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Reception Parents Welcome Message

Reception -  Summer Term 2021

Welcome to our Reception website page. We will be adding photographs on to the webpage so that you can share in what we are doing. There will also be class letters added. If you have any other ideas of things you would like to see on this page then please let myself, Mrs Hulton or Mrs Peeling know.


This Reception homepage gives details about the class.

Select 'Reception Photographs' sub page from the class pages menu bar if you would like to see slideshows of photographs from class.


If you have any photographs or news from home that your child wants to share with class and put in their 'Learning Journey' file please e mail them to

 Summer Term - 2021

Letters Home

Click on the links below to access copies of letters that have been sent home to Reception

Friday Note Clarifying PE Kit and General Catch Up Hello! - 9.10.20

Oak Academy Note - 16.10.20

Reception Induction Questionnaire Analysis

Phonics Play

Mini Mash/Purple Mash Introduction Letter 17.11.20

Purple Mash Parent Introduction Guide/Letter

Mini Mash Parent Guide

Internet Help / Activity Links

Click on the links below to access internet link / documents.

Literacy, Phonics, Maths Internet Link Ideas.

Maths Internet Activity Links.

Mini Mash/Purple Mash Introduction Letter 17.11.20

Purple Mash Parent Introduction Guide/Letter

Mini Mash Parent Guide

Welcome From Percy.


Hi it is Percy here again!

   Well the last term did not quite go to plan did it! I did not expect to be talking to some of you through a computer screen on Teams. I was so proud of you all though and I learnt lots of new computer skills.

Hopefully we will be able to stay together in class for all of the next term. I do not want you to have to learn at home again. I missed you. We have got an exciting term ahead and I want to share it all with you first hand.

 Last term, even though some of you were at home, we had lots of fun being toy makers and African explorers. I was glad that you were all back to school in time to explore the jungle in the classroom.

   Now that the summer term has arrived we are looking forward to finding out lots about minibeasts. I don’t think Mrs Bowman, Mrs Hulton and Mrs Peeling are looking forward to looking at spiders and worms. I am really excited though because I love finding out about animals.

   Mrs Bowman will have to get her tissues ready for the end of the year when Reception get ready to move to Year One. Until then, I am sure we are going to have lots of fun exploring more books, taking part in more maths challenges, painting and lots more.

See you all soon.


Meet The Staff

Mrs Bowman - Class teacher.        Mrs Spencer-Peck - Teaching Thursday Afternoons.      Mrs Hulton + Mrs Peeling - Teaching Assistants


Reading Books and Phonics in Reception.


In Reception we follow the 'Letters and Sounds' guidance. Alongside this we use 'Phonics Play'. This has a website with lots of useful resources and also includes lesson plans which are adapted by the school. In addition, when we introduce each phoneme we use the 'Jolly Phonics' actions as a lot of children are familiar with some of these from their nursery.


We have a variety of reading schemes in reception that we run alongside each other using book banded levels. We do this in order to provide a greater variety in books.

The schemes we use are:

Oxford Reading Tree                                  Collins Big Cat

Ginn Reading 360                                        Talk a Story

Read with Biff Chip and Kipper              Rigby Star

Rigby Rocket                                                 Usborne Very First Reading

Usborne Phonics Readers                        Floppies Phonics

Termly Coverage Overviews 

There is a copy of our Summer Term coverage sheet below. This outlines some of the objectives we will be covering in class this term.


Below are downloadable copies of the coverage sheets for the Autumn and Spring Term:

 Reception Autumn Coverage Sheet 20.docDownload
 Reception Spring coverage sheet 21.docDownload
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September Welcome Meeting.

Welcome from Mrs Bowman... Once you have watched the video, there is a PowerPoint and some downloadable documents below on the website page.

Welcome PowerPoint.

The link below will take you to our welcome PowerPoint. The PowerPoint will stay on the website for future reference.

Welcome PowerPoint 21.9.20

Welcome Meeting Documents.

The downloadable documents below are ones that you might find useful through the year. They range from our 'Reception Class Promises' to an overview of the EYFS curriculum and objectives.

The red link below takes you to another useful government document which outlines more features of 'Early Years' and helps to illustrate 'what to expect when' in terms of learning.

Again, these documents will all stay on the website for future reference, so do not feel you have to take them all in right now.   (Government Parent Guide)

 1. Reception promises.pdfDownload
 2. Early Years Curriculum Statements.pdfDownload
 3. Jolly Phonics Actions Sheet.pdfDownload
 4. Different Steps In Supporting Early Writing.pdfDownload
 5. Describing Letter Formation.pdfDownload
 6. Phase 2 to phase 5 tricky word list.pdfDownload
 7. High Frequency Word List.pdfDownload
 8. Maths Calculation Policy.pdfDownload
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