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Some pictures of school life.

Photo Gallery

Mile Awards 6 Cheque Presentation


Winmarleigh Hall 2015

Some photos from the trip to Winmarleigh - Year 6. More to follow....

Mrs Thornley's Group photos - Year 6 again!

Year 5 - Part 1!

Science Week 2015 - Eggsploring

For science week this year, St Saviours are hatching their own chicks. We will learn about caring for the chicks, life cycles and lots of other 'eggciting' things. It will be a cracking experience for the children. 

Day 1  - the eggs and the equipment arrived. 

Day 2 - The chicks start hatching and meeting their St Saviour friends. They were very sleepy and needed to stay in the incubator which was warm and cosy - 37.7 degrees. The chirping and moving will help our brothers and sisters break out too!

Day 3 - We are nearly ready for our brooder box now as we are getting big and hungry! We are dry and have finished eating the goodness from our shell. 6/8 of the chicks hatched. Two of the eggs were not fertilised sadly. Look at us in our new home now! 

Our first clean out! We are very messy and need lots of love and care. We love having cuddles and visits from the children. Our room is being decorated with work and we are loving it! We have to have 'chick watchers' when our brooder box is cleaned as we are learning to jump and play around now! We even get lots of adult attention too!

At the weekend we had a sleepover at Mrs Kemps house. We were very good in the car and even put our seat belt on! We did not really like the traffic lights or potholes but we were well behaved in the car! We had our own bedroom and asked for an extra heater as we like it warm. Mrs Kemps cats were our new friends however our chirping scared them so they never came in our room and we kept the door shut! We had some visitors too over the weekend! Mrs Kemp says we need to learn not to spill our water and not to sit in the food bowl! We did wake her up sometimes as we were hungry and wanted more food! 

We are now getting big and the children have named us - Chicklet, Scratch, Molly, Rebecca, Steve, and Amy. We love it here and are visiting lots of classrooms. 

Linking With our Friends At St Thomas' Junior School in Uganda.

Reverend Kim is helping is link with a school that is close to her heart. It is called St Thomas' Junior School and is in Uganda. We are looking forward to finding out all about each other.