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Class 4 Photographs 2016-2017 

Summer 2017

It's already been a busy half term, with a minibeast hunt, a 'Mad Scientist' teaching us about Sound and lots of work in Art/ RE considering interpretations of what God could be like today and in the Christian faith. Here are some of our photos so far! We also shared our Roman homework with our class, and our Roman stories with Year 3 and made branching databases using Liquorice Allsorts!

Spring - Roman Pottage!

We tasted and investigated Roman foods and in groups, we cut up and prepared the ingredients to make our own creations of Roman Pottage. Some were tastier than others!

Spring 2017

In our second half term, we have not only been to Liverpool and had PE specialists teaching us cricket, we have done lots of other things! We have worked with a poet (Matt Goodfellow) and author (J.D. Welch) and they helped us to writ our own poems and imaginative work too! We have been doing lots of work about the Romans  and role playing and being soldiers! There are also some pictures here of our problem solving hunt, visit from Ray and Jerry with the pigeons and our class photo from Comic Relief!

March - Cricket!

Trip to Narnia Exhibition and the World Museum in Liverpool 

Christmas Party Day!

Santa came to visit and brought our new Class fish - SpongeBob and Patrick!

Electricity Day (6th December)

Mrs O'Reilly from Brightsparks/ Electricity Northwest came to our class for the day and we had great fun making circuits and learning lots of ways that we can investigate electricity! We used new vocabulary such as conductors and insulators and made series and parallel circuits!

Maths Week (week beginning 21st November)

We have been busy problem solving! Year 6 taught us one day with times tables games they had made, and we had to solve riddles and problems by using clues! On Thursday the Happy Puzzle Company came with lots of creative puzzles that we had to work out in teams with Year 3 and we did lots of them! The estimation station in the corridor has also had us guessing with a different problem each week. You may see some of our own problems being published on here soon!

Multifaith week

We studied Hinduism and really enjoyed asking questions, researching, creating artwork, acting out the story of Rama and Sita (and writing it!) and even dancing with Ria from a Dance academy! Then we paired up with Year 3 to teach them about Hinduism and they taught us about Islam. What a brilliant week!

Indian Dancing!

In the first half of the Autumn Term we have studied the Vikings! Astrid visited us in class for the day! We handled artefacts, practised juggling and other games and dressed up in costumes. We even had our photos taken in the Stocks! We had to pull very unhappy faces in them, can you tell?