, 3D Design, creating literature for different audiences and creating art digitally.
  • Digital Citizenship – We teach our children about the risks online, how to use online information safely and legally and how to evaluate the reliability of online content. We teach them how they can contribute to the online community in  a positive, safe and collaborative way.



Through the comprehensive computing curriculum, our children build a working knowledge and understanding of computing and information technology so that they leave St Saviour as Confident,  Passionate & Competent IT users.

The children will be capable of interacting with others online safely, and, can positively contribute to the digital world around them.

We strive to ensure that every child can recognise the many benefits that computing and information technology contributes to our every day and working lives and how effective and purposeful use of information technology can help build a safer more sustainable future.

We hope that as a result of everything they learn and the opportunities they will be given, that your child/children are not just competent – they are excited,  curious, forward thinking users of technology.


Key Documents

The file list below contains links to key subject documents.

 1. SUMMARY Computing Progression Overview for all years 23-24.docxDownload
 2. Long Term Computing Planning overview for year 2023-24.docxDownload
 3. Medium Term Computing Planning Overview - ICT Teacher year 2023 - 2024 yrs 1-6.docxDownload
 4. Medium Term Computing Planning Overview - CLASS TEACHERS (Supplementary) 2023 - 2024 yrs 1-6.docxDownload
 Computing and Year Group overview and expectations (Web).pptxDownload
 Computing Policy March 2024.docDownload
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Additional Information

Engagement Opportunities

At St Saviours we actively encourage the children to engage purposefully and positively with information technology outside of the classroom. Children’s consolidation of the information they have been taught is much more effective and longstanding if they are able to practice outside of school.

How can you help? Much of the ICT for the school is provided by our Computing specialist Mrs Angold, however this is only a small part of your child’s learning journey and their exposure to the ever evolving digital world. We encourage you to spend time with your child/children and allow them the opportunity to show you the work they have been doing in school, to celebrate their achievements, provide opportunities to ask questions and explore the internet in a safe environment – you never know they may be able to teach you something too! Learning and sharing in this way will provide opportunities for questioning which can help ensure your child/children are safe in a digital world.

Good to know: The children have log ins for: Sumdog, Prodigy, Wordmania, Literacy Planet, Purple Mash, 10Ticks, Quadblogging  (all accessible from home).

Enrichment Opportunities

The school also works closely with the Bolton SICT team to deliver Computing. Clubs have been provided for coding with Bolton SICT and some children have attended coding sessions with the cluster of schools.

This year children in years 3,4,5 & 6 will be attending computing enrichment days as follows:

Yr3: Lego We Do

Yr4: Minecraft

Yr5: Kudo – Game designer

Yr6: Strawbees Robot Design

Subject In Action Around School

Images of Computing in action.

Y6 Computing Tribe members TOP TIPS! Please scan the QR code which will take you to their blog.