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Year Six - 2021-2022

Welcome to Class 6 - the last stop before High School! In class 6 we try to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere that encourages the children to develop, have fun learning and grow. The SAT results (pre covid) over the last 6 years (and more beyond) place us as one of the very highest achieving Primary Schools in the country. We have been ranked in the top 1000 of primary schools in the country and our last 7 years Maths results combined place us in the top 10 schools in the country (out of more than 23000!).

How do we do it? By giving the children confidence and a belief that they can do. It can be hard work but we make sure we also have fun along the way.

The last 2 year have been the strangest I have had in my 26 years of teaching and I hope this year will settle down quickly and give us a far more normal experience. What we did learn was that the children are incredibly adaptable (far more than us) and got use to the new normal very quickly - it did us no end of good to see the smiles return. This year may well bring some challenges but we will face them together and do our best to make sure the children get the experience and education they deserve.

Keep a look out on the school Twitter and Facebook page for photographs of Yr 6 throughout the year on the class feed @6Ringley or the school feed @stsaviource.

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Work for children isolating 4/10/21

Hope you have had an ok weekend - we are looking forward to having you all back in class with us soon. Today's work:


Maths – Addition and Subtraction problems:

English – further work on Blitz stories:

ICT – Variables in programming:

PE – dance – we have been having some fun dance sessions on Fridays – here is a dance lesson to have a go at:

Work for Friday 1st October

Happy weekend! Hope all is going well and you are all feeling much better and looking forward to coming back!



Applying addition and subtraction:

French: looking at a french school


Work For Thursday 30/9/21

Hello Y6,


English -  Today I would like you to complete the sheet ‘Comma Practise’  - this follows on from our lesson last week when we were using parenthesis.

Next, I’d like you to read ‘Five Palms Hotel’ and answer the questions.  This will help when we plan our leaflet about the Mayan museum,  then highlight all the persuasive phrases on the ‘Five Palms’ sheet.


Topic  -  watch the clip about Pakal the Great.  Read the information, ‘Mayan Rulers’ and then answer the questions. (We will be doing some artwork next week leading on from this). 

Lastly, read the the information about Game of Death – Pok a Tok was definitely more than just a ball game!  Then answer the questions.


Thank you

Mrs S.P

Files for 29/9/21

 Comma practise.pdfDownload
 Mayan Rulers.pdfDownload
 More than just a ball game.pdfDownload
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Work for children isolating 29/9/21

Hope all is ok - hopefully we will be seeing you back with us in class soon. We are missing you all - it's a bit quiet!

Sumdog – we will be doing some more work on the Bolton Sumdog competition – try to answer 200+ questions. We are giving 50 table points to those that complete the 1000 questions!

Maths – Strategies for subtraction:

English – further work on Blitz stories:

Geogrpahy – a lesson on what happens when a volcano erupts:

Work for children isolating 28/9/21

Sumdog – we will be doing some more work on the Bolton Sumdog competition – we are currently top – the target is to get as many right out of 1000 questions as you can.

Maths – Strategies for addition:

English – further work on Blitz stories:

Science – healthy diet:

Message from Mrs T for the guided reading group on Pig Heart Boy: 

This is the reading and task for guided read for this week. Please read the next 41 pages and describe a character in depth.
Feel better soon-we miss you!
Mrs T x

Mrs Spencer-Peck will add some work in the morning for the afternoon session:

Hello everyone,  in topic today, we will be looking at what makes a city state.

Please watch the clip, read the information and then answer the questions.


One of the most impressive buildings in Chiichen Itza was El Castillo.   Watch the clip   and then sketch the temple from various angles using pencil and black fineliner.  Use the sheet I have sent to help you.

 Draw El Castillo.docxDownload
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Work for children isolating 27/9/21


Sumdog – we will be doing some more work on the Bolton Sumdog competition – try to answer 200+ questions.

Maths – Rounding look at this lesson:

English – further work on Blitz stories:

ICT – introduction to variables:

Year Six Staff

Mr Moorhouse

Mrs Spencer Peck

Mrs Thornley 


Sumdog is a great interactive way of engaging children with maths. Use the following link to begin the challenges. 

A Link to Sumdog


Prodigy Game ranks no. 2 in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50™ companies

Prodigy game is another Maths site we started using last year which the children really engaged with.

A link to Prodigy Game

Class 6 presentation for parents. If the links do not work in the presentation the files are available at this website: you can register yourself for free and it gives you free access to previous papers. 

Below is a copy of our subject coverage sheet for the Autumn, Spring Term and Summer term.

We are always sad to say goodbye to Year 6 at the end of the year - but hope we send them off well-prepared for Secondary School and life beyond. It is always lovely to hear how they are getting on. Below is an end of year presentation we have done before which captures a bit of life through school:

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