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Year 3

I hope everyone is well. I will be updating this page with daily activities for your child to complete (though they may need some guidance with some of it).

There will be a section below this introduction that I will update with general resources. The daily tasks will be added to underneath - firstly as a Word document but then with links as well. I will set tasks according to our usual class timetable to a certain extent, but there will be more exercise activities as children will not be in the playground! It would be nice to see some of your creative exercises and adventures around the home too.  

You are welcome to do additional activities or change activities to suit you, please understand that our usual lesson style and format of sessions will not be possible at this time.

Please take photos and email work produced as I will save it in your pupil's work folder on the school network. I will comment on and feedback where appropriate, obviously your own comments in person and at the time to your child will be beneficial to their learning and progress. You can photograph or email to tell me about fun and educational activities you do too, I will appreciate these as I am already missing the daily news and stories from home.  

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me on the our Class 3 email - and I will reply as soon as I can.

Take care and look after yourselves.

Miss McCutcheon

General  Resources 

If you click on the links below it should download the document.

Class 3 Timetable

Y3 Literacy overview of objectives

Y3 Mathematics overview of objectives

Y3 Spellings overview

Years 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling Mat

Overview of upcoming Topics

Children's Changing Places Easter Party Activities! The Children's Changing Places group, which is linked to the Diocese, has asked every school to share this resource with their families. There are some nice Easter activities included. However, a number of the suggestions require specific resources that families might not have access to, so please do not feel any pressure to use it or to complete all the activities! It might just give you some nice ideas of things to do as a family during what would have been the official Easter break.

Resources online:

This is a list that I have compiled based on what we use in class and also some offers of Free access for parents during the School Closure time. If you have any difficulties or find any others, please email me on the class email.


I may set tasks/ challenges/ competitions using these websites – all children have passwords. If they have forgotten/ lost these, please contact me via the Class email address. – The children are used to using the Times Tables section but we also have free access during the outbreak to Numbots which also has brilliant games on number facts – Times Tables, Number bonds, Halves/ Doubles etc. – mainly Key Stage 1 but some valuable skills that need consolidating in Year 3 – LOTS of games online to access for free – Maths and English


Twitter - @keypesports (Mr Fenton amongst other PE teachers) will be sharing videos/ resources/ challenges/ ideas of how you can keep children active at home. They will be posting this information every day at 10am.

Youtube – (they did Rock Kidz concert with us last year) are offering free, online sessions (Fun PSHE content, Live music, daily exercise and interactive competitions and prizes.) THEY ARE LIVE DAILY AT 2pm

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) Daily PE Workouts  From what I understand, if you subscribe  (free) to this YouTube channel daily workouts will be shown every weekday morning at 9:00am

**Please always be mindful of adverts as these are not linked to content**

Daily Activities

The general format for the  daily plans will firstly be a word document that outlines an overview (and explanation) of activities/ tasks for the day.

There will then be some links to any resources that are referenced in the daily overview. 

Some days the activities might all be practical and not require additional downloads. You can complete work on paper or email me pictures/ files that you have done and I will try to respond when I can.

If anyone has forgotten their log in details for any of the Maths sites/ Purple Mash or would like the password for the AMAZING research site, Britannica for children, please email me at 

Thursday 2nd April - check through the Daily Activities sheet first as you do not need to print all of this - you choose from them or you can just refer to them on the screen!  * 12 children haven't accessed and others haven't completed the Prodigygame task so please ensure you do this TODAY as it closes at the end of the day.

Oh, some of you found the 4x4 Magic squares activity difficult. My top tip is to look for one of the sides where three out of the four numbers are already given. Then, you can figure out what the ONE remaining number is. Keep looking for rows/ columns/ diagonals where you have 3 given and it will get easier and easier! It was meant to be a challenge so don't worry if you found it difficult.TOMORROW WILL BE LESS PRINTING AND MORE HANDS ON ACTIVITIES! AND THEN IT'S EASTER HOLIDAYS! :) 

Daily Activities 02.04.20 Year 3

Active Maths “Shopping Problems” Task 1 (Easier using 2 digits and p only)                                Active Maths “Shopping Problems” Task 2 (Trickier with 3 digits and £.)

Maths 2D Set A Questions                                               Maths 2D Sets B and C Questions

2D Vocabulary Guidance

Monkey Mayhem Text

Monkey Mayhem Task 1 (Easier)                                       Monkey Mayhem Task 2 (mid level)                              Monkey Mayhem Task 3 (Challenging)

Geography – Map of France (Pg 2 only)

Handwriting Word document Unit 19 –er -est                                                     Penpals Alphabet                                             Penpals: Guidance for joins

PSHE: Acts of Kindness Blank Calendar

PSHE: Acts of Kindness 5 Booklet

PSHE: Acts of Kindness Guidance

Wednesday 1st April Hi to everyone! I hope that you are not going to do too many April Fools Day tricks! Some updates from the work - the 3D work - the two sites gave mixed messages on how many vertices a cone has. This is debatable depending on where you look and people often disagree, depending on which definition you use. In general, I have advised that it has 1 vertex (but you aren't technically wrong if you said 0!). Most Primary sites/ advice seems to go for this. Secondly, the Geography task on Monday was only discussion based - don't worry if it wasn't a greatly technical discussion as I just wanted the children to be 'detectives' to look at the country to guess what it is like. We will revisit this when we get back. Lastly, I understand that as time goes on, the children may have more questions and may be anxious and I have found a few social stories that would help you to address these together and also with younger/ slightly older children. I would particular recommend the story of 'Small Paul'. They can be found on

Daily Activities 01.04.20 Year 3

SPaG Answers

Present Perfect Tense Powerpoint

Tuesday 31st March    I'm super organised today! Remember, this is TUESDAY's resources! Do Monday first! The Maths activity is a big one if you make the nets so I may have this going over two days into Wednesday. Don't panic if you don't get everything done - let me know and I can give you more time/ simplify things. Above I have attached a Celebrity Class Timetable which someone forwarded to me - there are some lovely oppi

Daily Activities 31.03.20 Y3

Maths 4x4 Challenge Magic Square

Properties of 3D Shapes task sheet

3D net: cube                                                         3D net: cuboid                                                           3D net: tetrahedron

3D net: cylinder                                                     3D net: pentagonal prism                                             3D net: triangular prism

3D net: octohedron                                               3D net: cone

Mystery Country details and artists Powerpoint

Artist Fact File outline

French number matching


Monday 30th March I hope you had a lovely weekend. All of us in Team 3 and indeed, the school are missing you lots. I'm afraid that the weather forecast isn't quite as good but I'm putting on plenty to keep you busy! Do what you can and keep trying as hard as I know you can Class 3. But also rest up and enjoy family time during your breaks too!

Daily Activities 30.03.20 Y3

SPaG Answers

Y3/4 Statutory Spelling list weekly sheets * Please do NOT print it all as you will only need one sheet every week (Sheet Number 2 this week)

3D shapes Powerpoint Warm Up

3D shapes Vocabulary Mat

3D shapes task sheet

Verbs Help sheet

Adverbs Help sheet

Geography European Country Artworks Presentation

Adult guide to the Artworks

Pupil Question sheet for discussion

Friday 27th March

Friday is overall going to be a Topic/ creative day! There is a reading comprehension activity and some Mental Maths but other than this, we will be doing Science and creative activities. Keep up with the daily activities with Joe Wicks or Key PE Sports too if you can and the David Walliams daily audio books. No work will be set over the weekend but I will leave some activities that you may want to do over the weekend and indeed, some of these activities may go over a good few days...

* CHOIR - Miss Roe has sent through links so that you can sing the tracks that you have been learning! Please have a look and include some singing as you normally do on a Friday morning*                            Please click here to access the document -->   CHOIR LINKS

Daily activities 27.03.20 Year 3

Reading comprehension Fiction

Reading comprehension Non-fiction


Big Maths 90 seconds music

Big Maths Level 2 sheet Wk 1

Big Maths Level 3 sheet Wk 1 with answers

Fit Fix

Thursday 26th March

 Wow! Today has been glorious! I hope you took advantage of it and did some reading in the sunshine! I've purposefully put some activities outside for tomorrow so that you aren't stuck in front of a computer! Apologies for the PurpleMash activity today - I had feedback that it was not saving for everybody and Mrs Angold and I are trying to get to the bottom of it. This must have been frustrating and I am sorry. Also, it is great that so many of you are doing the lessons and sending me evidence/ photos and also marking at home. I know some are doing it a day behind so they can get things printed away from home and this is perfectly fine! If there is too much, do what you can and just let me know in the email, I understand it may not all get done and there are issues such as one computer for a family to access. It is wonderful that you are trying so hard and keeping learning and active. 

Sumdog Update...

Congratulations to the Top 5 children of Pippa, Holly B-N, Arthur, Harrison and Rosa! They all answered between 420 and 577 questions in two days - very impressive! You will all get 3 Dojos when we get back to school! Most of the class has been on and LOADS of questions have been answered, we are proud of you Class 3!

  Daily activities overview 26.03.20 Year 3

Active Maths Easier Task 'Bouncy Shares'

Active Maths Tricky task 'Equal Runs'

'Equal Runs' resource sheet (but could just write 3x, 4x,5x and 8x on sheets of paper to save printing)

Maths 'Mystery of the Missing Shield' (try printing Multiple/ 2 sheets on each page and on both sides to save paper)

Speech Punctuation Powerpoint

Speech punctuation task (please only do some of the questions if this is too challenging)


Functions of Body Powerpoint

Functions of Body Adult Guidance

Functions of Body activity (only print the pages that you need otherwise it is 6 pages long)


Wednesday 25th March

 Hi again, I hope you all had a good day. Don't worry if you don't get through everything each day. Do your best, that is all we ask. I had this link emailed to me by The National Curriculum and thought I would share it with you - I'm not advising getting any of these but there are some good links for workbooks related to all parts of the Year 3 (and others) Curriculum that would support learning at home. You are fine to do activities suggested by myself and other colleagues without spending money though!

National Curriculum suggestions for Learning at Home

Right, on to the Sumdog competition! Well done to Jess H who is up there at the top with Pippa and Sofia not far behind! Max, Harr