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  1. Archived Class Closure Work
  2. Year 3

More excellent work from Year 3 in lockdown! Awesome work, so proud!


Hi Class 3, 

We did it! The last day of home learning! Well done to you all and all your parents / families. I know how hard it has been for some of you, parents working at home, missing friends and family. You have all been brilliant and been so positive on the the TEAMs sessions. I loved Class 3 has talent yesterday. If there are any more talents to share we can see them today. Remember its joke day too - so if you have a good joke to share, write it down for the session today.


See you in school on Monday, 

Take care and have a great weekend. 

Mrs Kemp and the class 3 team. 


Daily plan 2.7.21




Mrs Williams Phonics - CVC words


Science - pushing and pulling


Hi Class 3, 

2 more days to go! You are all doing a great job at home learning. 


We will do TEAMs 9.30 and 1.30 today. Looking forward to seeing you all. 

Take care and keep being amazing. 

Mrs Kemp


Daily tasks 1.7.21



Change from 20p - Mrs Williams group

Change under £1

Change under £5


French - document


Levers - DT

Class 3 Home Learning - Awesome work class 3!


Hi Class 3, 


Well we are half way through the week today, only a few days left! You have been brilliant on TEAMs so far. Remember there is no TEAMs in the morning. Just one at 1.30 tomorrow afternoon. 


Here is the work for today. 

Daily tasks 30.6.21


Mrs Thornley has set you a task below and explained what to do. 

RE - Mrs Thornley 


Maths - Big Maths

Big Maths Level 1

Big Maths Level 2

Big Maths Level 3

Speed Maths

Speed Maths - Mrs Williams Group



Speech Marks

Phonics - Mrs Williams Group


See you on TEAMs at 1.30. 


Take care and keep smiling!

Mrs Kemp


 Hi Class 3, 

The class 3 team have been so impressed with the TEAMs sessions and the work we have been seeing. You are all working so hard and are participating well on line. Keep up the amazing work. 


Daily lessons 29.6.21


Maths - Here are the 3 shops you can choose from - 

Mrs Williams group shop

Shop 2

Shop 3 - £ and p


English - Mrs Spencer-Peck

Plant life cycle comprehension



Friendship circle


I will see you on TEAMs tomorrow at 9.30 and 1.30. 

Take care

Mrs Kemp


Hi Class 3, 


Hope you have all had a great weekend. 


I have attached the work for Monday 28th June below. See you on TEAMs at 10am. Sorry I have had to change this meeting from 9.30 as I have another TEAMs meeting. Looking forward to seeing you all. 

Take care

Mrs Kemp & class 3 team xxxx

Daily Plan 28.6.21


Maths work below:

adding 1ps

Counting Coins

Making amounts to £5.

purse totals to 10p


English work:

Tear thief plan


Geography work:

Megacities images


Hi Class 3, 

Hope you are all well and that you are having a good Friday fun day at home. Looking forward to seeing you on TEAMs this afternoon at 1.30. 


Here are the documents for todays learning. 

Take care

Mrs Kemp 

 Lesson details - 25.6.21


Mrs Williams group - Phonics CVC

Comparing fractions

Mrs Williams Group - fractions - quarters

YEAR 3 VIP'S THIS WEEK ARE...........(drum roll please)...............

Jesse, Rhys and Ingrid, you have worked so hard while being at home and in school. So proud of you.


World Book Day Competition

Geography and Resource

 4 Geography Resources.pdfDownload
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Friday 5th March

Final day of home school.....I will see you at 9am :)

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 Fiction or non fiction.docDownload
 Healthy Eating Code Breaker Maths Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Identify 2D and 3D shapes.pdfDownload
 identifying non fiction features.docDownload
 Net Activity maths.pdfDownload
 Shapes and their nets.pptxDownload
 Sorting Skeletons Types Activity Sheet Editable.docxDownload
 Types of Skeletons.pptxDownload
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Thursday 4th March

World Book Day!!!!!!! We have lots of activities to work through today. They are all to do with books, stories, authors and a game in a library. I hope you enjoy completing these :-)

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 KS2 World Book Day Authors Word Search.pdfDownload
 KS2 World Book Day Word Search.pdfDownload
 Maths - Lost in the Library Clue Cards.pdfDownload
 The Masked Reader 1.pptxDownload
 The Masked Reader 2.pptxDownload
 World Book Day - Book Review.docDownload
 World Book Day Character Description Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 World Book Day Reading.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 3rd March

Hello, welcome to our last Wednesday online hopefully for a while. Not long to go. You have ICT with Mrs Angold this morning at 11:15am, please don't forget. See you in the afternoon.

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 1 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 Information Text - Animal Fact File.pdfDownload
 Information Texts - Animals.pdfDownload
 Maths - Name the shape.pptDownload
 Maths 3D shapes.pptDownload
 Maths Identify 2D and 3D shapes.pdfDownload
 PE Blast Off.pdfDownload
 PE Bowling.pdfDownload
 PSHE Pictures.pptxDownload
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Tuesday 2nd March

Last Tuesday of home learning! Keep going, you are all doing so well. I will see you at 9am for our Class Teams. Happy Tuesday x

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 2D Shape Number of Sides Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 2D Shape Properties.pdfDownload
 4 Geography Resources.pdfDownload
 Handwriting - Cursive.pdfDownload
 Handwriting - Print.pdfDownload
 Literacy - Information Text.pptxDownload
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Monday 1st March

Good morning, our last week of remote learning this week, so keep going, work hard and we will be back in the classroom before you know it! See you at 9am on Teams.

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 English 1.pdfDownload
 Maths 2D Shape Properties Activity.pdfDownload
 Maths 2D Shapes PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 Maths Describing 2D Shapes.pptDownload
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Friday 26th February

You have made it to Friday in another remote learning week. You have all worked so hard, keep going for today and then have a great rest at the weekend. I will see you at 9am!

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 1 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 2 Maths addition.pdfDownload
 2 Maths subtraction.pdfDownload
 3 Grammar Mat-1.pdfDownload
 3 Grammar Mat-2.pdfDownload
 4 Science - Food Groups Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 4 Science - Food Packet Nutrients Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 4 Science - Types of Nutrition.pptxDownload
 4 Science - What Do Nutrients Do for Us Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
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Thursday 25th February

Good morning, don't forget we are on Teams at 9am tomorrow. We have a busy day today and History might take a little longer than normal. Please try your best with it all :-), see you at 9!

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 1 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 2 Maths Answers - Turns and Angles.pdfDownload
 2 Maths Questions - Turns and Angles.pdfDownload
 2 Maths.pptxDownload
 3 Literacy - Reading.pptDownload
 3 Literacy - Reading1.pptDownload
 4 History part 1.docxDownload
 4 History resources.pdfDownload
 4 History resources.pptxDownload
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Wednesday 24th February

Good morning, don't forget to log on to Teams this morning with Mrs Angold at 11:15am for ICT. I will then be with you at 1:30pm for our Teams meeting. The work for today is below, I am looking forward to seeing the PE ideas you create. Don't worry if you haven't had the time before our meeting, bring them to our Thursday Teams to share your ideas! Keep working hard, see you at 1:30 :-)

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 1 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 1 PSHE.docxDownload
 2 Create your own PE lesson.pdfDownload
 4 Literacy.pptDownload
 4 Literacy2.pptDownload
 5 Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 5 Maths.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 23rd February

Hello, well done to everyone for logging back on with me on Teams yesterday. It was great to see you all. We have lots to get through today, please try to do as much as you can. I will see you at 9am on Teams! Keep smiling :-)

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 1 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 1 Spellings.docxDownload
 2 Angles - Activity 2.pdfDownload
 2 Maths - Angles activity.pdfDownload
 2 Maths - Types of angles.pptxDownload
 3 Literacy 2.pptDownload
 3 Literacy.pptDownload
 4 Geography.docxDownload
 5 PE - 10 yard challenge.pptxDownload
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Monday 22nd February

Good morning, welcome back to our home learning. I hope you have had a nice and relaxing week off and are refreshed and ready to go. I can't wait to catch up with you all, see you at 9am on Teams. 

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 2 Maths PowerPoint.pptDownload
 2 Maths.pdfDownload
 3 Literacy Challenge.pdfDownload
 3 Literacy Work.pdfDownload
 4 French.pptxDownload
 5 RE.docxDownload
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Friday 12th February

So today is the last day of term, you all deserve a week off from home learning. You have done so well, one day to go! I am super proud of all of you and I can't wait to see you on Teams at 9am!

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 Fraction problems activity sheet.pdfDownload
 Jesus the man who changed lives.docxDownload
 Music lesson.docxDownload
 Music passwords.docxDownload
 Using Coordinating Conjunctions.pptDownload
 Using Different Types of Conjunctions.pdfDownload
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Thursday 11th February

Hello, we have 2 more days before half term and I know you will be getting tired and ready for a break, but we have an exciting day of activities today. Please read the overview fully. There are lots of things you can do today nearly all relating to the Artist we have looked at this term. I will see you at 9am to go through everything with you :-)

 1 Mindfulness Activity.jpgDownload
 1 Thursday 11th February Overview.docxDownload
 2 Georgia Okeeffe Fact Sheet.pdfDownload
 3 Georgia OKeeffe Reading Comprehension.pdfDownload
 4 Georgia OKeeffe Photopack.pdfDownload
 5 Georgia OKeeffe Drawing Activity.pdfDownload
 6 Activity-Drawing_Trees.pdfDownload
 6 Activity-Friends_and_Family-Tree.pdfDownload
 6 What is a family tree.pptDownload
 7 Outside my window activity.docxDownload
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Wednesday 10th February

Good morning, don't forget that Teams classes are at 11:15am with Mrs Angold and 1:30pm with myself. Keep working hard, I am very proud of all of you. Keep smiling :)

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 1 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 2 PE circuit.pptxDownload
 3 PSHE.docxDownload
 3 PSHE.pdfDownload
 4 Checklist for an Adventure Story.docxDownload
 5 Comparing Fractions Same Demoninator Sheet 2.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 9th February

Today is the day of our Big Write. The last one of this half term. I can not wait to read all about your adventure in your stories, make sure you look at all the documents online before starting. I will see you at 9am to talk through this and the maths work. I have put up the link and password for Rock Kidz, try to watch session 2 today.

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 1 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 2 Big Write Help Mat.pdfDownload
 2 Big Write Help.docxDownload
 3 Comparing Fractions Same Demoninator.pdfDownload
 3 Counting up and down in tenths activity sheet.pdfDownload
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Monday 8th February

Last week of term, week 6! You are all working so hard already, keep this up for one more week. I will see you at 9am on our Teams meeting. I hope you have all had a great week and I can't wait to hear about it. See you tomorrow.

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 1 Fun Activity.jpegDownload
 2 Spellings.docxDownload
 3 Adventure Story Mountain Planner.pdfDownload
 3 Adventure Story Question Prompts Posters.pdfDownload
 3 Planning an adventure story.docxDownload
 3 Story mappingplanning.pdfDownload
 3 Write Your Own Adventure Story Display Poster.pdfDownload
 4 Write the fraction activity sheet.pdfDownload
 4 Year 3 Equivalent Fractions Worksheets.pdfDownload
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Friday 5th February

Last day of our home learning for this week. Don't forget it is non uniform, so dress in something to express yourself and show me who you are/what you like. I can't wait to see you on Teams at 9am, keep smiling because you certainly make me smile!

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 1 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 2 Character Description PICK 2.pdfDownload
 3 Emoji Code Breaker Maths (choose 1).pdfDownload
 4 Football Competition.docxDownload
 4 Panini Competition.pdfDownload
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Thursday 4th February

Hello, I am back with you at 9am for our Teams meeting. I hope you had a lovely day yesterday in ICT, I know a few of you couldn't join us in the afternoon. You are all working so hard and I am getting lots of emails of your work. Two more days and then we have completed  Week 5 of our lockdown learning. Keep positive, keep smiling and I can't wait to see you in the morning. 

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 1 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 2 Setting Description PICK 2.pdfDownload
 3 Maths - Booklet from yesterday to work through.pdfDownload
 3 Maths.docxDownload
 5 Picture News Poster Special - Captain Sir Tom Moore.jpgDownload
 5 Picture News Resource - Captain Sir Tom Moore Special.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 3rd February

Good morning, welcome to day 3 of week 5. Madness hey! I will see you at 1:30pm as usual but don't forget to log on to teams at 11:15am with Mrs Angold. Enjoy your morning and I will see you for some fun in the afternoon! Keep smiling.

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 1 Well Being Activity.jpgDownload
 2 PSHE.docxDownload
 4 Division worksheets.docxDownload
 4 Maths.pdfDownload
 5 Roald Dahl Differentiated Reading - Choose one out of 3 levels.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 2nd February 

Good morning, let's hope for a warmer day today! I hope you got your rest and ready for another day of our home learning. We are sticking with multiplication and division today and looking at grammar ready for our Big Write. We will be looking more about The Bronze Age, and also some activities for our Mental Health Week. See you at 9am on Teams, bright and early!

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 1 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 1 I Am An Amazing Person Worksheet.pdfDownload
 2 Maths - 3, 4 and 8 triangles.pdfDownload
 2 Maths Arrays Activity.docDownload
 2 Maths Arrays.pptxDownload
 2 Maths wordsearch.htmlDownload
 3 English Homophones Activity.pdfDownload
 3 English Homophones.pptxDownload
 3English Homophones Activity (2).pdfDownload
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Monday 1st February

Good morning, welcome to week 5 of our home learning. This week in Children's Mental Health week. I will explain this a little more on our Teams lesson. Hope you have had a great weekend, I can't wait to see you at 9am.

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 1 Mental Health Week.pptxDownload
 2 Spellings.docxDownload
 3 Maths - Divide by 8.pdfDownload
 3 Maths - Divide by 8.pptxDownload
 3 Maths Answers - Divide by 8.pdfDownload
 4 English (2).pptxDownload
 4 English Acitivty.pdfDownload
 4 English.pptxDownload
 5 Collective Worship (2).docxDownload
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Friday 29th January

Well done we have made it to Friday. I have put your work below, don't forget to ask someone to test you on your spellings today. This afternoon we have music and a chance to catch up on any work you may have missed during the week. As normal we will find out who has been awarded Special Mention, and we will have 2 brand new VIP's! See you at 9am :)

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 2 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 3 Maths Times Tables.pdfDownload
 4 Literacy.pdfDownload
 5 Music.docxDownload
 6 Music Wordsearch.pdfDownload
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Thursday 28th January

Good morning, we have lots to get done today. All your work is attached below. We will run through this at 9am so please make sure you are there. So happy with how many of you join us on Teams it is great to see you each day, you all work so hard and you should be so proud of yourself! 

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 2 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 3 Maths.docDownload
 4. Daily Article - US Inaugurate Joe Biden.pdfDownload
 5 Handwriting.pdfDownload
 6 Geography Fact File.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 27th January

Don't forget, 11:15am on teams with Mrs Angold, and then 1:30pm with myself. We will be going through our reading so make sure you have that with you. See you tomorrow.

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 2 PSHE.docxDownload
 4 Guided read.pdfDownload
 5. 3-Times-Table-Activity-Sheet.pdfDownload
 5. 4-Times-Table-Activity-Sheet.pdfDownload
 5. 8-Times-Table-Activity-Sheet.pdfDownload
 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
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Tuesday 26th January

Thank you for always trying your best. We have another busy day today and will be finishing with a French Quiz. Please ensure that although you are doing your work, you are still making time to build a snowman if it snows! Have to have some fun. I will see you at 9am to run through our morning work. Please bring your answers to your comprehension yesterday, we will be going through it this morning.

 1 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 2 Maths.docxDownload
 3 Comprehension - At The Museum.pdfDownload
 4 History.docxDownload
 5 History Resources.pptxDownload
 6 French 0-10.pptxDownload
 7 French Activity.pdfDownload
 8 French Quiz.pptxDownload
 Daily Overview.docxDownload
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Monday 25th January

Good Morning, I will be on teams at 9am today for a run through of work and to catch up. Please try to come to our class teams at 1:30 too as I will be taking you through History for tomorrow. 

Hope you had a relaxing weekend and are ready for Week 4 of home schooling.

 1 Fun Activity.pdfDownload
 2 Spellings.docxDownload
 3 Maths - comparing measure.pdfDownload
 4 Comprhension - Daily Article - China's Ice Festival.pdfDownload
 5 Collective Worship in the classroom - Keep going.....docxDownload
 6 Worship 2 Go Wk 3 - Keeping on.....pdfDownload
 Daily Overview.docxDownload
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Friday 22nd January

Last day of the week, you have all worked so hard this week especially with our Big Write. Well done I can not wait to read the final drafts. One more day of hard work then two days off (I will let you have those). See you at 9am you super stars!

 1 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 2 Maths - Subtract Length.pdfDownload
 3 Maths - Subtract Length.pptxDownload
 4 Big Write - Final Write.docxDownload
 5 Newspaper Layout.docDownload
 Answers - Subtract Length.pdfDownload
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Thursday 21st January

Another busy day today. If you did not complete your big write yesterday please do that first today. I have also attached information about the artist we will be looking at for Art & Design. Please take a look and have a read. You may want to research the artist some more, 

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 1 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 10 Science - Choosing a Material.docDownload
 11- Science - Challenge activity.docDownload
 12 Art - Intro to Georgie O'Keeffe.pptDownload
 2 Maths PowerPoint - Add Lengths.pptxDownload
 3 Maths - Add Lengths.pdfDownload
 4 Maths Answers.pdfDownload
 5 Literacy Fact or Opinion.docxDownload
 6 Literacy Joining sentences.docDownload
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Wednesday 20th January

We have a busy day today, you have PSHE, PE and ICT this morning. Don't forget our teams class is at 11:15am with Mrs Angold, then with myself at 1:30 where we will discuss English and Maths. I have attached lots of documents to help you so read through each subject before moving on to the next one. You are doing so well at home and I love how many of you are joining me on Teams each day. Keep it up!

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 2 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 3 PSHE.docxDownload
 4 PE Challenge Card.jpgDownload
 5 Maths Comparing Lengths.pptxDownload
 6 Maths mm&cm Measurement.docDownload
 7 Newspaper Plan.docxDownload
 8 Newspaper example.docxDownload
 9 Planning a newspaper - choose your layout.pdfDownload
 Newspaper Layout.docDownload
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Tuesday 19th January

I have attached a daily overview for you to have a look at and read before you start your work today. I will be on Teams at 9am to run through everything too. We have a busy day today with work so please try your best and stay focused. We are all in this together and if you need anything I am available on my emails. 

 1 Daily Overview.docxDownload
 2 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 3 A4 Calendar resource.pdfDownload
 4 Maths - choose mild, medium or spicy.pdfDownload
 5 Newspaper word mat.pdfDownload
 6 Newspaper Plan.docxDownload
 7 Planning a newspaper - choose your layout.pdfDownload
 8 Handwriting.jpgDownload
 9 Geogrpahy.docxDownload
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Monday 18th January 

 Week 3 of remote learning! I hope you have had a relaxing weekend and managed to get some fresh air at some point. We are diving straight into Week 3 and I am so proud of how well you are all working. Keep this up, you are doing amazing!

 1 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 2 Spellings.docxDownload
 3 Lesson Presentation All in a Year.pptxDownload
 4 calendar_work.docDownload
 Wk2 Collective Worship in the classroom - Snow.docxDownload
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Friday 15th January 

It is Friday, last day before 2 whole days off! We are starting off with our party this morning and then below will be your work to carry on with. See you bright and early on Teams in the morning, bring your party hat, a pen and a piece of paper. Most importantly bring yourself, I can't wait to see you!

 1 Leaving Party Day.docxDownload
 2 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 3 Addition and Subtraction Word Problems.pdfDownload
 4 Handwriting - Please only do page 1.pdfDownload
 5 Music.docxDownload
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Thursday 14th January 2021

I am back with you at 9am today. Two more days until the weekend so keep going and keep working hard!! You should be so proud of yourself for all you are doing. 

Today could you please look at Oxford Owl and sign up to a free account to access reading books. If you don't know the level/colour you are on drop me an email and I will tell you.

Also have a look at the app called Kami, you can edit PDF's without having to print them! Might make life easier at home.

See you at 9am!!

 1 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 2 Subtraction 3 digit numbers with exchanging.pdfDownload
 3 Adverbs.pdfDownload
 4 Science.docxDownload
 5 Activity Sheet Light Mind Map.pdfDownload
 5 Science Mind Map.docDownload
 6 Activity Sheet Light and Dark -choose 1.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 13th January 

Good morning, don't forget teams is at 11:15am today for 1 hour of ICT. Then again at 1:30pm for half an hour. This morning please include a PE activity of your choice, either Go Noodle or Joe Wicks! Have fun and keep trying your best, you are all doing amazing.

 1 Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 2 PSHE.docxDownload
 3 Addition column method help sheet.pdfDownload
 4 Maths 10 questions.docDownload
 5 Guided reading (2).pdfDownload
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Tuesday 12th January

Work for Tuesday is set below. Please try to do as much as you can and try your best. Don't forget to keep forming your letters and numbers correctly and working on your  presentation. I have added some French in today that you can keep revising this week too. See you at 9am and 1:30pm on Microsoft Teams.

 1. Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 2. Maths Guidence.docxDownload
 3. Maths.pdfDownload
 4. Guided reading.pdfDownload
 5. Geography.docxDownload
 6. French Colours Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 7. French colours wordsearch.pdfDownload
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Monday 11th January

Week 2 in lockdown, you all did so well last week so lets keep up the good work. We have lots of things starting this week that we will discuss on our Teams Meetings. Your work for today is below and I will explain what to do at 9am. Hope you all had a great weekend, see you all soon. 

 1. Fun Activity.jpegDownload
 2. Maths.pptxDownload
 3. Maths.pdfDownload
 4. Punctutation.pdfDownload
 5. Story - Please read.jpegDownload
 6. PE.docxDownload
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Friday 8th January

Well done on your first week of remote learning, I am really proud of all of you.

 1 Fun Activity.jpegDownload
 2 Maths Word Problems.docxDownload
 3 Fronted Adverbial.docxDownload
 4 Spot the Adverbial.pdfDownload
 5 Adverbial Sort.pdfDownload
 6 Fronted Adverbials Writing Prompt.pdfDownload
 History - The Bronze Age.docxDownload
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Thursday 7th January

Don't forget we have a Microsoft Teams meeting at 9am and 1:30pm today. 

 1 Fun Activity.jpegDownload
 2Counting in 50 number line.docxDownload
 4Counting in 50 worksheet.pdfDownload
 5Coutning in 50 game.pdfDownload
 7Counting in 100 worksheet.pdfDownload
 8Guided Reading.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 6th January

Maths and guided reading have been uploaded. I have also attached an activity for PSHE I would like you to have a go at. If you still have your reading books at home and need to finish them take some time to read for a while.

For PE, please click on the link and choose 2 of the dances to have a go at.

Try your best with them to copy exactly how the professionals did it. Think about your movement and space. Not long until we have our remote learning. Keep working hard and I will see you virtually tomorrow.

Miss Daly


 1.Fun Activity.jpgDownload
 2. Counting in 8s.pptDownload
 3. Counting in 8s.pdfDownload
 4. Counting-in-8s-Worksheet.pdfDownload
 5. Mummy Performance Poetry Powerpoint.pptDownload
 5. Mummy Poem.pdfDownload
 6. Questions for the Mummy.docxDownload
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 Tuesday 05th January Geography.docxDownload
 Tuesday 05th January Geography.docxDownload
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Year 3

 Good Morning Year 3!!

 This is not the start we hoped for, I was so excited to see you all but we will have big plans coming up so we can all be together virtually. 

 I have attached a start activity as I would love to know your new year goals. Have a go at filling in the balloons and really thinking hard about your answers.

 Next I have put up a starter activity of counting in 4's - parent answers are on the following sheet. We will be focusing on this a lot this week and moving on to our 8's.

 I will update this page as soon as possible with what will happen this week and the next few weeks. Don't worry about anything we are all in this together!

 I hope you had a great Christmas with your family, and I will see you soon (virtually of course).








To all Year 3 children and parents/ guardians,

Here is your planning for the next week of Home Learning along with some other resources - documents and online sites. I will be available to answer emails on so please feel free to email at any time if you have any questions, would like to send work or would like some support with your child's learning. I will reply as soon as possible and am providing some more links and documents which may help guide you. More work will be uploaded for next week on Sunday. I have more teaching resources and can upload or send more if any of you feel this is needed. Please keep going onto Sumdog for regular Mental Maths work and I have included some really useful websites that you can keep logging on to whilst you are off.

**Please note that I will not be responding to emails after 4pm but will reply the following morning.**

Please keep a close eye on the school website, any guidance and also updates that are given to you and I will see you all very soon!

Take care of yourselves and continue being brilliant! We can't wait to see you all again after our ace first week :)

Miss McCutcheon and Team 3


Week Beginning 21st September, 2020

Friday 25th September

Well done - you completed the week of work and it is Friday! Just one more day on online learning and we will be in school on Monday. I hope you have all been keeping safe and enjoying the tasks. Today is pretty crafty/ creative and not formal English and Maths like the rest of this week (Mental Maths tasks and Reading Comprehension) so I'm just uploading a short video. You have all done so well and again, thank you to those who have emailed regularly and kept me updated of what they have been doing and how they are.

Friday Documents 25.09.20

 Active Maths 10x-10s-Cards PRINT SMALLER.pdfDownload
 Active Maths Activity Outline Jog Pages.pdfDownload
 Daily-overview- Fri 25.09.20.docxDownload
 Mental Maths Adult Answers.docxDownload
 Mental Maths Task version.docxDownload
 Music - The History of the Recorder.pptxDownload
 Reading Comp KS1 The Titanic Disaster.pdfDownload
 Reading Comprehension LKS2 FA Cup.pdfDownload
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Thursday 24th September

UPDATE - The Purple Mash History Activity does not seem to be loading so I have attached two documents below here. One has the Slideshow with the information and the task overview. The second is a Word document which is just like the activity - you can either complete it as a Word document on a computer or print and do by hand. I hope this helps. The task will continue into tomorrow's sessions as you have had some difficulty accessing it. 

Hi all! I hope that you are all well and looking forward to getting back next week as much as I am! I've missed you all already! I have a request from Mrs Angold - please can you ensure that your 2Dos are completed rom last week and this and also handed in. I have set you a Purple Mash task today so you should be able to check and get them sorted then if you haven't already. I know there are a few Art attachments today but you don't have to do them all - choose which as you go through the Powerpoint. No Evie I'm afraid today - she is snuggled up in the duvet and not being sociable! Have a great day and thanks for the phone calls today from those who contacted us for them. Mrs Hackett, Mrs Williams and I really enjoyed chatting to you all! :)

 History Stone Age Task Sheet - interactive or print.docxDownload
 Stone Age Purple Mash Task.docxDownload
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Maths Video 24.09.20 Subtraction on Number line

English Video - Verbs and Adverbs 24.09.20

Thursday 24.09.20 Documents

 Art Drawing Figures Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Art Drawing Perspective Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Art Drawing Texture Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Art Shading Circles Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Art Shading Objects Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Art Skills - Drawing Techniques PowerPoint.pptDownload
 Daily-overview-Thur 24.09.20.docxDownload
 English Adverbs Powerpoint.pptDownload
 English Verbs and adverbs Tasks.docxDownload
 Maths Subt Task 1.docxDownload
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Wednesday 23rd September

 Super work again and lots being sent to me - including PE activities and your work too. It is all being saved. I would like more of you to get onto Sumdog please though- I am checking daily who has been on and questions answered and the diagnostic is important to further work. Wednesday's work is all ready below so I hope that you have a lovely day. Myself and the other adults will be ringing those of you who have requested it - it's not too late to email and ask if you would like one of us to do this. It is just a 5 minute chat, informal but we want to see how you are and touch base as I have said before. We hope you are all well, Team 3!

Maths 23.09.20 Addition 2

English 23.09.20 Nouns

Wednesday 23.09.20

 Daily Overview Wed 23.09.20.docxDownload
 English - Nouns Help Mat.pdfDownload
 English Task ALL - Common and Proper Nouns.docxDownload
 Maths Challenge - Difficult.jpegDownload
 Maths Questions.jpegDownload
 PE Jumping Animals Activity Pack.pdfDownload
 PE KS2 Stretches Cards- DON'T do all!.pdfDownload
 PE KS2 Warm-Up and Cool-Down Cards.pdfDownload
 PE Skills Poster Jumping.pdfDownload
 PSHE Pet Story.docxDownload
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Tuesday 22nd September

 Well done on your work yesterday and especially to those who have earnt some Rewards on Sumdog - I have noticed that some children have been going on a lot and I am regularly sending coins as rewards for them. Alice was the first in class today! I have also loved seeing pictures of your work - Ashley has sent lots and Caelan really looked like he was concentrating in his work! Fantastic news that Zeynep is planning some charity work from home as well! I hope that the plans and work are going well, please stay in touch! :)

By the way, thank you for your lovely comments about the videos! I have to apologise about today's English video clip as it doesn't seem to work well when I turn the screen and appears on its side partway through - I'll make sure that I keep it landscape all of the time from now on... we are all learning. Thanks for your patience. 

Maths Video Tues 22.09.20

English Tues 22.09.20

Tuesday 22.09.20

 Daily Overview Y3 22.09.20.docxDownload
 English Big Write Checklist.docxDownload
 English Big Write Lined Paper.pdfDownload
 English Sequencing pictures.docxDownload
 France Information Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 Geography Activity HARDER labelling countries.docxDownload
 Geography Activity labelling countries.docxDownload
 Geography Continents and Oceans Powerpoint 2.pptxDownload
 Geography Continents Introduction Powerpoint 1.pptDownload
 Handwriting Unit 22 ft fl.docxDownload
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Monday 21st September

Hi all in Year 3! I really hope it worked to attach the videos as I have had to adapt how to attach them and I’m not exactly a natural in front of a camera, I hope to improve over the week! Each day's plans and resources will be on the day before they are needed and I will pop a message on here too in response to how you are all doing.

Thank you so much for your support in what continues to be a difficult time and I appreciate it is difficult to do all of the work when not in school, but  you have been great and I have loved to see your pictures and examples of work that many of you have been doing. Please carry on emailing these to me and let me know if I can do anything else to support you. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Our Class website is also being updated today with further details on Timetables and routines in class as we are unable to have a Parents Meeting this week. Keep smiling :)

21.09.20 Video 1

21.09.20 Video 2 English and spellings

Monday 21/09/20

 Daily Overview Y3 21.09.20.docxDownload
 English Main Task - Sorting words.docxDownload
 English Start Activity - matching word types.docxDownload
 English Task 1 -noun-hunt-activity-sheet.pdfDownload
 English Word Type Help Mat - Main Activity ONLY.docxDownload
 Maths 100 Square.pdfDownload
 Maths Challenge Task - Timed bonds to 100.pdfDownload
 Maths Task 1 Bonds to 10.pdfDownload
 Maths Task 2 Bonds to 20.pdfDownload
 Maths Task 3 - Bonds to 100 Jigsaw.pdfDownload
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UPDATE 16.09.20

 Hi all,

I have had some emails from parents and thought I'd just update our page with a few things. Firstly, please follow the links for Maths and English mainly for videos/ printables as lesson plans for this week. They are 'catch up' lessons for Year 3 and revisit some key objectives from Year 2. We have only just started in Year 3 so have not started that curriculum in the core subjects as yet. Spellings have not been set yet as I haven't had chance to introduce this routine/ procedure with the children. My advice for this week is to choose ten from the Year 2 list and focus on those, maybe putting into sentences to also support handwriting and punctuation objectives as an activity. I have collected a few files of other worksheets that support Maths and English lessons and am more than  willing to email these to anyone who asks for them. I am not putting them on here as there may be enough on here and don't want to overwhelm anyone. I have, however, also attached a couple of PSHE/ Wellbeing activities to do at home and an informative Stone Age e-book. Mrs Angold has set up a 2Do for ICT so please could children access their email on Purple Mash if they can (if not, I can provide information on how to do this) and do it. I will also have log ins if anyone needs one. 

There is an email being sent out with more details on issues so please check your email inbox. I am regularly checking my emails at and would like to reiterate that I am available for any further support that you might need or resources, or just to send work in as I am saving all of this on the school network (as in the closure in Year 2).

The General Resources/ Other links below are not compulsory, just to serve as an extra reference if needed.

Thank you all.

Miss McCutcheon

General  Resources 

If you click on the links below it should download the document.  

Class 3 Timetable - please be aware this is not definitive but may help you to plan out activities. I've not set some subjects eg French as we haven't had chance to start them in class yet.

Calculation Policy Year 2

Calculation Policy Year 3

Autumn Curriculum overview Y3

There are other lists of objectives for Year 3 but we haven't had a chance to even begin these yet - the first few weeks are focused on consolidating Year 2 objectives in Maths and English. Therefore I am attaching Year 2 and also Year 3 for reference. Many of these documents would be shared at the Parents Introduction Meeting and will support you throughout the year so I have just added them to our website now.

The work I am providing for Home Learning should be adequate but they may be useful for you too. Please do not feel you need to print them all or use all - they are for your to refer to and be aware of. Contact me if you need any explanation or support

Year 2 Mathematics Objectives

Year 3 Mathematics Objectives

Year 2 Literacy Objectives

Year 3 Literacy Objectives

Year 2 Spellings overview

Year 3 Spellings overview

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spellings list (taught over the next two years)

Resources online:
This is a list that I have compiled based on what we use in class and which may be useful. If you have any difficulties or find any others, please email me on the class email.  – Free (need to register for free) to gain access to Glossaries for Literacy, Grammar, Mathematics and Science (excellent to support)  - this supports with Topics  – a variety of resources linked to all areas of the curriculum  - children have logins. I will include some 2Do lessons next week on here. Please let me know if you need Log In details. It has plenty of age appropriate games and tasks to explore anyway. 
BBC Schools - Bitesize  Mainly aimed at KS1 and KS2
Brittanica  This is the school / pupil friendly version of the Britannica website that we recommend for children to search topics online safely. We have a school log in which any pupil can use. Please email me on the class email and I will send it to you.

Week Beginning 14.09.20 Y3 Planning

 Year 3 Home Learning Plan WB 14.09.20.docxDownload
 Geography Earthquakes Activity.pdfDownload
 RE Harvest Acrostic.pdfDownload
 Reading Comprehension Plastic Pollution.pdfDownload
 The Stone Age History.exeDownload
 Positive Affirmations Fortune Teller.pdfDownload
 Phonics Level 5 booklet.pdfDownload
 My Positivity Jar Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Mindful Brain Break exercises.pdfDownload
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