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Reception Spring Term Photographs 2018

The photographs below relate to the following....

Testing Our Vehicles - January 2018

Adventures with Big Nutbrown Hare - February 2018

Chinese New Year - February 2018

Easter Celebrations - March 2018

Testing Our Vehicles  - January 2018

Reception have been excellent toy designers. They planned what they were going to need to make a car, made it and then tested it and wrote a review. Luckily it was great testing conditions for the cars although a little bit cold.

Mrs Hulton was very impressed that there were very few repairs required after testing. She thinks that is because she was involved in helping make them this year. Mrs Thompson and myself are not so sure...beginners luck!

I hope the cars managed to get home in one piece. Well done again Reception.  


Adventures With Big Nutbrown Hare - February 2018

During the school comprehension week, Reception had a look at the book 'Guess How Much I Love You!' One of the main characters visited us in school and stayed for the whole week. We had so much fun with him. He helped us come up with the idea of making Valentines Cards to show people we love them. We also wrote about the book, acted out the book, looked at some of the words in the book. We even did some maths with the book, measuring Big Nutbrown Hare. To say goodbye to our special visitor we made sandwiches and had an indoor picnic. We even got his favourite...carrots. Finally before he left for the wood he joined us at our school disco. Good bye Nutbrown Hare. We have loved having you in class.


Chinese New Year - February 2018

We have enjoyed a week full of Chinese New Year preparations.

We have done all of the following:

 Learnt how to speak some Chinese.

Made dog masks.

Sequenced the animals from the Chinese New Year race.

Writen in Chinese.

Made lanterns.

Made lucky money envelopes.

Made a class dragon.

Made little dragons puppets.

Wrote about Chinese New Year.

Did a dragon dance.

Made Chinese music.

Made lucky cherry blossom tree table decorations.

Designed our own willow tree pattern vases.

Had a Chinese New Year Food Tasting Party with our Yr 6 buddies. 

It was a very busy week, full of smiles, giggles and new experiences, including eating seaweed!

Easter Celebrations

Reception had a really busy day today. They were fantastic at Church and listened careful. Some children demonstrated their great singing voices.

When we got back to school we discovered Nutbrown Hare had come back to see us. He is friends with the Easter Bunny and brought us some eggs.

Then later in the day we took part in our 'Easter Bonnet Parade'. All the reception staff were very impressed with the creations. They had to invite a judge in from another class!