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Year Two  Home Learning

Friday 15thJanuary 2021

Welcome to Fri-Yay! 

As you will see from our daily overview it is our music day and our Friday work celebration.

Thank you for amazing efforts this week all round. Year Two you have been great on TEAMS; attendance, participation and good TEAMS classroom behaviour. I thank you hugely for this. I will speak to you at 9am and 2pm again.

Parents have a relax this weekend and thank you for your time and for going above and beyond with learning this week.

Thank you, Mrs Delaney

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Thursday 14thJanuary 2021

Well done making it to Thursday, nearly time for a weekend rest. We have a lot of learning in our English and maths but some art to relax us and some exploring in history, so a nice mixed day.

Mrs Meachem was hoping to join in some TEAMS this week but has been having microphone troubles, if any pupil is unable to access today but would appreciate a telephone conversation we can arrange this. Please email the class email address. 

Please can I remind pupils to be fully dressed when on TEAMS (being cosy in pyjamas still is fine, just fully covered)- thank you. See you at 9am. 

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Wednesday 13th January 2021

Thank you for the huge number of people who took part in our TEAMS yesterday. Thanks you also for being so good with your mute button, it was much easier to hear people yesterday.

I will speak to you at 9am this morning and then Mrs Angold will be with you at 2:05pm.

I have attached the file list below.

I have remembered to include the Big Maths Song, so you can sing along at home to get you in the maths mood! Next week I will add the timed recording too for part 1.

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Tuesday 12th January 2021

Thank you for making my first day of real remote teaching a successful one.

I am so glad there have been so many positive comments from children about the fractions work- I usually dread this work in school!!

Please can I stress on TEAMS that unless you are asked to unmute then keep yourself muted for the duration. I love giving children the opportunity to speak during the sessions, but it is very hard to hear sometimes with the background noise from unmuted microphones. I know this must also be the case for pupils who are trying to engage. I welcome feedback from the sessions. I am trying to find a balance between demonstrating work (more so in the morning), and giving pupils chance to take part in discussions or sharing work. I am so grateful that so many of you are participating and would like you to know that I enjoy these times in the day, it is nice for the class to be together in the virtual sense.

Today's work is available below. If there are any specific questions relating to English you can send these to Mrs Spencer Peck who has set today's English reading task and added her email address to the English section. I will still be present at 9am and 2pm on TEAMS. 

Thank you, have a successful Tuesday.

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Monday 11th January 2021

 Welcome to week two of our Spring home learning. I hope everyone has rested well this weekend.

It was lovely to talk to so many people on Friday and hopefully there will be even more faces joining virtually today at our 9am and 2pm slot. We will discuss some of the days learning in the 9am slot and then hopefully we can share some of the work we have completed at 2pm. 

Everything runs a little bit slower and can be a tad more complicated when I am at home so please bear with me.

I have attached today's file list. 

See you soon.

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Friday 8th January 2021

 Well done on your first week of home learning. I will keep trying to use video clips and a range of websites and resources so that different parts of the work are suited to different people’s preferences. 

I am hopeful to see lots of Year Two smiley faces at 9am on TEAMS- I am very excited about this. Have a good day of home learning ready to relax this weekend. 

See below the file list for today.

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Thursday 7th January 2021
See below the file list for today.

As you will of hopefully seen on Twitter last night, it has come to my attention that the details needed to log into live TEAMS sessions hasn't been shared with everybody, so in the interest of fairness for all Y2 children, these sessions will begin on Friday 8th. I apologise but thank you for your patience. You will receive details by email today.

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Wednesday 6th January 2021

See below the file list for today. I will reply to any outstanding emails during school hours. I appreciate the work which has been sent already, thank you for making such a strong start. I will hopefully see some of you virtually on Thursday.

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Tuesday 5th January 2021


It saddens me that I am uploading work onto the website for home learning again, however I hope that everyone is safe and well and that you have enjoyed some time relaxing together over the Christmas break. Can I take this opportunity to say a very big thank you for the very thoughtful gifts at the end of last term.


The main overview for Tuesday 5th January is the document at the bottom of the file list. 

The class email address is:

Thank you,

Mrs Delaney

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