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Reception Summer Term Photographs 2017

The photographs below are linked to the following events:

Mini-beast Hunt - April 2017

Friends In Reception - May 2017

Parent Lunch - May 2017

Sealife + Lego Land Trip - June 2017

Practicing for Sports Day - June 2017

Dance Day - Sports Day Opening Ceremony - June 2017

Sports Day - July 2017

Reception Blossoming! - July 2017

Sponsored Buddy Walk - July 2017

Park Treat - July 2017

Graduation - July 2017


Mini-beast Hunt - April 2017

Reception had lots of fun today searching for mini-beasts. We found lots of worms and slugs!!! Hannah, who helps us in Reception, was not quite as keen as all of the children!!!!

Friends In Reception - May 2017.

We have lots of friends in Reception. We have been chatting about how you can be a good friend.

Parent Lunch - May 2017.

Thank you to everybody that came to have lunch with us today. We were excited about showing you what to do in the dinner hall.

Sealife + Lego Land Trip - June 2017.

Wow, what a busy day. A really fun one though! The children had a great day. They started their day in Sealife, looking at all sorts of sea creatures. Some children were even brave enough to touch a starfish. We then went to LEGOLAND, had our packed lunch and then made models, went on rides, watched a 3D film and saw lots of great lego models. The children were a credit to the school. The photos are displayed below slightly differently from usual due to the number of them. Well done Reception.

Practicing For Sports Day - June 2017

Reception have been practicing for their first sports day. They are super excited. They enjoyed aiming their javelins at Mrs Bowman!

Dance Day - Sports Day Opening Ceremony - June 2017

Reception had lots of fun today taking part in the sports day opening ceremony. Each class had their own part to play in the dance produced at the end of the day.

Reception were given the important role of being the Olympic flame. They pretended to be flames, dancing around the sky and then formed an Olympic torch in the middle of the hall. Finally at the end they joined in with a whole school dance.

It has to be said that reception were much better at dancing than Mrs Bowman!

Sports Day  - July  2017.

Wow, what a hot one!!!! There we were worried about rain!!

Reception coped so well with the heat and the excitement of their very first St Saviour sports day.

Unfortunately Mrs Bowman's I Pad did not cope as well. Mrs Bowman charged it at lunchtime but daftly forgot to switch the plug socket on at the wall. Mrs Davidson got some great photos from her group though and hopefully Mrs Bowman's group have lots of fantastic memories!

Well done Reception. Once again you did us proud.

Reception Are Blossoming! - July 2017

Reception have taken part in 'Kearsley in Bloom' even though it is not happening this year!!!

They really are blossoming though and their teachers are all really proud of them. They had lots of fun picking the spot where their wanted to put their individual flower.

Sponsored Buddy Walk - July 2017

What a lovely walk. Reception had a great walk with their buddies. Thank you to all the parents that came along to support us. We managed to stay dry and even managed a stop off at the park. Tired legs by the end but lots of smiles.

Park Treat - July 2017

Reception did not know where they were going when they left school. they had a big surprise when we stopped at the park! We had a little picnic and lots of fun.

Well done Reception. you have had a fantastic year and all your teachers are going to miss you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Graduation July 2017

You Made it Reception. Well Done. We are very proud of you xxxx