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Reception 2020 2021 Photographs

You will find slideshows below that are linked to the following areas...

Our First Two Weeks - September 2020

Our Harvest Faces - September 2020

Becoming A Full Class - September 2020

Our First Half Term Completed - October 2020

Our Nativity - December 2020

Our Second Half Term Completed - December 2020

Our First Two Weeks - September 2020

Well done to all of the Reception children who have now finished their two week induction. Can I also say another big thank you to all the parents for facilitating this two weeks. It has been filled with fun, laughter and some assessment work! Some great friendships have already been formed and we are all looking forward to the rest of the term.

Our Harvest Faces - September 2020.

The children made some fantastic harvest faces in RE. Hope they make you smile as much as they made us smile!

Becoming A Full Class! - September 2020

The last two weeks we have had all the children in class full time. Everyone has settled in great, including Mrs Peeling who is working with us in Reception this year!

We have been so busy that we have not taken lots and lots of pictures but there is a selection below. We have been taking part in 'Andy's Wild Workouts', painting skeletons, sorting different types of food, counting, ordering and sequencing numbers around the classroom, telling stories, listening to stories and have started our phonics sessions. Children have been interacting with activities both inside and outside the classroom and are finding new and interesting ways of  learning. Well done Reception.

Our First Half Term Completed - October 2020

Wow, our first half term is nearly over. The children have settled in so well. We have been busy inside and outside the classroom, showing off all our skills. I know I keep saying it but the children have taking it all in their stride and have picked up new routines really well. I have set up a little slideshow of pictures taken over the last couple of weeks. You will have seen a few of them on Twitter, however I have tried to include a few additional ones.

There is a whole class picture included part way through to ensure everyone is included. There are some children in class that do what I do when I get the camera out...hide away from it!

Fantastic start to school Reception. I am looking forward to the next half term already.

Our Nativity - December 2020

Reception were fantastic in their Nativity today. They loved being recorded.  It just proved a bit tricky to get a whole class shot! I have included individual shots because I know you will not have the opportunity to take your own this year. If you would like me to e mail you the master copy of your child then please just e mail and I will pass it on.

Our Second Half Term Completed - December 2020

Wow, another half term completed. Reception have continued to amaze us all. They are continuing to bounce in to school ever morning, stay positive, try extra hard and make us all super proud. 

Here are a few selected pictures from throughout the half term.