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Year 4


School Closure Work, Important Information (Updated June 2020)

Hi everyone and welcome to Year 4's school closure page,
I hope you are all still keeping safe and well at home?

Just to let you know work and tasks will be added here on a weekly basis on a Sunday evening. There will be an overview for the week of tasks and activities. There will also be a list of resources to use each day underneath.

If you need to send work or need help with anything you can still use the email:-

Please do not worry if you cannot complete all tasks everyday, just do what you can. Try to enjoy yourselves as well :)

In the meantime please stay safe and look after yourselves and each other. I look forward to seeing you all again when we are clear to come back to school. I have written you a poem below to cheer you all up!

Miss you lots, Mrs H x

Year 4 Poem

Useful Websites to Use/Visit (you have to sign up to this but it is free for a range of activities) (you have to sign up but it is free due to school closures)


Other Useful Things to Know

  • Joe Wicks is completing home workouts from 9am everyday (from next week) on his you tube channel (you may have to sign up to this).
  • Rock Kidz are also doing music from 2pm daily on their you tube channel (you may have to sign up to this).
  • Bramah Fitness (Mrs H gym class) also do family and kids workouts on their you tube channel.
  • Here is a link to a children's encyclopaedia that is useful for research:- please contact Mrs Horrobin via email for the username and password.


Easter Activities To Try From The Diocese

The Children's Changing Places group, which is linked to the Diocese, has asked every school to share this resource with their families. There are some nice Easter activities included. However, a number of the suggestions require specific resources that families might not have access to, so please do not feel any pressure to use it or to complete all the activities! It might just give you some nice ideas of things to do as a family during what would have been the official Easter break

Easter Activities 

Choir- Miss Roe and Mrs Thornley have sent a song list (links to you tube videos of songs) for choir children to look at and practise singing along to.

Choir Songs 


Mental Health and Wellbeing

During this very difficult time it is important we look after not only our own wellbeing, but our children's. Here are some things to try out at home:-

  • The Mindfulness Teacher (a teacher I went to university with) is beginning mindfulness sessions via her you tube page tomorrow 04.05.20. She is posting the link on her facebook page if you add 'The Mindfulness Teacher'.
  • Mrs Kemp has also provided some resources for those children who may have an additional need and are finding these times particularly difficult. There is also a document on how to talk to children who are feeling anxious or scared.

Supporting Children with a Learning Difficulty Through Lockdown 1, Looking After Yourselves and Others,

Supporting Children with a Learning Difficulty Through Lockdown 2, Supporting Children with a  Learning Difficulty Through Lockdown 3

Supporting Children with Working Memory Difficulty, Supporting Children with Anxiety 


All Tasks Set Since School Closure Began

Week Beginning 20.04.20

Day 1 - Daily Tasks, Maths Sheets, Maths Powerpoint, French Sheet

Day 2- Daily Tasks, History Powerpoint, History Sheet, Example Explanation Texts

Day 3- Daily Tasks, English Powerpoint, English Planning Example,  English Planning Blank Copy, Maths Powerpoint, Maths Sheets, ICT Work 

Day 4-Daily Tasks, English Powerpoint, Explanation Text Example 1, Explanation Text Example 2, Maths Powerpoint, Maths Sheets, History Powerpoint,  History Sheet, Handwriting Sheet 

Day 5-Daily Tasks, Music Sheet, Maths Powerpoint, Maths Sheets, History Powerpoint, History Sheet 1*,History Sheet 2*, History Sheet 3* 


Week Beginning 13.04.20

15.04.20 Daily Tasks, ICT Sheet, PSHE Powerpoint, English Wallace Letter, English Explanation Text Examples, Maths Sheet 

16.04.20 Daily Tasks, English Pairs Game, Maths Powerpoint, Maths Sheets, Art Powerpoint

17.04.20 Daily Tasks, Maths Sheets, History Powerpoint, History Sheet 


Week Beginning 30.03.20

Day 1- Daily TasksMaths Sheet, Maths Presentation, French Sheet 

Day 2-Daily Tasks , Maths Sheet, Geography Sheet, Geography Wordsearch, PSHE Sheet

Day 3- Daily Tasks, Maths Sheet 

Day 4- Daily TasksMaths Sheet 1, Maths Sheet 2, Geography Powerpoint, Handwriting Sheet

Day 5- Daily Tasks, Music Sheet, Art Sheet, Art Powerpoint


Week Beginning 23.03.20

Day 1- Daily Tasks , Worksheet

Day 2- Daily Tasks, Maths Sheet, SPAG Sheet

Day 3- Daily Tasks, Maths Sheet 

Day 4- Daily Tasks, Maths Sheet 1, Maths Sheet 2, SPAG Sheet, Geography Sheet, Handwriting Sheet

Day 5 - Daily Tasks, Maths Sheet

Week Beginning 08.06.20

Hi All, 

I hope you have had a fabulous half term! I am still missing you all lots, please send me some lovely pictures of what you have been up to! Well done to Isabelle, Noah, Caleb, Leon and Mollie for taking part in the Sumdog work I set in the first week of the holidays, awesome effort guys!!

From this week I will be posting your activities weekly and not daily. I have attached an overview, timetable and all the resources below. Please email me with any queries and have a lovely week. Mrs H xxx

Weekly Overview 


08.06.20 Resources- Maths Powerpoint, Maths Sheet, Geography Powerpoint, Geography Sheet

09.06.20 Resources- Geography Powerpoint, Geography Sheet, Handwriting Sheet

10.06.20 Resources- Maths Sheet 1, Maths Sheet 2, Maths Sheet 3

11.06.20 Resources- Maths Powerpoint, Maths Sheet, Geography Powerpoint, Geography Sheet

12.06.20 Resources- Maths Sheet, Music Sheet

UPDATE WITH REGARDS TO SENDING WORK VIA EMAIL-  You may send work via email but it would be preferable if you sent it all in one email, not separate emails for each piece of work that is completed. You do not need to send all the work from the week, you may send the work your child is most proud of or work you would like me to check, if you are unsure about any part of it. You may keep all the work you do not send in a folder or book at home. You may also feel you would like to email about the week at the end of each week, this is entirely up to you. Please do what you feel is most convenient. Please also feel free to email any queries when they arise. I hope this provides a little more clarity. Mrs  H xx

Week Beginning 15.06.20

Hi All,

I hope you are all still well and had a fabulous first week back after half term. I hope you are finding the work okay and are managing to get some done :) Do not worry if you don't get through it all! Thank you for all the work sent this week, excellent effort, it makes me very proud. Well done to Katie for answering 594 questions in our 'sumdog challenge' on Tuesday, Tyler who answered 452, closely followed by Will, superb effort!! Please let me know if you need any help by contacting me via email, I will respond in the evenings.

Have a lovely 2nd week, Mrs H xxx

Weekly Overview 


15.06.20 Resources- Crown Template, Mental Arithmetic Test, Answers to Test, Geography Powerpoint, Geography Sheet, French Sheet

16.06.20 Resources- Geography Powerpoint, Geography Sheet, Handwriting Sheet

17.06.20 Resources- Maths Powerpoint, Maths Sheet, Art Sheet

18.06.20 Resources- Maths Powerpoint, Maths Fraction Wall, Maths Sheet, Geography Powerpoint, Geography Sheet

19.06.20 Resources- Maths Powerpoint, Maths Sheet, Music Sheet

Week Beginning 22.06.20

Hi All,

I hope you all had a great second week of our Summer 2 Term, I had a lovey first week back in school, Reception were fantastic, I taught them pirate joke you all know and love (eye roll )!! Thank you for the super work still coming in, I have enjoyed reading the 'Rotten recipes' the most, some were very disgusting, yuk! Well done to those who took part in the 'sumdog challenge' on Tuesday, Tyler answered the most questions with 420, closely followed by Isabelle with 312 and then Caleb, great work guys!! Let's see who will be top of the leader board this week.

Have a great one, Mrs H xxx

Weekly Overview (no timetable, same as last week really)

22.06.20 Resources- Tudor Powerpoint, Tudor Timeline Sheet

23.06.20 Resources- English Sheet (go to pg10), Henry VIII Powerpoint, Handwriting Sheet

24.06.20 Resources- No resources needed today!

25.06.20 Resources- Tudor Clothes Powerpoint

26.06.20 Resources- English Sheet (go to pg18), Music Sheet

Week Beginning 29.06.20

Hi All,

I hope you have enjoyed week 3 of our Summer 2 Term, we have had some glorious weather haven't we (well, until this weekend anyway)?!? Thank you for the work and feedback sent via email, it is so wonderful to see you are all still working hard at home. Sorry about the confusion around sumdog on Tuesday, I had to re set the task at lunch time, so if you missed it, I apologise. Well done to those who did manage to find it, I promise it will work this week (fingers crossed).

I hope you have another great week. Let me know if you need anything.

Mrs H xxx

Weekly Overview

29.06.20 Resources- History Powerpoint, Art Powerpoint, Art Sheet, French Powerpoint, French Sheet

30.06.20 Resources- History Powerpoint, Handwriting Sheet

01.07.20 Resources- Art Sheet

02.07.20 Resources- History Powerpoint, History Sheet, Guided Read Comprehension

03.07.20 Resources- Art Sheet, Music Sheet, PSHE Powerpoint, PSHE Sheet

Week Beginning 06.07.20

Hi All, 

I hope you are all still okay and managing to continue to complete some of the tasks I set at home. I am happy to announce that the sumdog tasks worked this week!! Well done to Caleb, James and Tyler for being in the top 3 of those who answered the most questions and most accurately. I hope you are all receiving the coins I send you when you complete the challenges? I hope you have another lovely week. Try to complete the work Mrs Smallwood has set for your new classroom next year and email it to me.

Let me know if you need anything.

Mrs H xxx

Weekly Overview 

06.07.20 Resources- Science Powerpoint, Science Mind Map, Science Sheet, Art Powerpoint, Art Image 1, Art Image 2, Art Image 3, Art Image 4, Spelling List

07.07.20 Resources- Handwriting Sheet

08.07.20 Resources- Science Powerpoint, Electrical Appliance Cards, Science Sheet, Art Powerpoint, Art Image 1, Art Image 2, Art Image 3

09.07.20 Resources-Guided Read Sheet 1, Guided Read Sheet 2, Guided Read Answer Sheet, Science Sheet

10.06.20 Resources- Poetry Reading Booklet, Poetry Answer Booklet , Poetry Mark Scheme,  Art Powerpoint, PSHE Powerpoint, Music Sheet

Mrs Smallwood Sheets- Sheet 1, Sheet 2

Week Beginning 13.07.20

Hi All,

Well done on another week of home learning, I have had some great pieces of work sent, thank you. I cannot believe this week is the end of our time together in year 4. Thank you for all your hard work this year, especially in these different and difficult times. You have all been amazing and should be very proud of yourselves. I am sorry we cannot say a proper goodbye but I am sure I will see you in September! Have a fantastic summer, you deserve it!

Mrs H xxx

Unfortunately I have put on last week's RE task on the overview as I hadn't got my emails and thought this was this week's RE. I have now updated the RE on the overview, sorry for any inconvenience. Music Sheets are also now on below.  Mrs H xxx

Weekly Overview

13.07.20 Resources- English Mystery Game, English Mystery Game Answers, Maths Beach Hut Game, Maths Beach Hut Game Answer Sheet, Maths Beach Hut Game Clue Cards, Maths Beach Hut Clue Card Answers, Geography Fortune Teller, Origami Lotus Flower

14.07.20 Resources- English Escape the Room, Escape the Room Answer Sheet, Escape the Room Clue Cards, Mindfulness Colouring Sheets, Handwriting Sheet

15.07.20 Resources-Summer Acrostic Poem, Maths Missing Socks, Colour Hunt Sheet, Ice Cream Cone Craft

16.07.20 Resources- My School Year Memories, Multiplication Mosaic Sheet, Reading Challenge Card Activities,

17.07.20 Resources- Summer Achievements Sheet, Colour by Multiplication Sheet, How to Grow a Rainbow Sheet, Paper Plate Sun Craft, PSHE Powerpoint, Music Sheet 1, Music Sheet 2

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