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Reception September 2020 Starters

Welcome to the new website page for all the families that have children starting at our school in September 2020.

First of all we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for selecting our school. We cannot wait for a time when we can safely welcome you properly.

If you keep an eye on this page, we will keep updating it with any information we need to share with you.

In the meantime, we would love to welcome you a lovely video which aims to welcome your child to our school and help prepare them for some of the things they will see. Can I please thank Arthur and Eric's Mummy and Daddy who put a huge amount of time and effort in to making this video possible.

Take care, stay safe and we will be in touch again shortly. 

Below the video, there is a 'page contents' section which will outline what you can find on this page. This will help you keep up to date with whether there have been any additions since you last came on the page.

Reception class 2020 welcome video

 Reception September 2020 - Contents.

Hello From Mrs Bowman - A welcome from Mrs Bowman and 4 downloadable information documents about ways to keep up to date with school activities, induction information and two documents to return to Mrs Bowman about your child.

Documents From The School Office - This section contains a welcome from the Headteacher, a welcome from the Business Manager and a series of school information documents, including information about 'After School Care Club 'and 'Breakfast Club'. 

A Typical Reception School Day - This contains a downloadable breakdown of a typical day in Reception. This was pre COVID-19. Therefore, there may be variations next academic year, depending on government guidelines.

Parent Workshop PowerPoints - This section contains copies of PowerPoints that would have been shown/handed out at parent workshops, this half term. They relate to:  'A Year in Reception', 'Literacy In Reception', 'Mathematics In Reception'. 

EYFS Development Matters Statements - This downloadable document outlines learning objectives covered over the year in Reception.

Hello From Mrs Bowman. 

If you are reading this message right now, it means that word has got around about this web page! It is great to now have the opportunity to say hello and welcome you to our school. 

I will start with a huge apology that we obviously can't welcome you in our usual way, as I know parent's have found our induction process very helpful in the past. I will do everything I can though, to try to enable a smooth transition to school.

Below this message there will be a grey box with some downloadable documents in.

The first document just outlines ways you can keep in touch with school and see what is going on.

The second document outlines how our September induction is usually organised. It is important to note though that, at present, we are going through unprecedented times. We will continue to monitor the current situation and follow advice and guidance in order to keep all our children and staff safe. We will provide you with more definite plans for September as soon as schools have further guidance.

The third document is one that we usually hand out for parents to complete with their child and then return to school. It gives the staff in class the opportunity to find out about some of your child's interests before they arrive. We then try to incorporate some of these interests within the classroom over the course of the year.

Finally, the fourth document just asks for some information that is useful for me to know as the class teacher. The office may contact you for some similar information in time. It mentions the two week induction period in September which some of you may not be familiar with.

If you are able to return the third and fourth document to my class e mail address, I will then be able to reply and send you a copy of your child's personalised tray and bag label. This way, your child can see it and be familiar with it before they arrive in September.

Thank you in advance for your patience with this new form of induction we have had to implement and I look forward to a time when I can safely meet you all.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e mail me. I am currently in school full time with the current reception children that have returned to school and delivering home school support to the rest of the class but I promise I will try to respond to you as quickly as possible.

Take care and stay safe. Mrs Bowman x

 1. School Website and Social Network Info 20.docDownload
 2. September Induction Process.docxDownload
 3. All About Me Sheet.docxDownload
 4. Useful Information For Mrs Bowman.docxDownload
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Documents From The School Office

If you click on the 'New Starter Documents Sep 2020' link in the grey box below, you will find a number of documents that can be downloaded.

We usually hand these out to families at our first welcome meeting. They include a welcome letter from the Headteacher, and a welcome letter from the Business Manager. These welcome letters can be found at the end of page 2 of the downloads. 

The welcome letter from the Business Manager explains some of the other downloadable documents and outlines what to do with the documents that need to be returned to the school office. 

 New Starter Documents Sep 2020
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A Typical Day In Reception

Below, I have attached a document which outlines a generalised day in Reception. There are obviously variations from day to day but it gives you an outline of how a day generally runs. The outline is a typical day before we had to partially close for COVID-19.

We are now at a stage where we have almost all of our current Reception children back in school. However, they are following a slightly different timetable from the one attached. This is due to such things as staggered school start and finish times, staggered break and lunchtimes and increased washing opportunities. School is continuing to constantly monitor government guidance. The school will contact parents regarding September arrangements closer to the time, following further guidance from the Local Authority and the Government. 

I apologise for not being able to be more definite about exact arrangements at this stage. However, I am sure you will all appreciate these are very unprecedented times we are navigating together. I can assure you though, that we will be doing everything we can to try to make sure your child's days are fun, enjoyable, supportive and safe when we meet each other in September.

Mrs Bowman

 A Typical Reception Day.docxDownload
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Parent Workshop PowerPoints.

I have attached an adapted version of the three PowerPoints that I would have shown during our induction parent workshops.

This year, we had planned to carry out two workshops which would have involved your children spending the afternoon in the Reception classroom and I would have delivered some workshops with parents in the hall. This year we were going to combine the reading/writing and maths workshop, so that parents did not have to take as much time off work, prior to the September induction.

The first PowerPoint outlines some key features of Reception and includes some information about day to day things i.e. information about PE bags.

The other two PowerPoints give some details about literacy and maths in Reception, what to expect and some ideas of things that can be done with your child at home. I am working on creating a bank of internet links that I will add to the web page shortly. These will provide some ideas of places where you can find supportive activities to use with your child, if you would like to continue learning at home.

I would normally talk through the PowerPoints and show some resources. As I am not able to do that, I have tried to add a little more detail to the PowerPoints. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on the reception e mail address.

Mrs Bowman.

 Maths workshop '20.pptDownload
 Reading and Writing reception workshop '20.pptDownload
 Welcome + A Year In Reception '20 powerpoint.pptDownload
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EYFS Development Matters Objectives.

I have attached a document we use in school for tracking. It is not the full EYFS curriculum document but it outlines the main objectives that we usually cover over the duration of reception. We usually find that the vast majority of children will be working within the 30/50 month age band or early 40/60 month band when they arrive at school and then the aim is to reach the 'Early Learning Goal' (ELG) by the end of reception. This will obviously vary depending on individual children's needs. Nursery settings provide assessment judgements and then as a school, we then carry out our own baseline assessment in September. This year, our baseline will be even more essential as some nursery settings are already contacting us but can only, understandably provide details up to March, due to early closures. 

Mrs Bowman

 EYFS Development Matters Statements.docDownload
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