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Daily Lockdown Plans

Welcome to the Reception daily plans and resources page.

We had all desperately hoped that we would not be in this position but now that we are, I can assure you that we will do everything we can to support you and your child.

Initially, each day, I will be placing a daily plan on this page with some linked resources below.

These plans will remain on this page so that you can access them whenever you would like.

Last year, it proved helpful to keep putting the most recent days plan at the top of the page so that you do not have to scroll further and further down as the weeks go on. I will therefore do that again this year.

I will also host two Teams video sessions at 9am and 1pm each day. These will give the class the opportunity to see each other and we can use these sessions to support the mental well being of the children and can discuss some of the work completed. Please do not worry if you cannot make these sessions. They will be recorded, so you can access them at a later time in the day if you want to.

E Mails - If anyone has any questions at all please keep contacting me via the reception e mail. All staff have been directed to answer these up to 4pm. Therefore, if you e mail after this and I do not reply I apologise. I am not being rude I am just following our protocol. I will make sure that I respond as soon as I can the following day. You can also send some pictures of some of your home learning or examples of work if you would like and I can comment on these and offer you feedback.

Please take care, look after yourselves and remember we are still here to help with anything we can.

Mrs Bowman

Week Beginning 11th January 2021

Firstly, I know it is out of our control but I apologise that you had to receive the message you did yesterday. I know I was devastated to hear we would not be able to support key workers in the way we had been trying to. We will all get through this together though.

Just some key message that I want to pass on to those of you that were learning from home last week and our new home learners...Please only do what you can. Sometimes, the amount of work might appear quite daunting. We have to provide the full curriculum. However I know you will all have different pressures at home. So please just do what you can. Below, I have attached a link (green font) to a generalised weekly overview. I was unable to produce this last week due to the speed we found ourselves in lockdown. This overview will hopefully let you see the kind of things that will be coming up through the week and may help you to plan your week. You will still receive a more detailed, daily overview each day which explains each activity and has the links on. The daily plans will remain on the website in case you want to go back one day and complete something that has been set previously.

PRINTING - You will see that I often try to attach a worksheet to support an activity. We would not usually complete this many worksheets in school, as a number of activities would be practical group games. You do not have to print every sheet. Sometimes, you will just be able to use the worksheet to give you an idea of how it could be drawn in your child's home learning book, or written out for them. I have not actually got a printer at home, so I will be doing the same this week if I try to show some work during our Teams sessions.

Phonics - From this week, I am going to start offering two different levels of phonics activities. I have named one group the 'Tiger' group. This groups work is aimed towards the brown, purple and blue literacy group. The other group is called 'Lions' and is aimed towards the red, yellow and green literacy groups. You are welcome to look at activities from either group though.

Anyway, good luck with your week and please, if there is anything at all I can do to help you the please contact me. Look after yourselves. Mrs B

Generalised Weekly Overview - Week Beginning 11.1.21

Daily Plan + Resources For Friday 15th January.

You have almost made it to the weekend. just this one last day to go. I can hear the sighs of relief through the computer screen!

When I had some work sent yesterday, I noticed a word document had not printed out properly. I do not know if anyone else has had that problem but I had heard that some people in other classes had. I have saved the attachments as PDF documents now. I hope this helps if you were having any layout issues. If you were not having problems, I hope this does not cause problems! Just let me know.

Once again, remember not all attachments will necessarily apply to your child and some of the attachments can just be looked at on the screen.

I have added another little video under the resources. This video introduces today's literacy activity. I apologise for the train that went past just as I was recording.

Good luck today. Hopefully see you at 9am and 1pm. If not, then have a great weekend and lets hope the weather gets a little bit better. I guess it has not been a bad week to be stuck inside! Take care and thank you for all you have done this week. Mrs B

 1. Daily Overview 15.1.21.pdfDownload
 2. Maths - Foldable Dice.pdfDownload
 3. Literacy - Be The Teacher WS.pdfDownload
 4. Phonics - Lion Group WS.pdfDownload
 5. Topic - Toy Questionnaire WS.pdfDownload
 6. ICT - Guide To Help Find Mini Mash Activity.pdfDownload
 7. Special Mention - Children Specific Area Certificates.pdfDownload
 7. Special Mention - Parent certificate.pdfDownload
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Daily Plan + Resources For Thursday 14th January.

You are powering through this week well done. If you join our Teams morning at 9am, remember you are invited to come along in a silly hat, normal hat hairband etc...just like our Year 6 buddies did. Mrs Spencer-Peck will then be running the afternoon Teams session in the afternoon. She will see you all every Thursday afternoon, just like she would do if we were in school.

Advance Notice -I cannot remember if I have already mentioned this but next week our 'Toys' topic has a 'design and technology' link. Towards the end of next week, children will be encouraged to try to make their own toy car. In school we usually do this with cardboard boxes. We add wooden wheels but I would not expect you to do lots of carpentry at home! If you do have some cardboard packaging though, you might want to save it for next weeks session. Do not worry if you do not have glue etc...because children could alternatively make a car out of lego, duplo, play dough, salt dough etc... There are recipes for play dough and salt dough on the sub closure resources page. If your child is going to be in school next week, please could you send them with a box i.e. cereal box, microwave meal box, shoe box. I will be taking some in, so do not worry if you have not got one. Thank you in advance. 

Hope you all have a terrific Thursday. Remember we have some differentiated work this week so not all the downloads will apply to you and some can just be looked at on screen and do not require printing. Well done to those of you who are finding ways around printing. I have seen some excellent artistic skills from parents.

Look forward to hearing from you. Keep trying hard Reception and make sure you keep listening to your new home teachers. Mrs B.

 1. Daily Overview 14.1.21.docxDownload
 2. Maths - Level 1 Rockets to 10 WS.docxDownload
 2. Maths - Level 2 Rockets to 20 WS.docxDownload
 3. Literacy - Goldilocks Story PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 3. Literacy - Goldilocks Worksheet.docxDownload
 4. Phonics - Lion Group WS.pdfDownload
 4. Phonics - Tiger Group WS.pdfDownload
 4. RE - Lesson 2 Resource.pdfDownload
 5. Optional Task - Goldilocks Repeating Patterns.pdfDownload
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Daily Plan + Resources For Wednesday 13th January.

Hi everyone, it looks like there are a lot of downloads today. However, a number of today's sessions are differentiated, so not all downloads will apply to your child. Some of the downloads are also ones that can just be looked at on screen. The daily plan looks quite long as well but you will know by now that I like to waffle and am not sure how much detail to give you. Sorry!

Phonics - A few parents have been in touch asking about which phonics group their child is in. I think most of you know now but just to reinforce...The phonics groups have just been set up for this lock down, so if you have a look at which literacy group your child is in (on the password attachment sent in an e mail on Tuesday 5th Jan). 'Tiger Group' is aimed towards the brown, purple and blue literacy groups. The 'Lion Group' is aimed at the green, yellow and red literacy groups.

Phone Calls - Mrs Hulton has called people who have been unable to make our Teams meetings this week. Just a follow on from the e mail I have sent out, if you have made the Teams meetings but would still like your child to have a 5 minute chat with Mrs Hulton, please send a request to the Reception class e mail with your number and we will sort that for you. 

Hope you have a great day. Hopefully see you at 9am and 12:30pm for our Teams meeting. It is only Wednesday afternoons that will have this earlier afternoon meeting time. Well done everyone. Mrs B.

 1. Daily Overview 13.1.21.docxDownload
 2. Maths - Extension - Number Flash Cards to 20.docxDownload
 2. Maths WS for Level 1 Oak Academy Lesson.pdfDownload
 3. Literacy Wizard Writer Sheet.docxDownload
 4. Guided Read Pink Level - Catch It Book.pdfDownload
 4. Guided Read Pink Level - Catch It WS.pdfDownload
 4. Guided Read Red Level - Josie + The Parade Book.pdfDownload
 4. Guided Read Red Level - Josie + The Parade WS.pdfDownload
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Daily Plan + Resources For Tuesday 12th January.

Welcome to Tuesday's plan and resources. Well done yesterday. I know it was all very new for quite a few people but hopefully the parents who were home learning last week can reassure you that it does get easier...well more familiar, not easier! I have practiced sharing a screen on Teams, so might try that out today. I will also use the mute button I have to help with people hearing. As I mentioned in an e mail yesterday, Mrs Hulton will be phoning people in the afternoon that we have not seen on any of the 4 Teams sessions. I want to reinforce, this is not at all to 'check up on how much work you have done'. It is just to check that you yourself are OK. Then if your child wants a little chat to Mrs Hulton, they can have a little 5 minute catch up at the same time, as I am aware it must be extremely hard to try to get on the Teams meetings at the designated times. There is another little video that I have uploaded. It will be below today's resources and aims to introduce today's literacy activity.

Thank you again for what you are all doing. Hopefully see you on Teams and if you need anything just e mail. Stay string. Mrs B.

 1. Daily Overview 12.1.21.docxDownload
 2. Maths - Space 1 more than.docxDownload
 3. Literacy - Goldilocks wanted poster.pdfDownload
 4. Phonics - Lion Group WS.pdfDownload
 4. Phonics - Tiger Group WS.pdfDownload
 4. PSHE Harold Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 4. PSHE Worksheet.docxDownload
 5. Optional Extra - Goldilocks ordering.pdfDownload
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Daily Plan + Resources For Monday 11th January

A couple of parents mentioned that the little wizard writer video that I posted last week helped with focus and attention. Therefore, I have tried to add a couple more videos for this week. The technology we have only allows each video to be around 4 minutes long and as you will see from today's video, I am not a great camera man! There is a video below today's resources that supports the start of today's maths activity. I mentioned in the weekly note above, I have set two differentiated levels of phonics work this week, which will continue as we move through this lockdown period. The 'Tiger' groups work is aimed at the brown, purple and blue literacy groups. The 'Lions' work is aimed at the green, yellow and red literacy groups. You are welcome to look at work for each of the groups.

I will hopefully see some of you at 9am and/or 1pm. Thanks in advance for all you are doing.

Mrs Bowman

 1. Daily Overview 11.1.21.docxDownload
 2. Maths - More Than PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 2. Maths - Worksheet.pdfDownload
 3. Literacy - Settings Worksheet.docxDownload
 4. Topic - Sorting Toys Activity.docxDownload
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Week Beginning 5th January 2021

When setting the daily plans, I will be trying to set work linked as closely as I can to what we would have been doing in class. I will obviously make some adaptations in order to make it appropriate at home. Key worker children that are in school will be completing the same work in school as that that has been set for remote learning.

I am well aware that home learning can be extremely difficult. Therefore, please only do what you can. In class, the daily activities would not be completed one after the other. There would be plenty of free choice and 'playing' in between. So please do not feel you have to run all the way through the plans in one go.

I will be attaching some worksheets etc... Do not feel you have to print all of these all the time. You might not have a printer or might run out of ink quickly. Some of the sheets can just be copied on to a piece of paper or you might be able to make a resource like some flash cards, rather than print ones I have attached.

Please e mail if you need anything. You can also e mail pictures or some examples of completed work if you would like. Alternatively, you can store work completed in the cardboard home learning folder that I sent last term. Then, when we return to school, your child can bring their work and I can look through and save it all with their learning journey folder.

Thanks. Mrs B

Daily Plans + Resources Friday 8th January

 Well done everyone, you have made it to the end of the week. Thank you for all your support this week. It sure has not been the start to 2021 that I had hoped for. Today our Teams catch up will be all chat content again. However, I will practice with it and practice sharing a screen etc... That will mean that some of the future Teams meetings can be me doing some teaching input with a PowerPoint and other resources on screen. I promise I will get there. It is just all very new. We have found some online tutorial videos now though to help me work out how to use it! I think yesterday helped me over my nerves though. It feels very strange teaching through a computer screen. 

Please all try to have a well earned break this weekend (easier said than done). Take care and I will see you all next week.

Thanks Mrs B

 1. Daily Overview 8.1.21.docxDownload
 2. Maths - Goldilocks missing numbers.pdfDownload
 3. Literacy - Extension Character descriptions.docxDownload
 4. Topic - Magic Grandad Writing Sheet.docDownload
 5. Special Mention - Children's Certificate.docxDownload
 5. Special Mention - Parent's Certificate.pdfDownload
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Daily Plans + Resources Thursday 7th January.

Welcome to Thursday's remote learning. My Southern mentioned in one of his letters this week that remote learning will be launched today. The work I have been providing since Tuesday is actually what will make up the main part of our remote learning. I think I had misunderstood how much detail I had to provide on the last two days and launched right off with the full plans! The addition will be our 'Microsoft Teams' catch up video chats though. These will take place at 9am and 1pm. I am aware that some families will not be able to make these times but I will attempt to record them and save them on Teams so they can be accessed another time. These will provide me with the opportunity to chat to the children at home, and I can introduce some of the learning coming up and reflect on learning that has taken place.

E Mails - If anyone has any questions at all please keep contacting the reception e mail. All staff have been directed to answer these up to 4pm. Therefore, if you e mail after this and I do not reply I apologise. I am not being rude I am just following our protocol. I will make sure that I respond as soon as I can the following day.

So, hopefully I will be able to see some of you at 9am or / and 1pm today. Take care and keep going. We have nearly made it through our first week. Mrs Bowman

 1. Daily Overview 7.1.21.docxDownload
 2. Maths Oak Academy Resource.pdfDownload
 3. Literacy - Goldilocks story map resource.pdfDownload
 4. Optional Activity Goldilocks counting sheet.pdfDownload
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Daily Plans + Resources - Wednesday 6th January.

Well done to all those that took part in the home learning yesterday. You might have seen that when you access the closure page and scroll right a Reception additional resources page comes up. This has a number of links and resources on that I provided for Reception during the last lockdown. Some of these resources might not be relevant but you might find some helpful. 

I mentioned in the daily plan for today, that I will try to upload a video of the wizard writer song! I have posted the video below the plan and resources for today. It might give you all a giggle. I hate videoing myself! Hope everybody has a good day. Take care. Mrs Bowman.

 1. Daily Overview 6.1.21.docxDownload
 2. Maths Lesson Resource.pdfDownload
 3. Literacy Wizard Writer Sheet.docxDownload
 4. Guided Read Pink Level - Catch It.pdfDownload
 4. Guided Read Red Level - Josie + The Parade.pdfDownload
 5. Optional Task Colouring Sheets.pdfDownload
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Daily Plans + Resources- Tuesday 5th January.

 1. Daily Overview 5.1.21.docxDownload
 2. Maths Number Flash Cards to 20.docxDownload
 2. Maths Powerpoint.pptxDownload
 3. Literacy Stick Puppets.pdfDownload
 4. PSHE activity sheet.docDownload
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