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Year 4



Hello Year 4,

I am a little sad to be writing this but unfortunately we cannot be together today. It is to ensure we are all keeping safe and well at home. I know you will have all missed each other over the Christmas break but we will try to arrange some daily Teams meetings where we can all have a chat and catch up :) I miss you all lots but will speak to you all regularly on email and via Teams (when I sort it all out).

Below will be activities for you to complete each day this week, along with relevant resources. I will be available to answer any queries you may have, via school email, during school hours 

Please do not worry if you find anything too tricky or if you don't complete all the activities I set each day, just do your best. Keep all the work you do for when we meet again.

Try to remain positive and stay safe. Scroll to the bottom of this page for daily plans from 05.01.21.

Mrs H xx

Microsoft Teams Information

In the event our bubble should shut, we have now set the children up on 'Microsoft Teams' to do live chats with their teachers and lessons where appropriate. I have shown them how to access this through the internet and how to log on and use it. I have also taught the children how to access this closure page to try and make them a little more independent with their home learning.

To log onto teams the children must type into google- Microsoft teams sign in, then press the top google search option, click sign in and type-

username- 1142016 (their initials in capitals)

Password= their password they use to get onto their computers in the ICT suite.

The children must not access Microsoft Teams any other time.

Isolation Learning 2020

Day Two


Plan For the Day

English Resources (use for whole week of English work)

Maths Powerpoint

Maths Activity Sheets

There is a short English and Maths video below, for support, if necessary. 

Day Three


Plan For the Day

English Resources

Maths Powerpoint

Maths Activity Sheets

Remembrance Powerpoint

There are also videos below to help with the Maths method and English work today.

Day Four


Plan For the Day

English Resources

English- Where the Wild Things Are Picture

Maths Powerpoint

Maths Activity Sheets

Mastery Maths Activity Sheets

Mastery Maths Activity Sheet Answers

Mosaic Sheet

PSHE Story

PSHE Scenario Cards

Poppy Template

I have posted a video below to help with the English and Maths today, I said tomorrow in the English video but I mean today(I recorded it yesterday).

Lockdown Learning 2021


Daily Overview 

Maths Powerpoint

Maths Sheets

English Powerpoint

English Sheet

Hi Y4, Today we will be beginning our live Teams lessons. They will be at 9.30 am and 1.30pm for 30 minutes each, this will continue now for the rest of the time you are at home, each day. At the top of this page are instructions on how to get onto teams. We have practised so you should be okay :) If you are having any problems, please email me before 9.30 am so I can help you. I am looking forward to seeing you all, virtually!! Mrs H xx



Daily Overview

Guided Reading Powerpoint

Maths Sheets

Science Powerpoint

Science Sheet 1

Science Sheet 2

Hi Y4, Thank you for all you efforts on Teams yesterday and all the work you have been doing, well done and I will see you virtually at 9.30am and 1.30pm later :) Have a big rest this weekend, you deserve it! Mrs H xx

Daily Overview
Landscape Pictures
Maths Powerpoint
Maths Sheet
History Resource

French Resource
Hi Y4, I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and enjoy week 2 of home learning :) Mrs H xx


Daily Overview

Big Maths L3

Big Maths L2 

Big Maths Y4 Sheet (for all)

Guided Reading Powerpoint

Science Powerpoint

Science Sheet

Science Cards 


Below is the Big Maths Music for your Y4 Big Maths Sheet..

Hi Y4, Well done for all your home learning this week, you have all worked really hard and I am enjoying seeing what you have done each day. Try to have a restful weekend and I will see you at 9.30am on Monday :) Mrs H xx