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Year Six - 2018-2019

Welcome to Class 6 - the last stop before High School! In class 6 we try to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere that encourages the children to develop, have fun learning and grow. The SAT results over the last 5 years (and more beyond) place us as one of the very highest achieving Primary Schools in the country. We have been ranked in the top 1000 of primary schools in the country and our last 6 years Maths results combined place us in the top 10 schools in the country (out of more than 23000!).

How do we do it? By giving the children confidence and a belief that they can do. It can be hard work but we make sure we also have fun along the way.


Keep a look out on the school Twitter and Facebook page for photographs of Yr 6 throughout the year @stsaviource.


In September we had our welcome to Class 6 Parent Session - here is the presentation from the session if you were unable to attend:

Year Six Staff

Mr Moorhouse

Mrs Spencer Peck

Mrs Thornley




Sumdog is a great interactive way of engaging children with maths. Use the following link to begin the challenges. 

A Link to Sumdog


Below is a copy of our subject coverage sheet for the Autumn, Spring Term and Summer term.


We are always sad to say goodbye to Year 6 at the end of the year - but hope we send them off well-prepared for Secondary School and life beyond. It is always lovely to hear how they are getting on. Below is the end of year presentation we did which captures a bit of life through school: