Reception -  Autumn Term 2017

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Autumn Term


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First Week

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End of Second Week Letter


Welcome Note From Percy



Hi I am Percy. Welcome to Reception everybody.

I am already having lots of fun with my new reception friends. They have all settled in really quickly and are already helping me to learn lots of things.

They are really kind because they help me when I get things wrong. One of Mrs Bowman's sayings is ‘it does not matter if we get things wrong, as long as we try our best’. They have been counting with me and are currently helping me learn to count.

This term, in Reception, we are going to be finding out all about ‘Ourselves’ and ’Bonfire Night’. The children have already helped Mrs Bowman, Mrs Hulton and Mrs Thompson plan lots of exciting things like;

  • making healthy food
  • finding out about bones
  • going on a house hunting walk
  • guessing the baby picture game
  • doing firework dances
  • creating firework artwork on the computer and using paints.

Mr Kidd and his brother John will hopefully visit our class and help reception plant some winter flowers. I am a bit sad because Mrs Bowman says I cannot help. Last time I tried to plant flowers, I got mud stuck in my feathers for weeks!

Anyway, I had better go and carry on practicing my numbers. I keep getting them muddled up.

I hope your children enjoy their first term.






 There is a copy of our Autumn Term coverage sheet below. This outlines some of the objectives we will be covering in class this term.


Reception Promises - All the Reception children have come up with lots of promises that they are going to try hard to keep in school this year.

Please click on the link below to see our promises.

Our Reception Promises Link


Do you know anybody who has a child that is due to start in Reception in September 2018? If so, please tell them all about our open afternoon on Tuesday October 17th.