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Class 3 Photographs


We went to Clifton Country Park (17.7.15) as a treat for all our hard work all year.  We took some snacks to keep us going and we had great fun playing on the park!

We had great fun learning all about volcanoes and earthquakes.  Here are some of the activities we did.

We have just finished our topic on Spain.  We really enjoyed it! We looked at the fiestas in Spain, created our own piece of art in the style of Miro, had a go at dancing the Paso Doble and even tasted some of the Spanish food (which we thought was delicious....apart from most of us didn't like the olives!)

We had a great time on World Book Day on the 5th March.  We all had to dress up as a character from a David Walliams book.  We had some fabulous costumes.  We were so impressed with how hard the children had worked on them!

We have made our own Red Noses this week to help raise awareness for Comic Relief.  We were very creative! See what you think!

For Comic Relief we had to wear something red and have wacky hair!  This is what Class 3 did!

On the 17th March we went to look at the remains of Wet Earth Colliery in Clifton.  We were archaeologists as we looked for evidence of the coal mine!  What can you spot on these pictures? Look closely! 

We have had some chicks in school because it has been Science week.  We have followed their progress closely.  It has been amazing to watch them hatch and grow so quickly!  We wrote some poems about them too.  See how cute they are, we really enjoyed cuddling them.  Thank you Mrs Kemp!

On March 26th we visited Wakefield Coal Mining Museum.  We went underground to see what it was like in a real mine, we ended up mucky with coal on our faces! We also went to visit Sally Fletcher so she could tell us first hand what it was like to work in the mines.  We had a great day, learnt so much and it really helped to bring our topic to life!

As part of our topic work on Coal Mining we also made our own Coal Wagon.  Take a look!

We had an Easter Egg competition in school.  Look at the creations Year 3 entered.  They were very EGGciting!

We have had a Greek day today.  We have learned lots of new things to help us kick start our new topic!

We spent time looking at Athens and Sparta and what each family would be like.  We then had to decide which family we would like to have been in!

We dressed up as a Hipolite and in other traditional Greek clothes. We examined lots of  artefacts and had a go at sketching them.  We even played a  traditional Greek game called ‘Knuckle Bones’!


We looked great in the clothes we tried on.  Can you tell who it is underneath all that armour??

It was lovely to see so many parents join us for lunch.  The food was gobbled up by all and the chocolate pudding and custard looked particularly delicious!

On May 21st we went to Liverpool Museum to look at the artefacts they had from Ancient Greece.  We also did a workshop where we got to handle and examine real objects from Ancient Greece that were over 3000 years old!  We had a great day!

We had a great time at the Anderton Centre in June.  We took part in archery, tree climbing, den building, campfire cooking, canoeing, abseiling and low ropes! Phew! Such a lot packed into 2 days and that's not forgetting the midnight feasts! Take a look at some of the fun we had.