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Class 3 photographs 2015-2016

Today we have been very musical!  We have been celebrating our musical achievements and showing off our musical talents.  Here are some pictures of the performance.

We've had an amazing day today (14.7.16) for Finley Fun Day.  We've barely paused for breath as we played on the bouncy castle, tried to beat the goalie, had donkey rides, learned circus skills and let off some steam with Drumz Aloud!  Take a look at all the fun we had! 

We've had Zulu Nation in our school today (7.7.16).  It's been a fantatsic day!  We learned our own gum boot dance and really made some noise!

Today (27.5.16) we went to the World Museum in Liverpool to find out more about the Ancient Greeks.  We had a great day and discovered the truth behind some of the myths and legends and handled real Greek artefacts that were over 3000 years old!

Our parents have joined us for lunch today.  It was great to see so many parents enjoying one of our school dinners, we know how yummy they are!

We have been dressing up as Superheroes today to help raise money for Cash For Kids.  We looked great didn't we!

We have had a Greek day (12.5.16) to help launch our topic.  We dressed up as a a hoplite and looked at Greek artefcats.  We had a great day and we can't wait to find out some more about the Ancient Greeks!

We've had a great time at the Anderton Centre (5th-6th May 2016).  Take a look at some of the fun activities we have been doing! We learned lots of new skills and discovered how we can be great if we all work as a team!

As part of our topic on healthy bones and bodies we have been doing lots of exciting things.  We have looked at what it means to eat a balanced diet, how food gets broken down in our bodies, why we need a skeleton and we did an investigation on the effects of excercise on our bodies.  We then designed and made our own healthy sandwich - Liam Phillips popped in to help us! Have a look at some of the work we have been doing.

We are writing our own myth in class at the moment.  To help us, we have been creating our own beasts that we can use in our own writing. Take a look at some of the terrifying monsters that are now lurking in Class 3!

We have been very creative at home decorating eggs for the competition.  We have had some amazing entries!

We've really enjoyed seeing our work framed and completed in the school's art exhibition (21.3.16).  There was an I Spy quiz to complete and we could vote for our favourite piece of art completed by the teachers.  We added our comments to the tree to say what we liked about it all.  Aren't the children at St. Saviour a talented bunch!

We have said goodbye to our ducklings this week but we had a great time cuddling them! Take a look at some of the pictures we have taken.

We have had our Book Day today (8.3.16) because we have been visited by the author Andy Seed. We came to school dressed in our pyjamas and brought in our favourite bedtime stories too.  We have immersed ourselves in reading today and had a great time getting into Andy Seed's exciting books!


 We have really enjoyed our Stone Age topic.  Have a look at some of the things we have done.  We have made our own Stone Age coil pots as well as created our own cave paintings using traditional techniques as well as lots of other things too!

We have been on a trip to Bring Yer Wellies today (21.1.16) to help bring our topic to life!  We have been real life archaeologists and have been digging up real artifacts from the Stone Age.  We also spent some time doing some team building skills.  We had a brilliant time and we want to go back soon! 

We've had our party today and we've had a great time.  We played pass the parcel in class and the we had a visit from Father Christmas before going in the hall to play games and have a dance!  

It's been Christmas dinner today! We had a great time; it was delicious! Thank you to the cooks who made such a yummy feast!

This half term we have been looking at coal mining in the local area.  Have a look at some of the work we have been doing.  We really enjoyed the topic!

This morning (30.11.15) we have been doing some team building games in the hall with Open Minds.  It really made us think and we had to work together and communicate to get through each activity.

We have had our Advent service in class today (26.11.15).  We really enjoyed it and we hope the parents did too! It feels like Christmas is just around the corner now!

Today (19.11.15) we have been to the coal mining museum at Wakefield.  We had an underground tour which was brilliant (we got our faces a little dirty too!) and we had a workshop with Sally Fletcher who told us what it would've been like for children down the mines.  We found out lots of information and could answer lots of questions about the topic!

Today (17.11.15) we have been to Wet Earth Colliery to see the remains of the old coal mine.  It was interesting to see how much evidence there still was to see!  The weather wasn't too unkind either and we didn't get totally soaked! 

Today (6.11.15) we were visited by Mrs Daeth who told us about her job as a dietitian.  It was really interesting and we learned about about living a healthy lifestyle.

We have been making poppies in Class 3 to add to the Remembrance display at St. Saviour church.  We did some work with Mrs Thornley to help us understand a little bit more about it and why Remembrance Day is so important.  Today (5.11.15) we walked to church to add our poppies to the display.

We have been doing lots of work in Topic over the last half term.  We have loved learning about volcanoes and earthquakes.  Have a look at some of the work we have been doing!

We have had a great time in class this week creating our scarecrow for the Kearsley Scarecrow Festival!  We chose to make Miss Trunchbull because we are reading the book Matilda in class. The children have done a great job, don't you think!