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To allow the children to learn new skills year on year and build on these skills as they progress through school. Inspire learning through excellent teaching practices that build on prior learning and allow for repetition and progression of skills that build upon high starting points.


Our implementation is developed through secure
understanding of the curriculum and subject
Teaching and Learning, Content and Sequence
- For maths, our long term planning follows the
White Rose Maths materials and
 calculation policy.

- We use this to support our children with their knowledge, skills and understanding of the subject. 

- We adapt where appropriate, to suit all learners.

We place a large emphasis on pupil engagement and design lessons which involve all pupils using questioning and modelling at the centre of every lesson.
- To implement our intent, we ensure that our
children are invested in their learning and
are making a positive contribution to their

Leadership, Assessment and Feedback
- Assessment informs the teaching and
learning sequence, and children work on the
objectives they are assessed as being at.
- Children who not making the required
progress are given extra support through
booster sessions and support in class in order
to meet our INTENT of developing pupils
- Feedback is given on children’s learning in
line with our feedback policy. Formative
assessment within every lesson helps
teachers to identify the children who need
more support to achieve the intended
outcome and who are ready for greater
stretch and challenge through planned
questioning or additional activities.
- In order to support teacher judgments,
children are assessed using current and
reliable tests in line with the national
curriculum for maths.
- Analysis of any tests that the children
complete is undertaken and fed into future


A mathematical concept or skill has
been mastered when a child can show it in
multiple ways, using the mathematical language
to explain their ideas, and can independently
apply the concept to new problems in unfamiliar
- Children demonstrate quick recall of facts
and procedures. This includes the
recollection of the times tables.
- The flexibility and fluidity to move between
different contexts and representations
of mathematics.
- The ability to recognise relationships and
make connections in mathematics.
- Children show confidence in Believing that
they will achieve.
- Children show a high level of pride in the
presentation and understanding of the work

Key Documents

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 Addition and subtraction calculation policy (1).pdfDownload
 Maths Policy 2023.docDownload
 Multiplication and Division calculation policy V2.pdfDownload
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Additional Information

 We have a Maths Club for KS2 Girls that happens every Thursday after school.

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