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Reception Summer Term Photographs 2019

Below, there are photographs of the following events:

* We have been doing things it's just Summer 1 photographs have been put on Twitter and Facebook!

*Sports Day July 2019

Blackpool Tower July 2019

Buddy Walk July 2019


Sports Day - July 2019

Reception tried really hard at sports day today. I could really tell we had been practicing some of the events in our PE lessons. Mrs Spencer-Peck thought we were better at skipping than Year 6.

There are a selection of photographs below. Due to photograph permissions and us all being so active, they do not capture all the events but I know the children will be able to tell you all about it.

Well done Reception on your first St Saviour Sports Day. You were all great.

Blackpool Tower - July 2019

The children were fantastic on their first ever school trip. They were excited from the minutes they stepped on the coach to the minute we got back in the classroom. We took lots pictures but in lots of them a few faces popped into the background that we cannot publish!

The children were really brave at the top of the tower and some actually decided to have a little jump on the glass floor! The adults did not decide to follow the lead of the children with this.

There was a very impressive circus show and I think between us, Reception visited every toilet in the tower!

Great day guys and thank you to everyone that helped. Good dance moves Mr Hilton.

Buddy Walk - July 2019

We really enjoyed our Buddy walk this morning. We had to take a different route this year because the bridge was closed at the marina. It did not stop us having fun though. We went on a walk round our school field and then went to the 'school park'!

Year Six were fantastic Buddies, lifting children on and off the swings and making sure Reception were having a good time. We are really going to miss them when they move on to their new schools.