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Science plays an important part in all aspects of life today. As a school, we feel that good scientific knowledge and understanding will prepare our children for adulthood.  Children are encouraged to ask questions and to put forward hypotheses which can be investigated. The skills involved, for example measuring, predicting, making reasoned judgements, reading scales, are also important life skills and so teachers aim to provide a 'hands on' approach as much as possible. Science can further children's natural curiosity and give them ways of working and thinking to explore the world in which we live. We believe that it is very important that children learn to test ideas out successfully and relate them to everyday situations. In accordance with the school policy on teaching and learning, staff aim to teach science in ways which make science relevant and meaningful, drawing whenever possible on examples taken from the real world


Policy and Curriculum Documents

The link below will take you to the school policy for science.


          School Science Policy

Science lessons are taught weekly in Key Stages One and Two, and as topic blocks in Reception. The school follows the National Curriculum for science which splits the subject up into several different topics. The following links show when these topics are covered in school.


          Our long-term overview of science coverage


          Long-term coverage linked to the National Curriculum objectives          

          The scientific skills progression throughout school