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I hope everyone is well. I will be updating this page with daily activities that you can complete with your child. 

The aim is to try to consider the timetable of lessons/daily routine that your child would have been following if they were in school and try to then provide you with activity ideas that would support that weekly timetable.

There will be a section below this introduction that I will update with general resources. The daily tasks will then be added underneath.

Obviously, you are welcome to do any of your own activities that you might have access to as well. It is hard to know how much work to set because a typical day in the classroom would involve lots of verbal, practical group work which obviously will not be possible to do. It is also important that you have some special family time at this current time. So please just do what you can. 

Any work produced or news of fun things you have done together can be e mailed to me or can be saved in the work folder and exercise book that have been sent home. When your child returns to school, any work returned will be saved in your child's individual learning journey folder as evidence of their learning and progress.

If you have any questions at all, or if you just want to make contact and chat, please do not hesitate to contact me on the reception class e mail:

I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

We now have a Reception Twitter page. This will help us still keep in touch with each other and share our smiles and all the things we have been doing. @ReceptionSav

Take care and please all look after yourselves. You will continue to all be in my thoughts and prayers and I look forward to us all being back together as soon as possible.

Mrs Bowman 

General  Resources

If you click on the links below it will download the document.


Reception Class Timetable

Overview of all the Early Learning Goals + General Activity Ideas For Each Area of Learning

St Saviour Maths Calculation Policy

Mini Mash / Purple Mash Reception General Login. If you ever misplace your individual log in you can use this one and still access your childs individual tray when saving work.   Playdough Recipe.

New Cornflour Playdough Recipe  Link To an online sand timer that we use in class.

Easter Resource From Manchester Diocese - The Childrens Changing Places group, which is linked to the Diocese, has asked every school to share this resource with their families. There are some nice Easter activities included. However, a number of the suggestions require specific resources that families might not have access to, so please do not feel any pressure to use it or to complete all the activities! It might just give you some nice ideas of things to do as a family during what would have been the official Easter break. 

Parent Help Sheets

Parent Help Sheet - Different Stages Of Writing Support

Parent Help Sheet - How to form each letter correctly - Verbal instructions to give your child.

Parent Help Sheet - How to find a '2Do' task on Purple Mash.

Parent Help Sheet - Explanation of Three Different Subtraction Working Out Methods Used In Reception


Alphabet Mat

High Frequency Word List

Phase 2 to Phase 5 Tricky Word Cards

Phase 2 to Phase 5 Tricky Word Lists

Alphabet Formation Practice Sheet


Numberline to 10

Numberline to 20

Numberlines To Show Working Out On

Practical Activity For Number bonds to 10 - I Can't take any credit! The idea came from Seb and his Mum. I just put the idea into a word document! Thank you.

Internet Links

Below are internet links (in red font) to sites that you may find useful generally or that may be referenced in some of the daily activities.

Links will be in alphabetical order to try to make it a bit easier to find them.

I will try to add to these links as we go along but in the meantime, if you find or know of any other sites that you think would be good to share with the class please contact me via the class e mail and I will add them on to here.

I have now rearranged these links slightly and added a separate subheading underneath for physical activity internet links (30.3.20).

Actiphons -  Online phonics teaching site. I have to admit I do not know much about this but I do know another school in our cluster uses it instead of Phonics Play. If it is possible to access, it could be another avenue to explore if the Phonics Play site gets too busy and it might have ideas and resources to supplement any other phonics activities that I set.

BBC Schools - Bitesize  Although this mentions KS1 and KS2, Reception children will be able to access some of the learning and resources.

BBC - CBeebies  We often use this for Alphablocks video's/activities and for Numtums. Once on the homepage if you just type those words into the search section it will bring them up for you. 

Numberjacks  On here you can find Numberjacks videos that we sometimes use in class. 

Phonics Play    This will be referenced a lot when I talk about phonics and suggest phonics interactive games. This is usually a subscription site but they are now providing a free parent login - Username: march20   Password: home

Purple Mash/Mini Mash  This is used throughout school. Your child's individual login has been sent home. The Reception part of Purple Mash is called 'Mini Mash'. It has a range of activities on supporting things like literacy, maths, music, art and obviously computing. Click on the following green link to download a parent guide.  Purple Mash Parent Guide

TopMarks   Website that contains a range of interactive games, included our well used 'gingerbread man' game. 

Twinkl   This site offers a number of activity sheets and resources that we use in class and in our continuous provision to reinforce learning. It has resources for all areas of learning.They are now currently offering free access to this site.

Twitter We would love to see what you are up to and see all your smiling faces on our new Reception Class twitter page @ReceptionSav. You can also still use the school twitter page. 

Physical Activity Internet Links

Andy's Wild Workouts -  Recommended by Annabelle. If the link does not work then go to BBC I Player and put 'Andy's Wild Workouts' into the search option.  

Cosmic Kids Yoga -   I have been given this link Alysia. I have heard a few of our class are already doing it as an alternative to Joe Wicks. If the link does not work you can go onto YouTube and put 'cosmic yoga' into the search. Apparently I have heard you can choose a theme and it links a story with yoga. Just had a quick look and it looks like fun.

Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) Daily PE Workouts  From what I understand, if you subscribe  (free) to this YouTube channel daily workouts will be shown every weekday morning at 9:00am

PE with Key Sports - Mr Fenton that comes from Key Sports to do PE with Yr1 - Yr5 and ran the half term holiday club will be posting activities and games with his colleagues that can be completed inside or in the garden. You might also be able to access this via Twitter - @keypesports

Rock Kidz   or    This is a great Christian group that we had in school a couple of years ago. If you subscribe to their free YouTube channel they will be providing daily online sessions - fun PSHE content, live music, daily exercise and interactive competitions -  Weekdays 2pm 

 Phonics Teaching

In Reception we teach phonics in ability groups. We use 'Phonics Play' to deliver the governments 'Letters and Sounds' programme. Phonics play provides planning, online games and printable resources. During this period of closure I appreciate that it will be extremely difficult to deliver the programme as we would in school due to resources available etc...

It will also be difficult to direct specific planning/learning as it is monitored weekly. We often deliver a weeks worth of plans and then the following week recover/revise aspects that children found hard the previous week. 

What I plan to do is, at the start of each week, post a link to the schools adapted phonic play plans that your child would have been likely to be following. You can then have a look and if possible practice some of the suggested activities, using support from the phonics play website. The link to this website is in the 'Internet Links' section on this page. Your child should know their group name. (They came up with their own phonics group names!) However, I will also reference the literacy group name as this was sent home before the closure.

In addition though, on the daily overviews I will suggest an interactive phonic game or  a practical activity that can be carried out. This will mean that even if your child is unable to follow the specific weekly phonics overviews, they will still be receiving daily phonic practice and support to maintain progress within this important aspect of learning.

Daily Activities

The general format for the Reception daily plans will firstly be a word document that outlines an overview (and explanation) of activities for the day.

There will then be some links to any resources that are referenced in the daily overview. PLEASE DO NOT FEEL YOU HAVE TO PRINT EVERY DOWNLOAD. Sometimes these downloads can be copied onto paper or sometimes they are put on to just demonstrate an example. There are also days where there might look to be a lot of downloads but sometimes this is because there are downloads for different ability groups. Therefore families would not have to download everybodies sheet.  

Some days the activities might all be practical and not require additional downloads.

It is difficult to know how much work to set as we would usually be doing lots of practical group work each day. It also feels like it is information overload for you at the moment, but I have tried to explain things in detail until we all get used to working in this new way.

***Now the first week is over I am redesigning the 'Daily Activities' section so that the most recent day comes first. Then previous days will follow underneath in consecutive order. I am hoping this will make this page easier for you to use, as you will not have to scroll as far down now that this page is getting larger.***

Thursday 2nd April

I hope you managed to get away without too many April fools jokes being played on you yesterday. I completely forgot it was April fools day until my brother phoned me up and played a trick on me. I will get him back next year!

In terms of todays plan, I have now removed the daily PE activity at the top of the plan and the Rock Kidz link, as I think you are familiar with that daily suggestion now and the links are still on this page. I think the children are starting to get ready for new links like 'Andy's Wild Workouts' anyway. I will just make some PE suggestions on our official PE day which is Mondays.

Hope you enjoy todays activities. Take care  Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview 2.4.20

Literacy - Phase 2 Tricky Word Missing Word Worksheet - Can be copied into exercise book.

Literacy- Phase 3 Tricky Word Missing Word Worksheet - Can be copied into exercise book.

MathsDice subtraction Worksheet - Can be drawn in books.

Maths - Make Your Own Dice Resource

Phonics - Minimised Buried Treasure Resource - Could be used if the Phonics Play site is not opening but you still want to replicate the game.

RE - Mrs Spencer Pecks Activity Suggestions

Wednesday 1st April

We are at the half way point in the week. Hope you are all getting on ok. Thank you for the tips on physical activity links. We had a little go at both of them yesterday morning in school. I was not too good at the yoga but I will keep practicing. I was looking on Mini Mash last night and saw what great things you have been doing. There were lots of brightly coloured elephants.

Take care and keep smiling - Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview - 1.4.20

Literacy - Wizard Writer Powerpoint  -  Just as a prompt for writing ideas if needed.

Literacy - Copy of Wizard Writer Powerpoint -  For if you have not got powerpoint!!!!

LiteracyWizard Writer Writing Sheet -  Do not need to print. Can be done straight into exercise book.

Phonics -     Link to an on screen sand timer - Although you could just use a timer on your phone!

Maths - Minimised Easter Nest Sheet   -  This goes along with the egg sum cards that are linked with yesterdays maths.

Guided ReadingNext Doors Pets W/S - Red + Yellow Group   -   This goes with the book that is linked on last Wednesdays plans (25.3.20)

Guided Reading - Where Is Patch? W/S - Green, Blue, Purple + Brown Group   -  This goes with the book that is linked on last Wednesdays plans (25.3.20)

Tuesday 31st March

 Where has the sun gone?! Hope you still managed to stay positive yesterday when the weather was a bit more chilly.

At first glance it looks like there are a lot of links today, but some of for different groups and some are different options for if internet sites that have been suggested do not work. I have minimised some of the handouts / resources to reduce printing. If I have reduced them too much, the bingo resource is originally from twinkl and the 'Picnic on Pluto' resources are from Phonics Play.

Take care and remember where I am if you have any questions or any other activity links. We have had some good PE links that have already been suggested and added on to our closure page, so thank you.  Mrs B x

Daily Plan / Overview - 31.3.20

Literacy Minimised Phase 2 Tricky Word Bingo Game     If you make, or print out this resource, make sure you keep it as it will be useful to return to.

Literacy - Minimised Phase 3 Tricky Word Bingo Game    If you make, or print out this resource, make sure you keep it as it will be useful to return to.

LiteracyPhase 2 Flash Cards For Pairs Game -  This could be used as an alternative to bingo. Could be drawn on own cards.

Literacy - Phase 3 Flash Cards For Pairs Game -  This could be used as an alternative to bingo. Could be drawn on own cards.

Maths - Explanation For Parents of Three Different Subtraction Methods Used In Class


MathsNumberlines -  Just for if children want to draw their jumps on a numberline.

Phonics - Minimised Picnic On Pluto - This resource is just for if you struggle to get on to Phonics Play but still want to play the game.

PSHE - Pictures of People

Monday 30th March

Here we go again team.!

Hope you are able to find your way around this slightly changed page layout. It will hopefully prevent you having to scroll down the page as far and help you access the most recent plans quicker and easier.

Daily Plan / Overview - 30.3.20

Literacy   Phonics Play Phase 2 Tricky Word Trucks Link (Suggested for Purple + Brown Group)

Literacy -   Phonics Play Phase 3 Tricky Word Trucks Link(Suggested for Red, Yell', Green, Blue Group)

Literacy - Minimised Phase 2 Tricky Word Trucks -  I have only produced this in case the Phonics Play site does not work and you want to replicate the game.

Literacy - Minimised Phase 3 Tricky Word Trucks -  I have only produced this in case the Phonics Play site does not work and you want to replicate the game.

Phonics - Minimised phonics play ch, sh, th, ng  sorting cards activity - Suggested for Red, Yellow, Green and Blue Group

Phonics - Minimised phonics play i, n, m, d sorting cards activity  - Suggested for Purple and Brown Group


Generalised Weekly Overview

Weekly Overview Link - The link here will take you to a two page word document that I have completed when planning the sequence of sessions I aim to provide next week. As it was initially produced for my own use, it is written in abbreviated form. However, I felt parents might find it useful to see what is coming up each day in the week. Then if you are only able to complete a couple of activities a day / week, you could prioritise which you want to do, or can see which would be the most appropriate for you to do given resources you may have at home. I will still be providing the usual detailed daily overviews each day and will still be uploading these the day before. Hope you find this helpful. Take Care, Mrs B x 

Repeated Weekday Activities, Week Beginning 30.3.20:

9am - Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) Daily half hour PE Workouts Or via YouTube-The Body Coach TV.

11am - David Walliams Audio story. Released at 11am but can be watched anytime.

2pm - Rock Kidz   or  

Weekly Reception Phonics Plan, Week Beginning 30.3.20:

(Please read the 'Phonics Teaching' section of this class page first.)

Please remember these plans are just for reference really, as they are what we would have been doing in class but could be hard to follow without a phonics background. If you are able to take things from them then great but if not, there will still be general daily phonics activities set.

Mrs Hulton and Mrs Fairhurt's plans are the same as last week, as this week they would normally be individualising last weeks plan in order to revisit parts that they children needed more reinforcement with.

Mrs Hulton's Groups - Red, Yellow - Gorillas and Eagles.

Mrs Fairhurt's Groups - Green + Blue - Super Duper Group and Rainbow Group.

Mrs Bowman's Groups - Purple + Brown - The Cool Team and The Amazing Magic Team

Flash Cards For Mrs Bowman's Groups



Weekend Homework - 28th + 29th March

Do not worry, I have no intention of setting any specific homework for a number of reasons:

*You have been working hard all week.

*It is important to spend some special time together and have as much fun as possible to distract from these current worrying times.

The only thing I do want to set is:

*Parents - Try to have a bit of a rest, if at all possible.

*Reception Children - Tidy your bedroom this weekend to help at home and do something to make people smile at home.

Parents and Children - Have fun. Preferably in the sun but I have not looked the weather forecast.

Next Wednesday in wizard writers we will be writing about spring. If you go out for a walk this weekend or before Wednesday, you could start to keep your eyes out for signs of spring and new growth. Do not worry if not though because I will be providing a Powerpoint of images to support discussions for anyone that has not been able to get out.

Take care and remember where I am if you want anything at all.   Mrs Bowman x

Friday 27th March

Almost there for the week!

Daily Plan / Overview Friday 27.3.20

Maths - Addition cut out sheet

Phonics - Parent Help Sheet To Find 'Clozure' game on Mini Mash

Topic - African Animal Adaptation WS

Special Mention - Parent Certificate   WELL DONE PARENTS XXXX

Special Mention - Blank Certificate

I am just looking for a little bit of feedback on the layout of this page for next week.

This week I have been adding all new daily plans chronologically underneath each other, so you are required to keep scrolling down the page.

Some classes have organised theirs so that the most recent days plan comes first in the 'Daily Plans' section and then all the other plans come after, going backwards chronologically. This means that you do not have to scroll as far down the page to find the most recent plan (if that makes sense?!).

I am happy to do either and so wondered if you could e mail me if you had a preference to how you feel it would work best for you. I will then go with the majority.

Thursday 26th March

Well done everyone. It is lovely to see how you are all getting on and I already feel closer with our class twitter page. I just don't seem to be able to answer your tweets personally, without them appearing up on the main feed. I will keep working on that.

Reception children - I have seen you, dancing, exercising and working hard in your exciting new classrooms. Keep up all that hard work.

Parents - I am sorry you are having to take over my daily role but it looks like you are doing a fab job. Thank you so much for everything you are doing xx

Daily Plan / Overview Thursday 26.3.20

Literacy - Writing Instructions - WS A

Literacy - Writing Instructions - WS B

Literacy - Writing Instructions - WS C

Maths - Dice Addition Record Sheet

Maths - Make Your Own Dice Resource

Phonics - CVC Cutting + Sticking Activity

RE - Mrs Spencer Pecks RE Activities Overview

Twitter update: Hooray, doesn't look like you do see all my individual replies. I just see them because I am the person who is in charge of the account! I am having to update / upgrade my computer skills quickly! x

Wednesday 25th March

Hopefully this is starting to become familiar and you are finding your way around the Reception closure page. Please remember you do not have to print out all the links, you can adapt them. If you have any advice or feedback on activities please e mail and I will try to address your ideas/comments. I have added a couple of new parent help guides in the 'General Resources' part of this page to illustrate how to help when your child is writing and how to help form letters correctly. Hope these are useful.

I have had a look in the mini mash trays where children save their work. It is great to see that children have been on there. They just need to try to be careful when they save their work. Some children have just been saving it in some of their friends trays!

Yesterday, I set up a twitter page for Reception. I just thought it would be a nice way of sharing what you have been up to with the other Reception families. I am missing seeing everyone already, so I also thought it would be a nice way for me to still feel close to you all.

The work set each day will be kept on here, so if you do not get through things, please do not worry, it can be done at another time. There will not be as much homework set at a weekend and work is only being set during school days. This means that there will be no daily tasks during the Easter holidays. This therefore would be another opportunity to catch up with any work you have not been able to do.

Take care, look after yourselves still and try to enjoy some special family time together xx

Daily Plan/ Overview Wednesday 25.3.20

Literacy - Wizard Writer Sheet

Mathematics - Parent Help Sheet For Topmarks - Building Expressions Game

Phonics - Letter Cards - Mrs Hulton + Mrs Fairhurts Phonics Groups - Red, Yellow, Green, Blue

Phonics - Letter Cards - Mrs Bowmans Phonic Groups - Purple + Brown

Guided Reading - Red, Yellow Group - Next Doors Pets Book

Guided Reading - Green, Blue, Purple, Brown Group - Where is Patch?

The two guided reading books linked above will be used again next week. Therefore, if you do print them off, please keep them safe for next Wednesday, to save you printing them again.

Tuesday 24th March

 I hope everything went ok yesterday. Below are todays plans and links. Remember where I am if you need anything. We are missing the rest of Reception at school, it is very quiet but the important thing is that everyone is as safe as they can be. So Keep smiling everyone and we will keep thinking about each other.

Daily Plan / Overview Tuesday 24.3.20

Literacy - Jam Sandwich Powerpoint

Literacy - Sandwich Instructions - Sequencing Pictures

Phonics - Word List For Red, Yellow, Green and Blue Group - Mrs Hulton + Mrs Fairhurts Groups 

Phonics - Word List For Purple and Brown Group - Mrs Bowmans Groups

PSHE - Parent Guide For Finding Mini Mash Extension Activity

 The phonics word lists from today will be referred to and required again tomorrow.

Monday 23rd March

Click on the red links below for downloads. Remember, you do not have to print out all the documents, you can draw/copy/adapt some of the worksheets or downloads to cut down on printing or if you do not have access to printing equipment at home (like me!). Plans are detailed at the moment while we all get used to this different way of learning but I am sure we will be ale to simplify them as the days go on and we all get more familiar with where things are on this class closure page. I have a habit of adding too much detail so I apologise in advance if the instructions come across patronising!

Daily Plan Overview / Outline 23.3.20

Maths - Domino Addition to 10

Maths - Domino Addition sheet to 20

Phonics - Phonics Play Phase 2 Space Race Game Link -

Topic - Animal Sorting Pictures

Topic - Sorting Record Sheet

Week Beginning Monday 23rd March

Repeated Weekday Activities:

9am - Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) Daily half hour PE Workouts Or via YouTube-The Body Coach TV.

11am - David Walliams Audio story. Released at 11am but can be watched anytime.

2pm - Rock Kidz   or  

Weekly Reception Phonics Plan:

(Please read the 'Phonics Teaching' section of this class page first.)

If you select the appropriate group blue link below you will see the plan that your child would have been following at school this week. In addition or instead, there is also a phonic activity on the daily activity outline. Mrs Hulton and Mrs Fairhurt's plans would normally be repeated next week so that children can go back over things they may have found tricky this week. Resources for these groups can be found on the phonics play website. My group has an additional flash card attachment below because my groups plans do not follow the phonics play plans as we are revising phase 2. This means that my groups will have a new plan next week.

The children came up with their own group names!

Mrs Hulton's Groups - Red, Yellow - Gorillas and Eagles.

Mrs Fairhurt's Groups - Green + Blue - Super Duper Group and Rainbow Group.

Mrs Bowman's Groups - Purple + Brown - The Cool Team and The Amazing Magic Team.

Flash Cards for Mrs Bowman's Group