Reception Autumn Term Photographs 2017

Photographs below are linked to the following events...

First Two Weeks in School - September 2017

Making Our Scarecrow - Claude! - September 2017

Meeting Our Buddies For The First Time - September 2017

Making Muffins With a Healthy Twist! - October 2017

Our First Harvest Festival - October 2017

Our First School Disco - October 2017

House Hunting - October 2017

Drama Workshop - November 2017

Our Classroom Bonfire! - November 2017


First Two Weeks In School - September 2017

 Reception have been having lots of fun getting used to their new classroom and everything in it. The teachers have also been doing lots of assessments with the Reception but 'shhhhhh', the children have not realised that yet!!! We are all looking forward to having lots more fun together.


Making Our Scarecrow - Claude! - September 2017

We had lots of fun making our scarecrow for the 'Kearsley Scarecrow Festival'. Everybody had chance to do something. Some people helped make his head and others helped put the straw into him. Mrs Hulton became very attached to our scarecrow. She even started to talk to him. We giggled and thought she was a little bit crazy!


Meeting Our Year 6 Buddies For The First Time - September 2017

 We met our buddies for the first time today. We were a little bit shy at first but then we became chatter boxes! We can't wait to get together with our buddies again.

Making Muffins With A Healthy Twist - October 2017

 We were busy making all the teachers in school feel very hungry today with the smell of our delicious banana muffins. We baked them in the staffroom oven and they smelt yummy. I hope they tasted just as good when reception took them home.


Our First Harvest Festival- October 2017

 The Reception children made Mrs Bowman, Mrs Hulton and Mrs Thompson very proud in church today. They listened really carefully and tried hard to join in with the songs that we sang. Thank you to everybody who brought a donation of food along.

Our First School Disco - October 2017

Wow, Reception know how to dance. They wore me out! Usually the children spend most of their time in the tuck shop but not tonight. Reception were doing some great moves on the dance floor. Unfortunately though, we were so busy dancing we were not able to take many photographs. I am sure the red faces and smiles on faces when the children left show that we had a good time though. Great job Reception dancers.

House Hunting - October 2017

Today we went house spotting around our local area. We were really good at remembering lots of names like 'bungalow' and 'detached'. There was universal disappointment though when we did not manage to spot a barge on our walk or an African mud hut!

Drama Workshop - November 2017.

A lady came to school today and carried out workshops with every class in the school. She taught us how to project our voices. Mrs Bowman said we were already quite good at that!!! All of Reception joined in really well and had a great session.

Our Classroom Bonfire - November 2017

We had a classroom bonfire today. We sang songs round the bonfire and roasted marshmellows.