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Year 2

I hope everyone is well and remaining calm and positive.

Daily I will update this page with activities that you can complete at home with your Year Two pupil.

I will set tasks according to our usual class timetable to a certain extent, but they will be more exercise activities as children won't be charging around the playground as usual! 

I have included a section named 'General Resources' which will remain there for key Year Two facts. The 'Daily Tasks' will then be added underneath.

You are welcome to do additional activities or change activities to suit you, please understand that our usual lesson style and standard will not be possible at this time.

Please take photos and email work produced as I will save it in your pupil's work folder on the school network. I will comment on and feedback where appropriate, obviously your own comments in person and at the time to your child will be beneficial to their learning and progress. You can photograph or email to tell me about fun activities you do too, I will appreciate these as I will miss the many tales I hear daily in class. 

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me on the class e mail:

Take care and keep smiling.

Mrs Delaney

General Resources

If you click on the documents below they will open in a new window. 

The Maths number bonds resources are key facts and can be practised anytime, we often rehearse these as part of our afternoon register. The hundred square can help to support addition and subtraction. Remember when using the times table mat that in Year Two we should be able to recall any fact from the 2, 5 and 10 times table, then division facts. The next times tables to learn would be 3, 4 and 6, this is a Year Three objective.

Our current class Phonics is at Phase Six level. The document enclosed is lengthy but key spelling patterns are shown in bold if you scan through. Phase 5 spellings are practised within writing all of the time and the graphemes are displayed in the classroom so this document may help support spelling choices at home. Common exception word reading and spelling are rehearsed weekly in starter activities.

Please make use of these resources.

 Bonds to One Hundred.pdfDownload
 Bonds to Ten.pdfDownload
 Bonds to Twenty.pdfDownload
 Hundred Square.pdfDownload
 Phase-6- Current Phase .pdfDownload
 Times Table Mat.pdfDownload
 Year One Common Exception Words.pdfDownload
 Year Two Common Exception Words.pdfDownload
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Monday 18th May 2020 

Hello Week 8! I'm happy to let you know that after this week you can all have a home schooling break! You absolutely deserve it. Hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend and that you are your family are safe and well.

 18.05.2020 new.docxDownload
 Task 1 Main Quiz.pdfDownload
 Task 1b Challenge.docxDownload
 Task 2 Parent answers P5and6.pdfDownload
 Task 2 Pupil spelling sheet.pdfDownload
 Task 3 Homophone dictation.docxDownload
 Task 4 Weather graph.docxDownload
 Task 4 Weather record.docxDownload
 Task 5 a REVISED mental-health-awareness-week (1).docxDownload
 Task 5 Mental Health Awareness Certificate.docxDownload
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Tuesday 19th May 2020 

Good morning and welcome to Tuesday everybody. I have seen some lovely and touching acts of kindness already from some of you, the ideas you are coming up with are keeping me smiling lots and lots. I'm glad to hear lots of you enjoyed the poem from yesterday, I am glad, it was nice to write it and think about some of the lovely time we have had so far in Year Two. Have a good day and enjoy my kindness act for today!

 Task 1 Division Questions and Methods.pngDownload
 Task 2 Guided Reading Activities.docxDownload
 Task 3 Kindness Reading Challenge.pngDownload
 Task 4 Assessment tick table The Church.docxDownload
 Task 5 Rain painting.pngDownload
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Wednesday 20th May 2020 

I hope you are enjoying Mental Health Week's little twist. I know the photos I have seen definitely look like you are enjoying your selves and your reading challenge from yesterday. I hope today is just as fun. 

 Task 1 Handwriting warm up pattern.pdfDownload
 Task 1 Mrs Delaney Unit 25 task.pdfDownload
 Task 1 Mrs Meachem Unit 20 task.pdfDownload
 Task 1 Spellings.docxDownload
 Task 2 90 second.mp3Download
 Task 2 Big Maths 90 seconds W8.docxDownload
 Task 2 Big Maths Part 2 W8.docxDownload
 Task 2 Big Maths song.mp3Download
 Task 3 Keepsake quiz.docxDownload
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Thursday 21st May 2020 

I hope everyone managed to enjoy some of the sunshine. The homophone dictation for Task 3 is correct today, I know some of the sentences didn't completely match on Monday's- sorry about that. For Task 5 today you only need to select and print one of the pages. I had good feedback from the guided read task this week so will likely use this website again for some activities. There have been lovely acts of kindness such as: massages, car washing and breakfast in bed (mainly for parents which I am pleased to hear). Keep up with them Year Two. So far this week myself and Jasmine have looked after a poorly bird in our garden and picked up litter on a walk.

 Task 1 Arithmetic Year 1 S6.docDownload
 Task 1 Arithmetic Year 2 S6.docDownload
 Task 2 Paper chain.pdfDownload
 Task 3 Homophones Dictation.docxDownload
 Task 4 Life Cycle Powerpoint.pptDownload
 Task 4 Life Cycle Task.docDownload
 Task 5 Mindfulness Colourings.pdfDownload
 Task 5 My Colouring.pngDownload
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Friday 22nd May 2020 

You've made it! Well done everybody for getting to what has seemed a strangely long half term, but at the same time I'm baffled at how it is nearly June! I must reiterate how lucky I feel to have such hardworking parents, I know it has been hard at times, especially with the weather being such a temptation but thank you for doing as much as you have. I hope that you have a lovely celebration at the end of today, I know some people are having end of half term treats, parties or games. My fingers are crossed for sun in the two weeks for you all to enjoy. 

I will still look at my emails from time to time so if you have anything that you wish to discuss or share it is okay to email, I just can't guarantee I will see it immediately. Have a lovely break from home schooling, thank you again so much for your time, patience, effort and, in the theme of mental health week, your kindness too.  

 Task 1 Year One Place Value challenge.pdfDownload
 Task 1 Year Two Maths challenege.pdfDownload
 Task 2 Growth Mindset.pptDownload
 Task 2 I am amazing.pdfDownload
 Task 3 Music.docxDownload
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Week 8 Gallery

So we’ve made it till the end of term but even in the last week lots of you have continued to power through. Ava has, as usual gone the extra mile with her work, she completed a graph at the start of the week to show weather in December for the UK, what a super learner. The same can be said for Ashley and Jack who started the week inventing their own maths problems for the challenge work, they were fab! Alice looked like she loved her rain artwork this week and Rhys has been doing his weaving which looks fantastic.

It has been nice to catch up with Belle this week who has clearly been busy learning how to be a ninja! She has been very busy with lots of baking, bike riding down massive huge hills and cracking her 2 digit addition and subtractions which is ace to hear. On the baking theme Harriet L has been completing the Brownie suggestions for baking and is trying to get her baking badge, well done taking on this new challenge! Amber has been showing off her crumpet skills- this is now on my half term to do list. As is water bomb fun- thank you Jaydeep for this, she has been working VERY hard so that she can play super hard too, great attitude.

I’m glad you have been inspired by poems from last week-I hope you saw Finlay’s lovely poem that he wrote about you all last week, what a sweetie. You may have heard Joshua’s Bish, Bash, Bosh poem on Twitter too, what a giggle- if not check it out. Zeynep has become quite the poet at home and her mum is the lucky one receiving her poetic talents.

I just wanted to share some of the kindness that I have seen and heard this week… Joshua has donated birthday money to the NHS, Evan has been kindly delivering cake, Dylan has been looking after his family by preparing food and drink treats. If you have seen a photo with lots of sweets, this wasn’t to make you all jealous, this was Bella being kind to her cousin, I wish we all had a cousin like Bella. But it is not only the children that have been doing kind acts, lots of adults have been too, I am lucky to have heard some lovely and selfless acts which have made me smile. You are all so lovely, have a nice break.

Monday 11th May 2020 

Hello Week 7!

Thank you for lots of lovely VE day pictures, if anybody wants to share any of their weekend celebrations, feel free- I can add them to this week's gallery. I hope everybody enjoyed the extra day this weekend. It was nice to hear that people planned to eat scones, have picnics and even street parties. I very much enjoyed my bike ride on Friday seeing all the bunting and joy in lots of homes and gardens. I hope like me you celebrated with cake.

I have really enjoyed the story endings from the Lighthouse Keepers Catastrophe last week, I was very lucky to receive a video of  Jack reading his ending so confidently, an excellent ending it was. Thank you for the continued brilliant learning.  

 Task 1 Main.pdfDownload
 Task 1b Challenge.docxDownload
 Task 2 Grammar assess.pdfDownload
 Task 4 Weather Information.pptxDownload
 Task 4 Weather Task.docxDownload
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Tuesday 12th May 2020 

Can I apologise for two things...

Firstly, the Sumdog challenge for spellings yesterday not working, it was only when I checked why it wasn't working for the third time, using my phone, that the clock came up in a different format and I realised I had asked it to start to 9pm not am! From the scoreboard I did get to see though... Caelan you blasted hundreds of spelling words, Amber Jack and Eve 100% accuracy, this is fantastic! A huge clap for all that managed to get on too (post midday).

Secondly, the daily overviews I post each day, I have realised have completely the wrong dates on for last week! Not entirely sure I have any idea what day/month it is anymore.

A very strong start to the week for many from the emails I have already received, woo hoo you go Team Year Two!

 Task 1 Multiplication.docxDownload
 Task 2 Poem- Ning, Nang, Nong.docxDownload
 Task 4 Places of worship.pptDownload
 Task 4 Religious buildings.docxDownload
 Task 5 Weaving.docxDownload
 Yesterday's SPAG answers- should have included this!.pdfDownload
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Wednesday 13th May 2020 

I have tried to include the Big Maths music this week. Apologies if it doesn't work for everyone. Happy hump day.

 Task 1 Handwriting pattern.pdfDownload
 Task 1 Mrs Delaney Unit 24 task.pdfDownload
 Task 1 Mrs Meachem Unit 19 task.pdfDownload
 Task 1 Spellings.docxDownload
 Task 2 Big Maths 90 seconds W7.docxDownload
 Task 2 Big Maths Part 2 W7.docxDownload
 Task 3 Poem- Ning, Nang, Nong.docxDownload
 The Big Maths Song.mp3Download
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Thursday 14th May 2020 

I am glad that lots of people are enjoying the poetry this week, today is your chance to have a go at writing some- although I know some of you have already started! I keep hearing about people beating their Big Maths, Eve and Betsy are the latest two to beat their best score in the 90 seconds, and by quite a bit, well done both of you. 

 Task 1 Starter Y1 S5.docDownload
 Task 1 Starter Y2 S5.docDownload
 Task 2a Poem Structure Simpler.docxDownload
 Task 2b Poem Structure.docxDownload
 Task 2c Poem Challenge.docxDownload
 Task 4 Observing Plants and Trees.pptDownload
 Task 4 Plant and tree labelling.docxDownload
 Task 4 Plant and tree observations.docxDownload
 Task 5 Word Processing.docxDownload
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Friday 15th May 2020 

I am loosing all track of days this week but do believe it is FRIYAY again. Well done on an extra super hard working week, it feels as if I have been adding to the 'Week 7 gallery' for a very long time! I think everyone is certainly due a break, which we have just one week away. Keep going guys you can do it!! Enjoy your Friday and the rest of your weekend.

 Task 1 Reasoning Y1 S3.docxDownload
 Task 1 Reasoning Y2 S3.docxDownload
 Task 2 Additional Countdown letters.docxDownload
 Task 2 Ning Nang Nong improved.mp4Download
 Task 5 Minibeast Music.docxDownload
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Week 7 Gallery

Another week of wonderful work and updates from you all, Rhys is still working hard even on weekends, Alice has been revisiting arrays to make her learning extra confident and Finlay has been in his writing flow. Following a long weekend I enjoyed hearing about much fun that was had, the magnificent looking cake on the album belongs to Bella who made this for VE day, I’m sure it was as tasty as it looks. I failed two attempts at a swiss roll so will need baking tips when I next see you Bella. Ingrid enjoyed a street party which sounds fantastic! Many of you, like Ava created your own seaside with sand and water for the lovely weather which sounds like lots of fun. Nice that there is still lots of outdoor exploring happening, like with Dylan who has been climbing trees!

Eve has beaten her Big Maths 90 second score and is determined to beat this again, so I will keep you all posted! She did some lovely weaving this week, as many of you did, Caelan looked very cosy in his dressing gown weaving away, this sounds like my sort of morning. Ashley has also sent a lovely photo along with her art work, nice to see your smiley face. Jaydeep has been an excellent critique of her own story writing this week and even re-did her work after deciding that no book should end on a cliff hanger, she changed it to a much happier ending. Jack has made me fill up with happy tears after sending me a video of him reading his story, it was so nice to hear it read aloud and made me miss our class very much- brilliant work Jack.

Zeynep has been reporting news to her family in another county… journalist style, which sounds very fun and also keeping herself and me entertained by creating Powerpoints, I have learnt many animal facts so thank you. George has been practising his typing skills and font work to complete his English poem, Amber is among many who have enjoyed creating their own poems, I’m glad you have enjoyed this work. Benjamin has been busy building an engine- this sounds very impressive! Dana has been in the kitchen again, this time making butter, very interesting. Along with her work she has been continuing to support their local area by making face shields for the local doctor surgery, what a star! Loving my emails from Joshua and Evan, it’s nice to chatter to you both!

I have been busy building a scarecrow for the local area, with a teeny bit of help from Jasmine, the idea is that the scarecrows scare away the virus. I hope you like it!

Monday 4th May 2020 

Can't believe it is our sixth week of home schooling. Hope spirits are keeping high as you continue to do an amazing job mummies, daddies, all adults and older siblings helping out with work at home. Hope the weekend was kind to you all and you enjoyed some down time together.

 Task 1a Main quiz.pdfDownload
 Task 1b Challenge.docxDownload
 Task 2a Paper 1 Reading.pdfDownload
 Task 2b Mark scheme.pdfDownload
 Task 3 Pet match Reading.pdfDownload
 Task 4 Climates around the world.pptDownload
 Task 4 Climates matching.docxDownload
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Tuesday 5th May 2020 

Remembered just in time to change some documents over to Microsoft Word, apologies if anybody has not been able to access any because I had slipped back into the habit of uploading PDF's. Some aren't as good quality as I had to use the snipping tool but I hope the maths methods especially are clear enough.

I am thinking it is unlikely that IXL are going to respond to me so I can sign the class up again, I have however been informed that Oxford Owl have many reading books available online during this time. If anybody would like access to reading books, which are colour banded and fit with the school colours it is free to sign up and easy enough to navigate the website. You can sign up at, 

 Task 1 Subtraction methods.docxDownload
 Task 3 Hat shop cards.docxDownload
 Task 4 Label parts of a church.docxDownload
 Task 4 Features of a church.pptDownload
 Task 5 Paper lines sculpture.jpgDownload
 Task 5 paper sculpture techniques.jpgDownload
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Wednesday 6th May 2020

Below is Wednesday's work.

A little reminder that there will be no work set this Friday as it is a bank holiday. I will be changing some of Thursday's lessons to fit with VE Day, as I would if we were in school.

I have included two documents today that have been sent from the Bolton Museum and Library service, although they are a tad late they outline activities they are doing for this week's VE day celebrations. It does have links to their webpage where they often do story reading, so their website is useful even after this week. I am not asking you to do any of their tasks, it was just some help if anybody was looking for VE day activities.

 Bolton Museum and Library Documenting children's experiences.docxDownload
 Bolton Museum and Library VE Day 2020.docxDownload
 Task 1 Handwriting pattern.pdfDownload
 Task 1 Mrs Delaney Unit 23 task.pdfDownload
 Task 1 Mrs Meachem Unit 18 task.pdfDownload
 Task 1 Spellings.docxDownload
 Task 2 Big Maths 90 seconds W6.docxDownload
 Task 2 Big Maths Part 2 W6.docxDownload
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Thursday 7th May 2020

Thanks again for the wonderful work this week, the story endings I have seen so far have made me smile. Apologies that there are a lot of files today, 6 of these are just the end of the story.

I hope you enjoy your extra day off this weekend and that you have some nice VE Day celebrations. 

 Task 1 Addition and subtraction.docxDownload
 Task 1 Starter Y1 S4.docDownload
 Task 1 Starter Y2 S4.docDownload
 Task 2a.pngDownload
 Task 2b.pngDownload
 Task 2c.pngDownload
 Task 2d.pngDownload
 Task 2e.pngDownload
 Task 2f.pngDownload
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Week 6 Gallery

Jaydeep and Jack have been excellent writers this week with super handwriting and innovative ideas for their endings. Nice to hear that Alice has been working alongside her sister, this is also true in Jack's household with his sisters even taking on some of the teaching, I love hearing that families are working together. Tom has been so good with telling the time that he has even started to look at individual minutes. Evan has been pushing himself with his four times tables and Finlay has been finding patterns in trickier times tables too!  George and Betsy have been busy bees in their work, enjoying their geography and art work,  Ava has impressed with her reading accuracy this week and Zeynep has given such brilliant maths problem solving answers. Rhys has been having takeaway treats  for all his super learning- making me very jealous!

Well done Bella who has been riding her bike with no stabilisers, a brilliant achievement! Joshua has been developing his emailing skills and Dana has been continuing her yoga poses..  Caelan has beaten his score again on Big Maths, massive well done!! Dylan has been keeping busy washing his own car, you're making me look bad Dylan- mine is very dirty! It has been lovely to see photos of Ingrid and Ashley this week, I have missed your faces! Harriet Leigh has been a star in school helping out with making bunting and stars, we hope everyone enjoys VE Day celebrations tomorrow. Speaking of celebrations... Jack C went to another level with a bouncy castle treat last week! You lucky boy! Have an awesome weekend all. 

Monday 27th April 2020

Welcome to week five. It has been another lovely, sunny weekend and I hope it has been enjoyed by everyone. I hope you have seen the video message from all of the St Saviour staff which has been posted on the website main page, I hope it brought a smile to you, as it definitely did to me, lovely to see the faces of so many staff and pupils. I am grateful for being able to post work today, it helps me to remember what day we are on! 

 Task 1 Maths quiz.pdfDownload
 Task 1b Extension.docxDownload
 Task 2 Blurb.pngDownload
 Task 2 Front cover.jpgDownload
 Task 3 Read HFW apostophes.pdfDownload
 Task 4a Starter Months and seasons.docxDownload
 Task 4b Main weather symbols.pdfDownload
 Task 4c Challenge background map.pdfDownload
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Tuesday 28th April 2020

The work has gone on later tonight (Monday 27th), and I have not responded to emails today, this is all due to secure network connection issues. I apologise and will be getting back to people from now on. Hope you have all had a good start to the week.

 Task 1 Addition methods.pngDownload
 Task 2 Story map for summary.docxDownload
 Task 2a.pngDownload
 Task 2b.pngDownload
 Task 2c.pngDownload
 Task 3 Apostrophe matching.pdfDownload
 Task 5 Wax crayon resist.jpgDownload
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Wednesday 29th April 2020

Happy hump day all! Mrs Angold will no longer be sending me a file to attach to this list, instead she will be setting the work into Purple Mash directly. Attached for Task 4 are instructions for how to access the work. Thanks for the lovely pictures I keep being sent of not only work but the lovely things people are doing in their spare time. I have received many videos of weather reports, all with their own twists, they have been amazing! Have a good Wednesday, hope everyone is feeling bright while the sun is recharging for us.

 Task 1 Handwriting Unit 22 pattern.pdfDownload
 Task 1 Mrs Delaney Unit 22 task.pdfDownload
 Task 1 Mrs Meachem Unit 17 task.pdfDownload
 Task 1 Spellings.docxDownload
 Task 2 Big Maths 90 seconds.docxDownload
 Task 2 Big Maths Part 2 W5.docxDownload
 Task 3 Conjunction sentences.docxDownload
 Task 3 Conjunctions simplified.docxDownload
 Task 4 - ICT.docxDownload
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Thursday 30th April 2020

It is strange to think that the whole of April has gone by already, maybe May is going to be when we see each other again. Well done everybody, parents and children, on a wonderful month of hard work, having fun in the sun and celebrating Easter time. Have a good Thursday.

 Task 1 Addition and subtraction.docxDownload
 Task 1 Starter Y1 Arithmetic.docDownload
 Task 1 Starter Y2 arithmetic.docDownload
 Task 2a.pngDownload
 Task 2b.pngDownload
 Task 2c.pngDownload
 Task 2d.pngDownload
 Task 2e.pngDownload
 Task 2f.pngDownload
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Friday 1st May 2020 

You've all made it to the end of another week- YAY! As we say in class... work hard , play hard. After today's work you can have two whole days of relaxing and nice activities. Enjoy it everybody. Below the file list is this week's photo gallery. 

 Task 1 Year 1 Reasoning.docxDownload
 Task 1 Year 2 Reasoning.docxDownload
 Task 2 Story beginning.docxDownload
 Task 3 May day.pptDownload
 Task 4 Music.docxDownload
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Week 5 Gallery

Well it is the end of another week and although the sun isn’t shining as brightly, you are keeping me feeling jolly with your messages and photos. Luckily Jack C and Amber braved their outdoor camping before it got too rainy! Finlay and Dylan have both sent lovely positive messages, just like the teachers did in the video. Finlay has also impressed me with a giant castle he has made at home, a fantastic creation! Lots of you got very creative with weather reports, while Zeynep and George got dressed up to look very professional, Jack and Joshua were getting soaked in the winter! I have laughed and smiled lots at theses so thank you.

While Ava has been excellently clarifying some super words in guided reading, Alice has made some super comments about her work on weather. Evan has gone above and beyond with his recycling work, as has Rhys with his maths arithmetic. Jaydeep has been drumming of her special ‘tabla’, and Caelan has been fully in his art zone with his wax relief work. Bella may now be without a white crayon, but it was worth it to see her wonderful painting! Nice to see so much enjoyment from the creative development subjects. It has been lovely to hear from Ingrid and Louis who are keeping busy and working hard. Ingrid has been featuring often on Sumdog, as has Zeynep who made it onto the school leader board too. Keep it up, keep in touch and stay safe.

Monday 20th April 2020

Welcome to week 4, and a full week of learning. I hope the sun is keeping everyone active, motivated and happy. Can I just reiterate how thankful I am for all the responses over email, I know it can't be easy trying to keep schoolwork going,but people really are doing so much work and it is helping the children enormously at this time.

I hope that there was lots of fun and laughter in the sunshine for you all this weekend.

 Task 1 Maths quiz.pdfDownload
 Task 1b Extension.docxDownload
 Task 3 consonant suffixes.docxDownload
 Task 4 World map.docDownload
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Tuesday 21st April 2020

Still hearing from lots of different people everyday which is lovely, thank you for so many sweet and entertaining photos you are sending, it is certainly keeping me smiling (despite the toddler tantrums in my house currently!) Sorry I have added tasks a little later than usual, I got carried away reading emails. Just a reminder that if there are any tasks that you can't complete or are having printing problems with, feel free to use Sumdog for Maths or English instead, or alongside your daily tasks. The resources in the general section are things we use in an ongoing way in school and you can always do additional research for any current or previous topics we have studied, please use Britannica where it is safe. 

 Task 1 Place value.docxDownload
 Task 2 Apostrophes.docxDownload
 Task 3 ly.pdfDownload
 Task 5- Tree blowing.PNGDownload
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Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Hope everyone has blasted work and enjoyed the sunshine again. In school we have been looking after the planters and watering them lots due to the hot weather, I know that was a Wednesday job that our class were going to be doing lots this term in school. 

 Task 1 Mrs Delaney Unit 21.docxDownload
 Task 1 Mrs Meachem Unit 16.docxDownload
 Task 1 Spellings.docxDownload
 Task 2 Big Maths 90 seconds.docxDownload
 Task 2 Big Maths Part 2 W4 TWEAKED.docxDownload
 Task 3 Adverbs - adverbs given.docxDownload
 Task 3 Adverbs.docxDownload
 Task 5 ICT.docxDownload
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Thursday 23rd April 2020

Hope the sun isn't being too distracting, I know many people are using it as an excuse to get work done super quickly so keep this up so that you can enjoy the afternoon. Well done Caelan who beat his Big Maths 90 second score this week. I'm sure others have done too and if anybody is unsure what their best score is just send me an email.


**Apologies also, it has occurred to me through speaking with Belle's mum that I haven't tweaked the questions for the Level 3 Big Maths since returning after Easter. It will therefore have been VERY difficult on yesterday's set work. I have attached a tweaked version in today's document list, do not feel like this needs to be done but it is there for anybody who wanted to do it but realised the error and so couldn't.

 Task 1 Hundred Square for cutting up.pdfDownload
 Task 1 Year 1 Arithmetic.docDownload
 Task 1 Year 2 Arithmetic.docDownload
 Task 3 Robot instructions.pdfDownload
 Task 4 Recycling Lesson Presentation.pptDownload
 Task 4 Recycling Sequencing Activity.docDownload
 Tweaked Big Maths L3 from 22.04.2020.docxDownload
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Friday 24th April 2020

 Happy FriYAY all. I've had a heap of problems with photos for the album this week so apologies if you don't think you have made an appearance, the computer wasn't happy with quite a few for some unknown reason.

I know lots of you had been using IXL which was set up by Dana's mum (thank you very much for that), I have requested a trial so that you could continue to use this, however I have had no response as of yet, will keep you posted on that. Enjoy your weekend everybody.

 Task 1 Reasoning Year One.docxDownload
 Task 1 Reasoning Year Two.docxDownload
 Task 2 Additional Countdown letters.docxDownload
 Task 2 SPAG quiz.docxDownload
 Task 3 Add ful or less.pdfDownload
 Task 4 Music.docxDownload
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Week 4 Gallery

I’m glad to hear that there has been much fun in the sun this week Class Two, we have to make the most of the gorgeous weather, I know there has been gardening, bike riding, sand pit fun, outside exercise, the Queen’s birthday picnics and the most exciting to hear… ICE CREAM! Keep enjoying it. My fun this week has been making lemon drizzle cake and creating a pompom drop. I’ve added photos to the album.

Alongside the fun Belle has been keeping extremely busy with science experiments and many inventive ideas to help her learning. Caelan has beaten his Big Maths and perfected his tree artwork, George has also enjoyed his artwork. Harriet has been a star in school with her watercolour beach painting, Jaydeep has been practising her typing skills to do many of her English tasks, and in addition to huge amounts of fabulous learning Zeynep has been planning her own vegetables, I can’t wait to see how these grow.

Jack has continued his Maths, English, art, science, exercising, polishing, hoovering and general domestic chores! Bella has been keeping up with her diary in addition to all other work as has Dylan, Rhys has continued to work hard and his cat has tried to join in too. Joshua reflected in RE on many touching special places to him, as did Evan…. Old Trafford! Finlay has been using his own cool map for his Geography work and Tom has been continuing his work on time and trying to nail those tricky 5 minute times. Dana has been extending her ICT work and thinking about internet browsers, Alice has been excellent with her phonic suffixes. Ava has continued to impress with her hard work and has even taken her exercise to a new level by running up Slackey Brow, she may possibly be the fittest Year Two in Bolton!

Wednesday 15th April 2020

I hope everyone managed to have a relaxing and funfilled Easter break, with much time enjoying the sunshine and lots of chocolate eating! Over the weekend in my house, Jasmine enjoyed egg hunts, wearing her bonnet, easter picture bingo and making rabbit biscuits. We have had a lovely time! But now to get back to some more super Year Two learning. This half term would be our standardised assessments so the planning I post will have to be changed accordingly. 

 15.04.2020 updated.docxDownload
 Task 1 Handwriting Mrs Delaney U20.docxDownload
 Task 1 Handwriting Mrs Meachem U15.docxDownload
 Task 1 Spellings.docxDownload
 Task 2 Big Maths Part 1 90 seconds.docxDownload
 Task 2 Big Maths Part 2 W3.docxDownload
 Task 3 Lighthouse Keepers lunch.pdfDownload
 Task 4 ICT.docxDownload
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Thursday 16th April 2020

 Task 1 Arithmetic Summer 1.pngDownload
 Task 2 Image for character description.PNGDownload
 Task 3 Verbs add ing.pdfDownload
 Task 4 Recycling Lesson Presentation.pptDownload
 Task 4 Recycling Sorting Activity.pdfDownload
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Friday 17th April 2020

Apologies as I have just seen that my message attached to yesterday's date was not there.

Really impressed at the response this week, I can understand that it is hard getting back into the swing of school work after lots of lovely Easter fun and the sunhine outdoors, but you're doing such a great job Year Two (and all adults especially)!

I was going to say also I will try to make ICT challeneges longer as requested (mine and Mrs Angold's), if anything has timed out though or can't be accessed please do not worry about it- you are doing above and beyond and I am really grateful. Happy Friday everyone.

 Task 1 P1.pngDownload
 Task 1 P2.pngDownload
 Task 1 P3.pngDownload
 Task 2 Story map.docxDownload
 Task 3 Verb sorting ing or ed.pdfDownload
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Week 3

I have kept it a little shorter due to our short week. It has been lovely to hear about people’s Easter activities, Amber and Zeynep had a special chatter with Ewa over the break, Dana and Zeynep have been busy baking. Dana’s bread looked like it could be sold in a bakery. A baking fairy called Joshua delivered cake to school which was a bonus for me, I had a massive slice! Jack has been trying to do more steps than anyone in his house, I think a few of us will have to up our steps too after all our chocolate eating.

Rhys, Alice and some others have been keeping learning going through Easter time too- superstars! Bella has become a scientist it appears from her super science experimenting. Dylan has taken his hand to gardening as he is blasting through his work. Jack C is doing extra phonics and topic work and has his own office and notice board now too. Nice to hear from Eve and Evie who are both doing great work at home and keeping up with online tasks. Thanks Finlay and Amber for photos and videos of your guitar practise, Mr Jones will be pleased to hear you have been keeping on top of this. What an ace first week back. 

Monday 30th March 2020

I will insert new weeks at the top of the page as sometimes it takes a while to load at the bottom especially as I have added a gallery! Also It won't seem like you have to scroll too far. 

 I have added the new week's work a little earlier as I am having internet troubles at home. So if I don't respond please bear with me, Thanks.

 Task 1- Use commas.docxDownload
 Task 2- 2D shape.docxDownload
 Task 3 Spelling Adjectives.docxDownload
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Tuesday 31st March 2020

Apologies that today's work wasn't on here as early as last week's uploads. I am now back connected to the internet so normal service shall return. Thank you for lots of emails since Friday, if I haven't responded yet I am still getting through them. I hope everybody had a lovely weekend and managed to get back into gear yesterday. I have enjoyed seeing the rainbows around my neighbourhood whilst out for walks and am sure it looks fab near yours too, so thank you for contributing to this. An advanced warning: as next week would have been the school Easter break there will be no work set. I'm sure for some this may be a welcome break. So work you socks off this week for a well earned rest!

 Task 2 answer booklet.pdfDownload
 Task 2 reading booklet.pdfDownload
 Task 3 Symmetry activity.docxDownload
 Task 3 Symmetry further challenge.pdfDownload
 Task 3 Symmetry Powerpoint.pptDownload
 Task 4 Kandinsky.PNGDownload
 Task 5 Easter Wordsearch PDF.pdfDownload
 Task 5 Easter Wordsearch Word.docxDownload
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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Happy April!!!! I have set no work today because I think we should all have a day off.... APRIL FOOL! Sorry I tricked you. I hope you all have a good day.

 Task 1 Spellings.docxDownload
 Task 2 Big Maths 90 seconds.docxDownload
 Task 2 Big Maths Part 2.docxDownload
 Task 3 Mrs Delaney Unit 19.docxDownload
 Task 3 Mrs Meachem Unit 14.docxDownload
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Thursday 2nd April 2020

A few people are finding it hard to keep up with daily tasks, this is no problem, please do as much as you can and do not worry if not all is completed. Remember also that there will be no work set over the course of what would have been the Easter break so you do have the option to split work and save some till then. Thanks for maintaining your brilliant efforts. 

Today's tasks see below.

 Task 2 3D shape mat.pdfDownload
 Task 2 3D shape nets.pdfDownload
 Task 2 3D shapes.pptxDownload
 Task 2 Further shape discussion.pptxDownload
 Task 3 Phonics add est or er.docxDownload
 Task 4 Changing Shape Lesson Presentation.pptDownload
 Task 4 Science Changing Shape.docDownload
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Friday 3rd April 2020

Well done on completing two whole weeks of home schooling. You have done brilliantly and made our school proud with all of your hard work. There will be no work set next week so try and do lots of Easter activities to keep yourselves busy. I would love to see photos or receive emails over the week but may not be as speedy to reply. Happy Easter time.

The CCP Eater Party Document is from the Childrens Changing Places group, which is linked to the Diocese, they have asked every school to share this resource with their families. There are some nice Easter activities included. It might just give you some nice ideas of things to do as a family during what would have been the official Easter break- these are not things you must do though.


The Power of Kindness File is from the British Red Cross, it is a calendar of kindness template for the month, which again is just something optional you may wish to do over Easter or April.

 CCP Easter Party 2020.pdfDownload
 Power of Kindness - all files.zipDownload
 Task 1 Easter SPAG puzzle.pdfDownload
 Task 3 Verbs add ed.docxDownload
 Task 4 Doctor Knickerbocker.docxDownload
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Week Two

Thank you again (adults) for being enthusiastic teachers at home and (children) super learners. This week in school, we continued with our diaries and lessons in the mornings, in the afternoon’s we took advantage of the weather and did some outside sports and gardening. Harriet was an excellent gardener!

It has been Dylan’s birthday this week and I know he had some lovely messages from classmates and enjoyed a birthday tea at home. He has been working very hard so very much deserved a big treat. George has been a very busy bee with his school work and hasn’t stopped in the evenings or at the weekends… Mum and Dad have had him painting the house in his spare time! Bella and Jack have been doing housework too- lots of mopping and washing up as a break from their work! Ava has been doing dinner registers as part of her daily classwork, William has been feeding birds and making dens, Betsy sent a fab video of her obstacle course and Caelan of his awesome dancing whilst he did his art work. Belle has extended her science materials work and designed a very fancy hat, whilst Dana extended hers with completing her sign alphabet, Jack C has been learning about different animals which he has recorded facts for, thank you all for thinking of your own learning ideas. Alice and Evan have kept busy with their diary writing, they have shown fabulous Year Two punctuation this week with commas and apostrophes. Rhys and Ava were very good hunting for shapes around their homes. Joshua has completed making rainbows for most of his street!! How caring he is! He has enjoyed his PSHE work and di a great job, as did Finlay thinking about how to care for our school. Yes there is a random picture of bread in the album, this is one of my own baking achievements from this week that I wanted to share!

I hope you all have a lovely break from learning, or reduced at least! I hope you enjoy Easter time and remember our Easter RE work while tucking into your yummy Easter eggs.

Keep in touch everybody. Miss you all.

Monday 23rd March 2020

So... Here is our first day. The first document outlines the 5 set tasks. The following documents support the tasks as they are numbered in the first document (when you open it that will make more sense). I do welcome feedback on tasks but ask you to appreciate that this is not how I usually teach, I try to make lessons fun and interactive in school so please jazz up anything I have given you. Remember you can email any work to

I will get back to you when possible.

 Task 2a Powerpoint.pptDownload
 Task 2b O'clock and half past.pdfDownload
 Task 2c Further challenge.docxDownload
 Task 3. Plural sorting- s, es, ies.pdfDownload
 Task 4 RE Easter discussion points.docxDownload
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Tuesday 24th March 2020

Thank you for the AMAZING work and HUGE amount of contact I have had over email. It makes me so happy that you are all trying your very best. As I have said to some parents already, I will ensure that the next day's work is available from the late afternoon/early evening so that it gives time to read, process, download and hopefully I can answer any questions relating to queries. Thank you all hugely.

 Task 2a 2 Quarter past and to.pptDownload
 Task 2b quarter past and to.pdfDownload
 Task 3 Third Person Singular Verbs.pdfDownload
 Task 4 Kandinsky Red spot.PNGDownload
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Wednesday 25rd March 2020

Our Wednesday is a little bit different as we do Big Maths and don't do phonics. Well done if you are managing to keep up. Missing you all Class Two! Keep up your great work.

 25.03.2020 UPDATED.docxDownload
 Task 2 90 second quiz.docxDownload
 Task 2 Level 1.docxDownload
 Task 2 Level 2.docxDownload
 Task 2 Level 3.docxDownload
 Task 3 Mrs Delaney Unit 18.docxDownload
 Task 3 Mrs Meachem Unit 13.docxDownload
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Thursday 26th March 2020

Thanks again for the emails all, its really nice to keep in contact with so many of our lovely Year 2's. 

 Task 2 Five minute intervals Activity sheet.pdfDownload
 Task 2 Five minute intervals Powerpoint.pptDownload
 Task 3 Third person singular sorting.pdfDownload
 Task 4 Rainbow window.pngDownload
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Friday 27th March 2020

I can't believe we have made it to the end of the first week already. I hope you have all settled into schooling from home and had some fun in the March time sun too. Thank you again for the brilliant work that I have seen and the emails I have recieved. I have inserted a gallery of some of the fantastic work you have been doing. I will do the same again next week. I know that Mr Moorhouse is continuing to put things on Twitter so I will send some to him too but atleast having a gallery here keeps it all in one place.

 Task 3 Comparing Suitability Powerpoint.pptDownload
 Task 3 Comparing Suitability.docDownload
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Week One

Thank you for the updates this week. In school Jesse completed Joe Wicks in full Man U strip with lots of enthusiasm, Ashley wowed some of the Year Six teachers with her awesome writing, Dylan did an excellent diary and Jack and Harriet helped to make a bright and cheery rainbow for the school window.

At home William has made me so happy by doing his own assembly to his teddies! Bless Zeynep for her daily itinerary which is jam packed! Also for drawing so many clocks so accurately and Evan’s mum for drawing the ones she couldn’t print out. Evan has impressed with his fabulous fitness course. Finlay has been enjoying furthering his knowledge about Christopher Columbus which is brilliant to hear and Belle has been a busy bee completing all her school work and her own home learning tasks too. Bella has impressed me with her neat handwriting and huge amount of exercise, as has Ava who is doing so much exercise that I get tired reading the emails! Ava is keeping a fabulous diary also with exclamation sentences, as is Betsy, Caelan has been enjoying his artwork like Alice has with her Kandisky painting. Dana has been keeping up with reading too, especially using the IXL books and Rhys has been a star in his Big Maths. Jack has been completing excellent maths all week and is even learning to hoover in his spare time! I’m sure the rest of the class are super busy too.

I'm so proud of you all this week, I hope you're not enjoying it so much that you don't want to come back to school, as I miss our class very much! Keep up your super learning Class Two!