Class 4 Photographs 2017-18

Here you will find pictures of what we have been doing recently!

Autumn 2017

Random Pics! From forming Kagan groups, some Guitar/ music activities, Maths, Sketching the Church Remembrance Day poppies and a gymnastics session.

Science - Digestion and Teeth

We have explored what Digestion is, and named the parts and their functions. We even made our own parts of the digestive system - ewwwww! As part of our Teeth unit, we set up a teeth experiment where we investigated the effects of liquids on eggs!

November - Drama Workshop!

Astrid the Viking came to see us from History Alive! She showed us lots of artefacts and we dressed up as Vikings!

September - as part of our RE unit on the Church, we visited our local church, St Saviour and asked Mr Winstanley lots of things about it!