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Welcome to Class One 

Year One Staff

Mrs Delaney- Class Teacher

Miss Perkins- Teaching Assistant 


Additional staff for interventions:

Mrs Angold- HLTA 

Mrs Edmondson- TA

General Information

  • PE- every Wednesdays (Bolton Council PE coach) and Friday for the Summer term with a dance coach.


  • Reading books- these are changed weekly in line with the Essential Letters and Sounds phonics scheme. Children will receive both ebooks and hard copies. After reading please place a note in your child's reading log, this can be a general note to say if they enjoyed their book or if they have struggled with any words. Remember that revisiting words and texts ensures letters and words become fluent.


  • Spellings- are sent home every Friday and will be quizzed the following Friday.  


  • Homework- this is sent home every Friday and due in at the start of each week, and by Wednesday at the very latest.


Label your children's clothing, shoes and accessories (where possible).


Can we make sure that any water bottles sent in contain water and not juice.


For children on packed lunches, or those bringing snack, a reminder that we are a healthy school and your child should not be bringing numerous chocolate or unhealthy foods items into school. Thank you.


Curriculum Coverage


We are now implementing Essential Letters and Sounds throughout the school as our phonics scheme.

Year One will be completing their Phonics Screening Check in June, we will have a meeting about this on 05.05.2022 and documents relating to this meeting can be found below. This check requires children to know Phase 5 (and earlier phases) phonemes and graphemes, and to be able to segment and decode these in word reading. It uses real and pseudo words. Examples of the Year One phonics screening check can also be seen in the documents below.


 Phonics screening Presentation.pptxDownload
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 Year One phonics screening check documents

 2015 phonics screening.pdfDownload
 2016 phonics screening.pdfDownload
 2017 phonics screening.pdfDownload
 2018 phonics screening.pdfDownload
 2019 phonics screening.pdfDownload
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Grapheme Flashcards

 Phase 2 flashcards.pdfDownload
 phase 3 flashcards.pdfDownload
 Phase 5 phonic flashcards.pdfDownload
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Grapheme mats

 Phase 1 Alphabet Mat.pdfDownload
 Phase 2 Sound Mat.pdfDownload
 Phase 3 Sound Mat.pdfDownload
 Phase 4 Sound Mats.pdfDownload
 Phase 5 Sound Mat.pdfDownload
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We deliver Essential Letters and Sounds as our phonics scheme, therefore our home reading scheme links to this. ELS is a Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) programme which has been validated by the Department of Education,


Reading - The reading scheme/books that we use are produced by Oxford University Press and are linked to the programme mentioned above.

Children are assigned physical books and eBooks from Oxford Owl weekly. 

Children have their own individual logins to enable them to access books that have been specifically assigned to them in correspondence with their phonics learning in school. The decodable books provide opportunities to practise the letters and sounds taught that week and/or revise previously taught sounds. 

Below are some examples of the range of books available:

Little Blending Books     Words Sparks    Project X Phonics     Hero Academy     Hero Academy Non-fiction     Alien Adventures              Traditional Tales             Story Sparks and inFact 


However we also have and use matched texts from Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Rocket, Big Cat and Planet X for our intervention and guided reading schemes.


Useful websites: