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Through the teaching of RE we aim to support our children in developing their own beliefs, values and attitudes through an exploration of shared human experience and the place and significance of Christianity and other religions in the contemporary world with an emphasis on Anglican beliefs and practices.

RE is about seeking meaning, meaning making and discovering what matters most. We also aim to support children’s own social, emotional, mental health and well being.

The rest of this subject page outlines and explains some key aspects of RE in school. There are also some downloadable documents. The following things are included:

Our Mission statement.

Our School Vision.

Our School Values.


Our RE Curriculum Overview + Assessment.

External Reports - SIAMS and RE Mark

Photographs From Around School. - Images From Around school - Visitors and Trips - Nativity Video

Our Overseas Partnership - King's Children's Home - Kenya

Our Mission Statement.

We are proud of the fact that everyone at St Saviours, strongly believes in our mission statement and values it. Children will confidently share the statement with you and make connections between our mission statement and where it is practised in their life at school. It also underpins all the work that staff do through school for the children and everyone else in our school community.

Our School Vision.

The school has worked hard on actually defining our vision and looking at how that is delivered in school and what the results are. This vision has been illustrated pictorially and is displayed all around school.

The general concept is that our school values are at the roots of our tree and form our foundations. We then use these values to start to achieve our mission statement, which is on the trunk of our tree and then the blossom on the tree is the fruits of the work that has taken place in school and illustrates what we believe we develop through school and strive for..

This vision has been shared with the whole school community and is referenced to through school at different times i.e during some collective worships. A document has also been produced in collaboration with all the staff and the school council, to list all the places our vision can be found through school and what activities have taken place to support the statements in our blossom leaves.

Our School Values.

We have a number of school Christian values which are important to us all at school. We looked at reducing the number that we had. However, when we had discussions with staff and children, it proved difficult to prioritise the values, as it was felt that they were all important. Therefore, we have produced a second 'grouped values document. Four values have been picked as our main, core values (Love, Peace, Hope, Respect ). Then within each of these four values there are a further three values which we feel are linked.

Click on the links below to see our school values documents.

Our School Values Clock Tower.

Our Grouped School Values.


Please click on the links below to view the policies for RE and Collective worship.

RE Policy - January 2023

Collective Worship Policy - January 2023

Our RE Curriculum Overview + Assessment.

At St Saviours, we follow guidelines from Manchester Diocese. We are currently using a scheme of work, 'REVision + Understanding Christianity'. This has been produced by the Blackburn Diocesan Board For Education. We then assess using statements provided within the scheme. The statements are illustrated on a 'ladder of expectation'.

A long term overview of the units taught through school and the assessment 'ladder of expectation', can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Long Term RE Unit Overview 2023 2024.

Assessment Ladder of Expectation.

External Reports - SIAMS and RE Mark

Our last SIAMS inspection took place in December 2016 Since this assessment we have continued to build on our outstanding practice within school and have achieved the RE Mark accreditation. We once again achieved 'Gold' level on 30.9.21 thanks to all the continued hard work and dedication of the whole school community. 

SIAMS Inspection Report

RE Mark Gold - Assessors Report - 30.9.21

Photographs From Around School.

Images From Around School

The slideshow below shows a select of images from around our school, celebrating RE and the Christian ethos of the school. This is only a small selection though. Our school Twitter feed provides lots of opportunities to see school life and share in the exciting opportunities that the children have.

Visitors and Visits

We always enjoy welcoming visitors into our school and enjoying new experiences, visiting other people and places. These experiences have been limited recently due to restrictions. It has been great that we have still been able to meet people virtually or in small bubble groups though.

EYFS + KS1 Nativity

Sit back and enjoy our Nativity performance. This was taken in December 2020 when we were unable to invite parents into school. Thank you so much to Eric and Arthur's parents for making this possible. We missed having a real audience but the cameras made all the children feel like proper movie stars! We have kept this video on the site so that people can still have an insight into one of our much loved activities as we approach Christmas each year.

We have since been able to continue with our Nativity performances and welcome families back in to be an audience. Photographs from these shows can be found on our school Twitter page.

Our Overseas Partnership - King's Children's Home - Kenya

We have been excited about linking with King's. Mrs Kemp's friend has been able to provide a fantastic link between our two schools. We have enjoyed seeing images and videos from our friends oversea. We also enjoyed raising money for them in our sponsored event 'Stand Up For Kings'. A whole day of school without using chairs. We found lots of practical ways of completing our learning.